How should we run the Fluther Mixed Tape (CD) ********* thingy?

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Answer :

Would anyone object to running it through a central hub? You could mail them to me and I could mail them out. Allie could do it too. She is less likely to steal your TV while you sleep. It would keep your address kinda safe. Safer. (and safer is a nerd thing :-)

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Description : In the adjoining figure, if ∠BAC = 90° and AD ⊥ BC, then (а) BD.CD = BC2 (b) AB.AC = BC2 (c) BD.CD = AD2 (d) AB.AC = AD2

Last Answer : (c) BD.CD = AD2

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Last Answer : (c) 4.5 cm

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Last Answer : At last count? All of them.

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Last Answer : What kind of mile? There are many.

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Last Answer : answer:Hm . Well if there are 10 segments, then there are 9 joins. Each joint can be bent left, right or straight. So an upper bound would be 3^9 = 19683. That doesn't account for the fail ... than that. You can't just tally the lefts or rights either. Because LLSLSL is okay, but LLLLSS is not.

Description : Feature question: might we ever have a # of views counter thingy next to each question?

Last Answer : I think it would be neat. I think it would be great if it was linked to some other functionality – like a “greatest” or “hot questions” search function.

Description : Did we invent math,or did we discover it?

Last Answer : God invented it.

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Last Answer : Here is a video that shows where the term cross comes from. Two vectors in a 3D space when “multiplied” by each other result in a third vector that represents how they “cross” each other.

Description : In math, why do we have to do the order of operations in the order we do?

Last Answer : It’s just agreed upon. I don’t think it matters other than what is agreed upon, to share formulas across the globe.

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Last Answer : Items involved in Transitive are THREE only TWO in substitution.

Description : In real life we have situations such as: Rock > Scissors, Scissors > paper and Paper > Rock. Is there a type of math to deal with this?

Last Answer : answer:In Modular Arithmetic the numbers wrap around. That might be a good place to start to define the rules mathematically. As a kid we played rock, paper, scissors, bomb,. Symbol for bomb was fist with ... Bomb destroys rock, etc. .... Mod 4 Rock, paper,scissors, lizard, Spock would be Mod 5

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Last Answer : nice tags…

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Last Answer : Impossible to say without having both the speed check machine and your speedometer checked for accuracy. They could both be wrong. haha Good question, maybe some one of our car gurus like @jerv will answer.

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Last Answer : answer:Ghostery has a pause blocking button. Try that and see if it helps. Ghostery does break some sites. But I just tried and don't get the login thing. However the ... so it doesn't block anything on that site. You lose some privacy but it is better than nothing.

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Last Answer : It’s a kind of hydroplane. A hydroplaning surfboard. Here’s a video for you.

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Last Answer : I thought they did it just to be gimmicky.

Description : I can't find the "enable Custom HTML" thingy in my theme tab ! >.< HELP !

Last Answer : answer:So, go to your tumblr blog, then on the top right next to Dashboard there is Customize . Click that, then it'll take you to a page with a few options up top, and a preview of your ... bottom of that window will be a Use Custom HTML option. My tumblr if you're interested: James' Tumblr

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Last Answer : I would have thought Mother fucker or cunt was more bleeped than fuck , Breasts are screened cause of the sexual side Most people can’t see them as food supply I never suckled from my mothers breast when i was younger , i sure have made up for it with my wifes tho :)

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Last Answer : I wasn’t able to find any online, or even information about them, maybe go to your local antique shop & ask if they know about them & maybe they could contact some of the people they know in order to find you one.

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Last Answer : To prevent the sweat of his arm from moistening his hand, reducing his grip on the ball. It is like a headband for the arm. If you ask me, it looks pretty dumb.

Description : What does this whole internet DNS flaw thingy mean for regular people (who bank online)?

Last Answer : answer:I wouldn't be too worried as I imagine most larger ISPs have updated their DNS servers by now. It's more smaller companies and ISPs who may not have updated their DNS servers which could be under threat from ... , you know you're on the real site. If it lets you in, you know it's a scam.

Description : Guestbook thingy.

Last Answer : answer:nah, but I would go to google and servh for it. Or you can go to this websites forum and it has a shoutbox and if you want something like that I know the admin, Zlools, who could give you come ... Click forum at the top and take a look at the shoutbox. It should be near the top of the forum.

Description : Is it possible to solve a magic square made up of a system of unknown symbols?

Last Answer : No. I could populate a 9×9 magic square with the letters A through I. You would never figure out what numbers were represented by the letters because a 9×9 magic square is not unique.

Description : How many of you can pass this simple test?

Last Answer : I can.

Description : How can two infinite sets not have one to one correspondence with each other?

Last Answer : You've missed what an infinite set means. Consider this definition: Infinite sets are the sets containing an uncountable or infinite number of elements. Infinite sets are also called uncountable sets. That is ... . Or for the set of all positive integers and the set of all negative integers .

Description : Using the rays in the diagram, how many different acute angles can be formed?

