What ball head should I buy?

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What do you use your camera for , what type of photographs ?

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Last Answer : Modest Mouse, The Cold Part

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Last Answer : I bought my wife a Nikon coolpix. Not sure of the model, but it was only like 80 bucks. She loves it. I’m assuming you’re looking for point and shoot cameras (not dslr’s)?

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Last Answer : answer:XTi is 2 generations behind, and it uses a digic II processor, as opposed to the Digic III in the rebel XS. The XS also comes on the market as an entry level unit, where the XTi was considered ... XTi is still being sold, it first came out in 2006. XTi also uses CF cards, XS uses SD.

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Last Answer : Take a picture of what percentage of an iPad or iTouch you could buy for $10.

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Last Answer : Mmm, lomo! I would go with option 2. Medium format can sometimes be a pain as far as availability, to be able to use 35mm would be nice. Plus if you just buy the fisheye lens it would also give you the opportunity to change lens as you please instead of logging around two cameras at a time.

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Last Answer : If you're thinking about getting into it , I would not recommend a pro camera. Even a simple point-and-shoot can make awesome photos. If you go for one of those, you can get a top-notch ... digital SLR's on Craigslist and got them for great prices. And with Craigslist, you can negotiate the price.

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Last Answer : These are public domain. http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/

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Last Answer : with the information you presented me i would prefer the canon( please check this link before you read on http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Canon/canon_eos1000d.asp) one of your links is broken so ... if that is not the camera you were referring to then i would reccomend the nikon as you said.

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Last Answer : Do you have an IKEA nearby? They run great deals on frames.

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Last Answer : I’m pretty noob at photography, but based on research that I did previously, I’d say if you had the money, go for the Nikkor (Nikon) lenses. People say that it ain’t even about what camera you got – it’s your skills and the lens you have that count.

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Last Answer : Manfrotto Tripod & Head Chooser As for models, I’m not sure as I haven’t keep keeping up with their product line but the products of their I’ve used have been spot on every time.

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Last Answer : This one is on sale today only. Also, camcorderinfo.com has extensive reviews on most camcorders.

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Last Answer : Have you tried the Universal Magazine shop on 48th Street and Broadway? Also there’s a little shop that sells all sorts of magazines that aren’t otherwise generally available in the US over on 11th Street and 6th Ave.

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Last Answer : Don’t, wait a few more years.

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Last Answer : If you want to buy a haunted changing bag, read this and go here.

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Last Answer : They had the shutter open for up to 277 hours, or 12 days. Not at all remarkable considering the Hubble is hoping to capture light from billions of light years away.

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Last Answer : Would it be mainly to make sure you always have a copy? If so, I think the the two micro SD in one SD slot won't {probably) work. Streaming to another device, and then record that, might ... or splitters to do that. Or if it is possible at all. Interesting question though. I'll keep following.

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Last Answer : There’s a new biography about her. I heard the author interviewed on the radio; I’d never heard of the “French Nanny” before. An odd life. Her photos are very good.

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Last Answer : Are those seriousl the only choices? Things are never so black-and-white (pun intended). In real life you get a decent photographer with a decent camera.

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Last Answer : Faststone Image viewer. Freeware/shareware. I use it all the time. Does all sorts of conversions. Also try Irfan view. A little trickier to use, but still excellent.

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Last Answer : Crap. That’s a tough one I’ll be pondering for a while.

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Last Answer : There certainly is software designed to find duplicate files. take your pick

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Last Answer : I think it’s Kylie Jenner.

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Last Answer : You could also easily fake this by shooting the photo through a window, and having the UFO model visible as a reflection. Which would fit in this case, because the sky and some stars are visible through the “UFO”.

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Last Answer : Yes. I actually know a lot about this as I am an astrophotographer-it is my primary hobby. This is the wrong forum for this though. For a relatively lightly traveled forum that I frequent go to ... link to an image? (I changed my avatar to a narrowband image I acquired and processed last year)

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Last Answer : Just asking as I would very much like to join, but unsure of its intent etc

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Last Answer : Clear skies and cold here. Waiting for totality.

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Last Answer : I'm an Android baby who has NO desire to switch!!! Have you considered the Samsung Note??? Other than that, the best I can tell you is that my BFF & her hubby are both Android & iPad users. I'm ... you won't even need to carry an extra gadget as your phone will do almost ALL of it. Just saying!!!

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Last Answer : Right now it’s multi colored because of the Christmas lights. But usually it’s the yellowish colors of all the street lights.

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Last Answer : Don’t get in a hurry about it. Ask your friends and neighbors to think of names, then mull it over. My idea? “Flash Point Photography.”

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Last Answer : I take most of mine with my iPhone and have an iCloud account so they are backed up automatically.

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Last Answer : Snapseed has a sharpening feature, but it’s always hard to sharpen something that wasn’t sharp to begin with. Not sure how that works with faded photos though. Worth a try, I would say.

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Last Answer : I would let them get a letter from my lawyer.

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Last Answer : Slapped a COPYRIGHT right across the picture!

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Last Answer : I must be the only GoPro nut.

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Last Answer : How do you reach out? What medium do you use to communicate? I think, in business cases, it's always best to, at least, communicate these arrangements, and everything that hangs with it, through ... case that all goes haywire, you have proof (I would think). Verbal agreements are harder to proof.

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Last Answer : Simply it takes a longer exposure ! You have frozen the aperture.

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Last Answer : I make architectural visualisations, if that counts.

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Last Answer : No, it's not rude and they are being unprofessional by breaking two previous appointments. I would tell them I'm available during business hours (or whatever yours are) and happy to ... further cancellations without charge either. *Put that cancellation fee without 24 hour notice in your contracts!

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Last Answer : It's not magnification. The mm's are in relation to the aperture and lens. A 55mm lens, for example, on a 35mm camera, can take in an angle of view of 45 degrees; the 35mm wide angle ... about cameras and take better pictures?? Get a copy of this book, sometimes known as The Photographer's Bible.