How do you set out to have an inspiring day?

1 Answer

Answer :

Count your blessings. Smell them roses. Have really, really good sex.

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Description : What is the most universally inspiring moment in human history?

Last Answer : The Tunisian student who recently burned himself to death in protest and started the Arab Spring.

Description : What's the most inspiring eBook you've ever paid for?

Last Answer : answer:Getting Real, I believe they have a free version of the book you can read online. R

Description : If you were a fortune cookie author what would some of your phrases be?

Last Answer : “That sushi wasn’t fresh”.

Description : Do you have a talent for whispering?

Last Answer : I once told a hornet to go away and (s)he left. Then I felt bad.

Description : Who is a living legend to you?

Last Answer : Weird Al Yankovich. I didn't like music as a child and I heard his parodies and I started giving other songs a chance, like Smells like Nirvana, led me to listen to Smells like Teen Spirit, and Much ... to pretend that Weird al was a member of my family, he took away some of the pain of childhood.

Description : What awesome new inventions or innovations are coming in 2014 or are here in 2013?

Last Answer : Spellcheckers.

Description : "They told me I'd never amount to anything" success stories?

Last Answer : Here is a nice collection of these stories

Description : Does a lightbulb mean inspiration?

Last Answer : answer:It depends entirely on artistic license. If the artist chooses to use the lighted bulb as a symbol, then Yes, it stands for inspiration. I believe, more commonly, it stands for “AH HA” understanding. Inspiration could be a shooting star.

Description : How would you compare your real life heroes from your fictional heroes?

Last Answer : I don’t compare them.

Description : What was the highlight of your summer?

Last Answer : The end of it when I could go adventuring with my darling best friend again.

Description : What do you do when you don't want to fight anymore?

Last Answer : I give in to that feeling, and wallow. I mean a big-time wallow… rant and cry, eat comfort food, sleep all day. The works. But only for a day or two. After that, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and put one foot in front of the other. Try to remember that it will get better, girlie.

Description : What are your favorite speeches?

Last Answer : Hands down, Churchill’s famous speech of 1940.

Description : I need a very inspiration quote, that says, "More minds are smarter than one,"?

Last Answer : My grandmother used to say, “Two heads are better than one, except when they’re both stupid.”

Description : What opens your heart?

Last Answer : A quadruple bi-pass should do it.

Description : Got any links to great photos of the Inauguration?

Last Answer : bet you can find more than one in here somewhere…

Description : How did you feel about Obama's speech?

Last Answer : so funny that you posted this. I had just signed on to post this. My favorite line was a quote to our enemies “We are willing to extend a hand if you are willing to unclench that fist.”

Description : How important is inspiration to your intimate relationships?

Last Answer : I understand what you're talking about. It's very important. It's only happened to me once we were only together for 6th months or so. It just kind of fizzled out. It may have happened with the other ... worded it). But they fed me right up until the end, which is why I was always so heartbroken.

Description : What are your favorite qualities about yourself?

Last Answer : I like that I: stay optimistic, remain creative, and was raised to have compassion for others.

Description : From what sources do aethiests, freethinkers, agnostics (or other non-religious people) draw their inspiration?

Last Answer : answer:I am completely open minded to all information I come across, even if it is religious. Be good and do good is what I live by. I dont believe in knocking down someone to get what I want. I ... they talk about is because of God. I feel the things that happen, happen because of man, not God.

Description : Stories change the way that we interact with data, transforming it from a dry collection of _____ to something that can be entertaining, thought provoking, and inspiring change. (a) visuals (b) points (c) images (d) facts

Description : Can you give me some examples of therapeutic or inspiring questions?

Last Answer : What person has inspired you this week and what have they inspired you to do?

Description : Help for inspiring kids?

Last Answer : What is the quote? That might make a difference. Also, is it ok with the orphanage that you paint this mural?

Description : What is the best, most inspiring restaurant experience you've ever had, and why?

Last Answer : answer:One of the best dinners I ever had, in the 70s, was at a restaurant in the Arizona Biltmore Resort called The Orangerie. Why? Because the food and service were superb, the decor was unbelievably ... the hotel lobby. If you listen carefully, you can hear me still banging my head on my desk.

