Tips for a female UTI?

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I’ve always heard to drink cranberry juice. I’ve done it and it seems to work. Even in the nursing home I used to work in they gave the residents cranberry juice daily just for urinary tract health.

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Last Answer : It’s something, anyway. Let us know what the vet says.

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Last Answer : Couldn’t it have been the kidney stone causing those symptoms the previous time?

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Last Answer : No.

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Last Answer : Medicines are at times, poisons. Good luck to you.

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Last Answer : Go to the doctor.

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Last Answer : Lots of cranberry juice.

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Last Answer : That or you were given the wrong type. Perhaps your case needed another type of antibiotic.

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Last Answer : answer:First, whenever you have a skin reaction to a medicine that is a serious reaction and almost always it is recommended to cease taking the drug. The doctor should switch you immediately to another medication ... a few more days, but I understand why you were reluctant. Note: I am not a doctor.

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Last Answer : When my mom feels a UTI coming on, she buys some fresh cranberries and makes a smoothie as tart as she can handle. (Other ingredients she includes are yogurt, milk, honey, and apples.) It ... more concentrated; the stuff in stores is often diluted with cheaper juices, such as apple or pear juice.

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Last Answer : answer:I had a uti once, it was more annoying than anything else. All ya gotta do is drink plenty of water, and a fair amount of cranberry juice or something similar (it's a good diuretic). Avoid coffee ... a barrier. I'm not a doctor, this is take-or-leave advice with only ideas that worked for me.

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Last Answer : Usually those pills that make you pee orange (or red) are supposed to help with the pain. Are they OTC or did you get them from your doc with the antibiotics?

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Last Answer : Assuming it's not an STD, it sounds like a uti. It's possible that it's just starting so it doesn't feel as intense as you're used to. I'm not a doctor. This is just a guess. I would call the doctor ... Pee in a cup for them and I'm sure they'll have a much better answer for you than any of us will.

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Last Answer : answer:I'm hoping someone more qualified than myself comes along shortly, but it gets pretty slow here at night so wanted to jump in quickly. Your appendix is in the lower right side of abdomen ... pain goes away, definitely call your doctor on Monday to update them and hopefully get your results.

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Last Answer : DefinitionAcatheter-associated urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in someone who has a tube (called a catheter) in place to drain urine from the body.Alternative NamesUTI - ... in the urinary tract.Most catheter-associated UTIs are caused by bacteria. However, the fungus Candi

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Last Answer : urinary tract infection with women have common symptoms along with men. These symptoms include blood in the urinary tract, and inflammation along with abdominal pain and difficulty urinating.

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Last Answer : a) Levofloxacin (Levaquin) Levofloxacin, a floroquinolone, is a good choice for short-course therapy of uncomplicated, mild to moderate UTI. Clinical trial data show high patient compliance with the 3-day regimen (95.6%) and a high eradication rate for all pathogens (96.4%).

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