What are the best romantic ways to propose "Will You Marry Me"?

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I suppose I wanted to give what I think is the best proposal I ever saw in my life. What happened was this: I went to a friend’s play in a bar in New York City. It was a two man play about the trials and tribulations of being an actor in Manhattan. The two actors had a seemingly full script and characters. I was told that they had been working on these characters for months. Throughout the play, one of the would-be actors kept saying how his goals in life had changed since he met his current girlfriend. He was questioning how this new love might change his life and how he might even no longer want to be an actor. There were emotional highs and emotional lows over the 45 minutes. The end of the play was the actual proposal to his actual girlfriend. The play could never be done again. This was unique, beautiful and well thought out. I know it’s a lot of effort and only goes some way in addressing your questions, but it still seems to point to the best option: something personal, something unique, something that can’t be repeated again.

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