Last Answer : We don’t do your homework, but this is a simple combinatorics problem. Any pair of those rays will form an acute angle. How many pairs are there?

Description : Can someone help me with my math assignment?

Last Answer : We don't do people's homework here, but we can help in other ways. For instance, some of us can suggest an approach. One would hope, though, that your instructor has already prepared you to ... you take your shot at answering the question, and then post your answer and ask if others will comment?

Description : What’s 0.222222222... as a simplified fraction?

Last Answer : 2/9

Description : If somebody choose two digit and three digit numbers and their difference is 989.What will be their sum? a) 1000 b)1010 c) 1006?

Last Answer : None of the above. Let x be the three digit number and y be the two digit number. x - y =989. x = 989 + y. x is obviously greater than 989 and less than 1000 (since it is three digits). Since y is a two digit number ... 989 + 10 = 999. We can't go any higher, so x =999 and y=10. x+y = 999+10 = 1009

Description : What do you think of this YouTube video on why you can't divide by zero?

Last Answer : Also are the symbols for Eternity and infinity the same? ∞

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Last Answer : I still forget my neighbours name. I have known her for 3 years. I forgotten the quadric equation. I remember some math mnemonics but had to look up SOHCAHTOA and roy'g'biv to answer this question. I ... simple things every now and again , and have to look them up online , Fluther , or call family.

Description : A magazine company conducted a phone survey asking subscribers to identify the brand of outdoor camping equipment they like best. Every subscriber was surveyed, and the results were printed in an article titled “Most Popular Equipment among All Campers.” Why is the title of the article misleading?

Last Answer : For view, of course. Edit: ok, now I confused. Are you asking what makes the title misleading, or why the magazine makes the misleading title?

Description : Is there a calculation in which infinities cancels out?

Last Answer : There are many asymptotic functions that are expressed as the x or y value approaches infinity. They are not at all uncommon. And the ratio of two such functions would define something like a line. Students of Analytic Geometry as well as Calculus are quite familiar with the occurrence of infinity.

Description : Why do polls say that they are accurate + - 3.00% of the time 19/20?

Last Answer : Maybe it should be + – 3.05%

Description : What do you think of this paper?

Last Answer : The Riemann Hypothesis is one of the most famous of all mathematical problems. If it had been proved it would be newsworthy and we would have heard about it. I am not a mathematician but this proof must be wrong. Scott Aaronson’s blog might be of some help.

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Last Answer :

Description : What is the probability of getting two pinks balls?

Last Answer : Wow. There are two ways of solving this question. One way uses recursive probability theory and the other way uses an elegant guess. Wrong site for mathematics questions?

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Last Answer : You probably need to clarify that you mean what percentage of the set of all integers contains the digit 9'? Because there are an infinite number of numbers that don't contain that digit (and ... is also an infinite set of digits that does not. Maybe you need to restrict your range some more.

Description : Hey guys, does anyone know the factored form of x3-2x2-x+2?

Last Answer : Welcome to Fluther. Two things: 1. We don't do homework problems or provide answers. If you ask a question of the how do I ? variety, we are much more accommodating. That's just how we roll. (And it ... in a way that'll help you to understand it or get credit for it. But the answer is out there.

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Last Answer : Do the math.

Description : Does a Riemann like hypothesis exist for 10 dimensions?

Last Answer : The Riemann Hypothesis has to do with the distribution of prime numbers and has nothing to do with other dimensions as far as I know.

Description : It's that day again! How are you celebrating Π day?

Last Answer : I know it’s silly but I’m having a piece of pecan pie for dessert tonight. The pie is waiting on the kitchen counter.

Description : What does E = mc2 actually mean in mathmatical form?

Last Answer : I had the same question. How can anything go twice the speed of light? Anyway, I went hunting and researching and I finally understood the equation. But now I forgot. This is going to be good!

Description : What is the difference between one foot squared vs. 12 inches squared?

Last Answer : I don’t understand your question @RedDeerGuy1. A foot is 12 inches. One foot squared is 144 inches.

Description : Does Asia have its own mathematics?

Last Answer : No. Math is the same everywhere.

Description : How much is 5E38?

Last Answer : E is how the calculator expresses overflow by using exponential notation. In most calculators 5E38 would mean 5×10^38.

Description : Is zero an odd or even number?

Last Answer : I think technically it’s even as it’s a multiple of 2 and therefore shares all the traits of even numbers.

Description : What are the shape simplification methods for simplifying the irregular shape geometry as regular geometry?

Last Answer : Not sure if this is at all helpful to you, but from a 3d modelling standpoint, you could subdivide the shape into rectangles and triangles.

Description : Is the previous result of lotteries useful for predicting the numbers of a lottery ticket?

Last Answer : No. Every time is random.

Description : How can I obtain the volume of an irregular body if I just know the vertex coordinates of the irregular body?

Last Answer : answer:There isn't an easy formula, otherwise you would have most likely gotten an answer last time you asked this. So if you have coordinates for vertices, from there you can start to create regular objects ... where you have measured the volume of the total space. It is not easy, but it is doable.