Description : "And a woman gave birth to a baby and then bowled 257." Excerpt from a Crowded House song. Know of any other awe-inspiring achievements?

Last Answer : answer:Preface with: I'm not Vietnamese In Vietnamese history there are two sisters (Trong?) who led a rebellion against the Chinese in something like 23. They were historical figures, but many tidbits can ... fighting to retire a bit from the front line, give birth, and then went back to fighting.

Description : Can you cheer me up with some inspiring/funny/feel-good stories?

Last Answer : answer:Fresh out of feel good stories. However this video put a smile on my face this morning. Happy B-day! And, FWIW, most jobs suck. Just remember, they don’t call it work for nothing!

Description : Which of these songs do you find the most inspiring/depressing/moving, etc?

Last Answer : inspiring/depressing/moving love the song, hate the music video(really odd,weird,creepy)(is the singer a guy or a girl?)

Description : Life Changing/Inspiring books?

Last Answer : Gilda Radner – It’s Always Something or George Carlin – (Anything he has ever written)

Description : What speeches in History or current were most inspiring to you?

Last Answer : answer:I have a dream, Martin Luther King Jr. Of course when Kennedy spoke, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country,” You now see how wrong that was. We should always be asking what our country can do for us.

Description : Did anyone else find Conan O'Brien's farewell speech quite inspiring?

Last Answer : Very much so. Before this whole fiasco I liked Conan as a comedian, but now after see how he handled the situation I like him as a person.

Description : If you are listening to a song right now, are there any lyrics in that song that you find inspiring? If so, what are they?

Last Answer : “A man named Gene’s got a beautiful voice, he carries me home on his beautiful horse.” – Gene Autry by Buellah

Description : Why are books likes Harry Potter so inspiring.

Last Answer : I knew they were entertaining, but not inspiring. I guess it’s supposed to show kids to believe in themselves, no matter what.

Description : Will you tell me why your partner is inspiring?

Last Answer : Because he is always doing something. Left to my own devices I would be a big FAT couch potato. He is always on the move, always has a project, a plan or an adventure. Life is never boring and his favorite part of the adventure is having me with him. It’s nice to be adored.

Description : What is the most inspiring thing you've ever done, seen, or heard?

Last Answer : I spent a few years in the hospital for suicide attempts. I’ve been stable for a year now but those experiences gave me one hell of a paradigm shift.

Description : what is the most inspiring quote about the ocean of all time?

Last Answer : Terry Benedict: Think he’s gonna fall for this? Danny Ocean: You did. You ready? Terry Benedict: I was born ready. Danny Ocean: [rolls his eyes]

Description : Out of a man's mouth it comes forth, lightening hearts and inspiring souls to be steadfast. Tales of old it tells, of warriors and kings, of castles and dungeons. It tells of sunshine and hills, ... and delight. It carries on through ages and never an ending does it find. What is it? -Riddles

Last Answer : A song.

Description : I am the tool, for inspiring many. Buy me in the store, for not much more than a penny. Don't overuse me, or my usefulness will go, what am I? Do you know? -Riddles

Last Answer : An inkpen.

Description : Who was Alluri Sitaram Raju ? Explain his role in inspiring the rebels with Gandhiji's ideas. -SST 10th

Last Answer : In the Gudem Hills of Andhra Pradesh a militant guerrilla movement spread in the early 1920s led by Alluri Sitaram Raju. He claimed that he had a variety of special powers: he could make correct ... Movement, said he was inspired by it 3. Persuaded people to wear khadi and give up drinking.

Description : “Some icons and symbols were used for unifying the people and inspiring within them the feeling of nationalism.” Give two evidences in support of the statement. -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) The identity of the nation is most often symbolised in a figure or image. With the growth of nationalism, the identity of India came to be usually associated with the image of Bharat ... their heads to Bharat Mata. The idea of sacrifice for the mother was powerful within popular imagination.

Description : Who was Alluri Sitaram Raju? Explain his role in inspiring the rebels with Gandhiji’s ideas. -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) Alluri Sitaram Raju was a great follower of Gandhiji. When the colonial government began forcing the hill people to contribute begar for road building,they revolted. Here, came Alluri ... on guerrilla warfare for achieving Swaraj. But unfortunately Raju was captured and executed in 1924.