Is ask-public going all wonky for anyone else?

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Answer :

I had issues yesterday along those lines. Today seems fine for me.

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Description : Is ask-public wonky for anyone else?

Last Answer : answer:I’m actually a bit shocked you managed to ask a question. If this reply is anything like my last one it is going to take me five minutes to get it to go through. But yeah, server problems. They are aware of it.

Description : Is ask-public Wonky?

Last Answer : Solar Flares? My smartphone text messages stopped working for 30 minutes.

Description : Are some ask-public functions all wonky for you, and others all but refusing to load, 3-25-16?

Last Answer : Yep, we’re working on it. One of the ask-public servers has an attitude.

Description : Were you getting ready to ask if Fluther is being wonky?

Last Answer : Yes, so thanks for the heads up. There seems to be an abnormal lag, but otherwise, all is good.

Description : Is a wonky light switch dangerous?

Last Answer : answer:If you exposed wires or something there’s always the risk of getting an electrical shock… If you happen to be wet or standing in a puddle or something that could be a real health issue… My two cents :)

Description : Has the "good answer" function gone wonky?

Last Answer : answer:I offer this one and only conclusion: your GA’s are magic. You’re welcome. Have a great day and a Merry Easter.

Description : My screen seems to go wonky when I launch Portal. Is this bad?

Last Answer : answer:Portal is a fantastic game. But you need a beefier computer to run it (or at least get yourself a decent graphics card). Or maybe GLaDOS is messing with you…

Description : Wonky computer or modem?

Last Answer : My cordless phone was on the same frequency as my WiFi. Every time I would get a phone call and used the kitchen phone my WiFi would disconnect. It took me a long time to relate the two. The fix was real easy. I got a new phone; it needed new batteries anyway.

Description : Is there anyone else that misses the good old, "Removed By ask-public Moderators"?

Last Answer : I miss it. A little.

Description : Has anyone else noticed that the average intelligence on ask-public drops considerably on weekends?

Last Answer : I think it’s just a fluke that you happened to notice this on weekends. ask-public is cyclical, and sometimes there are days of boredom and idiocy, with a sudden and unexpected burst of thoughtful compelling content

Description : Is broken for anyone else?

Last Answer : It’s working fine for me right now. I just posted from it.

Description : Is anyone else having major difficulties with ask-public tonight?

Last Answer : Yep. It’s the same for everyone. The site majorly crashed last night and Bendrew are still working on getting it back together.

Description : Does anyone else think that some of the ask-public moderators can be a bit fascist or overbearing?

Last Answer : In my very limited experience, yes.

Description : Is Ask-public acting slow for anyone else ?

Last Answer : I noticed the same thing.

Description : Does anyone else find it irksome that clicking on the lower part background image in ask-public will select everything on the page?

Last Answer : Oh fuck yes. Happens to me with Firefox. Annoying..

Description : Has anyone else become skeptical of the Ask-public score system as a metric for quality?

Last Answer : just because you took time to write this… score for you! Who cares? Does it matter? Do you get a prize when you get50000 points?

Description : Bad sleepers of ask-public, how often do you wake up with a tweaked back and/neck? How do you prevent and take care of it? Is there something else other than the sleeping that might be causing it?

Last Answer : Try to get into a stretching routine. 20 minutes everyday. Makes a HUGE difference.

Description : Super sniffers of ask-public, what smell do you notice that no one else seems to?

Last Answer : answer:I didn't realize my ability to smell ants wasn't universal until recently. I thought everyone could. It's not like it's SUPER rare, but it was an interesting tid-bit. But I can't stand perfumes and ... sitting near me, I can tell if a woman is on her period or if someone has a colostomy bag.

Description : Is the mobile version of ask-public down for everyone else?

Last Answer : I just tried it on my iTouch and got an error saying that the server cannot be found.

Description : Does anybody else feel that users think Ask-public is an Apple/Ipod/Iphone support site or forum??

Last Answer : It’s an innocent mistake. I thought the same thing the first day I was here.

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Last Answer : No, you can’t :-/

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Last Answer : Why do i spend every waking moment on ask-public?

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Last Answer : It would be fun to have as long as the kiddies here didn’t go crazy with them. I think we would run the risk of even more nonsense here if we gave them too many toys to play with, know what i mean?

Description : Muslims of ask-public…. How is fasting going?

Last Answer : Not a Muslim here, but my week has been going pretty good so far. I saw a cool sticker on a car earlier.

Description : If you were tossing a ask-public going away party, what would it be like?

Last Answer : Cash would be nice.

Description : Do you think Bendrew is going to let ask-public die out on its own?

Last Answer : Why do people keep coming up with conspiracy theories when we’ve been told by Ben that he wants to keep it alive?

Description : What keeps ask-public going?

Last Answer : john65pennington I think I see ads on here. I guess that’s what pays for it.

Description : Is ask-public going anywhere?

Last Answer : Its getting somewhere, its getting more and more popular.. might be the new facebook

Description : ask-public should be going down soon. Did you know that if you need a fix some of us are in the chat room?

Last Answer : How do I access this Chat room? Sorry I’m nub (newb) I hope it’s not that link I see there then I would feel stupid. Can I un-post my response? lol…...

Description : What are you going to do with your Ask-public points?

Last Answer : Ride the pony outside the local piggly wiggly as many times as possible!

Description : Are you going to buy a Ask-public shirt?

Last Answer : Yup

Description : When is Ask-public going to come out with a native iPhone app?

Last Answer : I was thinking about that too…

Description : Is ask-public going to update it's iPhone app?

Last Answer : The iPhone website? I agree. We need some ‘Your Ask-public’ coverage.

Description : Where do you think ask-public is going?

Last Answer : better all the time! Hey, you just joined! How can you even ask a question like that?

Description : What's going on with Ask-public?

Last Answer : I suspect that your computer/connection may be made of fail. :( No problems here.

Description : Drunken ask-publicing, it's been so long. Anyone else partaking in a bit of adult beverage tasting and ask-publicing this evening?

Last Answer : answer:When I do it, I never tell, and I’ve never been caught at it. That’s part of the game. Have fun, sweetie.

Description : Is anyone else concerned about the fact that of all things in life, the word iPhone is the largest in Ask-public's cloud?

Last Answer : Are we supposed to be concerned?

Description : Anyone else having problems posting to ask-public?

Last Answer : Yes, this has been going on for about 5 days now and there are numerous questions about why ask-public is not ask-publicing. It gets better, it reverts. The team is on task but the core issues are not yet resolved.

Description : Does anyone else catch a lot of flak for "wasting time" on ask-public?

Last Answer : How do they know so much about the site? And what are they hanging around on all day, BookFace and Angry Birds?

Description : Has anyone else been on ask-public so long they forgot how nasty and rude other forums are?

Last Answer : I was on Askville while it was alive and the blood would run thick over there every once and awhile.