What's the trick to taking care of Orchids?

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Answer :

http://www.orchidsusa.com/keepalive.html Here are some tips. I think orchids are one of the hardest flowers to keep at home.

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Last Answer : Probably not, unless their cells have an infinitesimal amount of or no water. From what I’ve seen, florists usually keep flowers in chillers with abundant air circulation.

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Last Answer : answer:The whole and entire purpose of flowers is firstly attraction. Not for humans, but for pollinating birds and insects. The beauty as observed by humans is a pleasant and unintended dividend.

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Last Answer : I have no idea, but my gut reaction was that it is some kind of anemone. Similar to this That page says that those specific anemone are usually white, but maybe it is the right track. I can’t find any images that look quite like that, so I may be way off base.

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Last Answer : Are you talking about cut roses, or a rose bush?

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Last Answer : answer:An annual is a flower with a life cycle that lasts a year or less. It grows from a seed, to a plant and then dies. So annuals might be pansies, zinnias, marigolds. You will often find these ... of geranium. In my experience they are very hardy. You can grow them in plants or in your garden.

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Last Answer : Depends on the occasion or purpose of the arrangement. Care to give details?

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Last Answer : answer:I simply say Thank you so much. I have heard other people say that, but for me I simply appreciate the gesture. Saying “you shouldn’t have done that” I think is just a statement of being overwhelmed by the thoughtful gesture of the act.

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Last Answer : Assuming it isn’t because of a traumatic event, it’s really just because. There’s no real rationale to phobias, they are, by definition, irrational.

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Last Answer : answer:I don't know the exact mechanics of that (I would expect grinding to a paste, mixing with water, brief boiling and then simmering for an hour with a stirrer should do it I'd still be extra ... is to simply get some P. incarnata. They're just as cool-looking as P. caerulea. Well, almost.

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Last Answer : I would theorize that we are hard wired to like sweet smells since that’s an indicator of ripeness in some of our food (fruit, mostly), which would have improved our survival ability. But we also have now created pleasant cultural associations with flowers and blooms, so I would guess both.

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Last Answer : Your wife rocks! :)

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Last Answer : What type of plants? What region do you live in? How much rainfall do you get? Does the container have drainage? Are they under any sort of roof?

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Last Answer : Every time I walk by them on the street. I cannot resist the scent of roses, especially the deep reds and the yellows. I did learn to check for bees first, however.

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Last Answer : answer:Perhaps she will appreciate them more, if she knows they have a particular meaning? Alternatively, you could get her chocolates.

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Last Answer : First find out what zone you live in,then you can research types of perennials that grow in your area.

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Last Answer : http://www.mywildflowers.com/ is a really good database search engine.

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Last Answer : answer:The pair ofViburnums Carlesii that flank my kitchen door spread the odor of vanilla during its two-week blossoming. Image It's very unprepossessing for the other 50 weeks but like all good things, worth ... . It takes only a few in a little vase to perfume the entire kitchen and dining room.

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Last Answer : I’ve used Proflowers several times. The prices are great, especially for roses, and the recipients are always blown away by the beautiful quality.

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Last Answer : Yes, I love paper white narcissus. Also, hyacinths. in both cases, because of the fragrance.

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Last Answer : The only thing i could find was on the Dutch Wikipedia. What follows is my translation. It says that flowers produce nectar with their honey glands. This to make the bees and the birds and the bats and ... the birds and the bees and the honey works , so maybe i could have skipped that whole part.

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Last Answer : answer:Cute….and funny. haha It’s the thought that counts, really it is. imo

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Last Answer : I would just submerge them in a large tub of water to drown all the insects but putting them in a refrigerator for a few hours might also help.

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Last Answer : Hi Pandora- despite my username I probably won’t be able to help you but I just wanted to say you could try uploading the photo at http://imgur.com/ and posting a link to it here :)

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Last Answer : answer:My condolences. That is always an event to crack your heart. What kind of dog? What was his name, coloration, habits, endearing traits, etc? I like the idea of a small flowering bush. They endure whereas flowers often have a finite life. “Rosemary for Remembrance.”

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Last Answer : I’m doing Saturday deliveries for a local florist. I’ll ask next time I go in if you don’t get an answer before then.