Too much fish oil?

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Here’s a pretty extensive list of potential health risks from the Mayo Clinic.

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Description : Are fish oil pills scientifically proven to be beneficial for the heart?

Last Answer : answer:So far, no. Source Fatty fish can help with stroke prevention if you can find untainted fish and safe fishing methods. An excerpt from the article: Evidence does not support a beneficial role ... fish that contain long chain omega-3 fatty acids does appear to decrease the risk of stroke.

Description : What kind of fish oil supplement should I take that doesn't have any taste/odor?

Last Answer : This doesn't always work, but I use the ones that have a lemon flavor and promise not to have any aftertaste. The ones with lemon and the no aftertaste ones usually really don't have an aftertaste but ... breaking my fast with PNB+fish. Beware!!! IF you find a perfect fish oil pill, let me know!

Description : Does being around too much oil kill your health or lungs in any way?

Last Answer : answer:This OSHA report indicates some potential health hazards: Potential symptoms: Irritation of eyes, skin, and respiratory system; lacrimation (discharge of tears). Health Effects: Nuisance particulate ( ... exposure to oleic acid, a major component of some vegetable oils such as soybean oil.

Description : Do I have too much light for my fish tank?

Last Answer : Just make sure the water’s the right temperature (aka the lights aren’t heating the tank too much), and remember to turn the lights off at night. Fish have circadian cycles, too. :) It’s SWEET that you’re keeping cichlids, btw!

Description : This list states that fish and other sea foods are high in cholesterol but is it the bad HDL or LDL they are referring to?

Last Answer : You should probably do a lot more research for a definitive answer. I would be more worried about mercury in the fish.

Description : Are fish oils and biotin proven supplements?

Last Answer : Look them both up on . Yes they are!

Description : What kinds of fish are considered fatty fish?

Last Answer : Salmon.

Description : content:

Last Answer : The recommended ph for molly fish is between 7 and 8. Check the ph of your tank's water. Adding a tiny bit of salt may help if the ph is low, but go easy and recheck the water. Make sure your fish have a lot of space to swim in.

Description : How useful is fish oil in easing menstrual pain?

Last Answer : it works wonders but the smell is just a bit offensive. that is unless your man is a sailor, then it wont really matter.

Description : Do fish oil capsules interfere with the absorption of medicines?

Last Answer : idk, but man are they sick. my boyfriend gets nasty, stinky, fishy, burps from them. yuck.

Description : How to get the smell of fish oil out?

Last Answer : answer:Cat urine. Really though try; Natures Miracle. Here is link to it on Amazon or if you have a Trader Joe's near by you can purchase it there. We have a home full of animals ... are sensitive to smell. This stuff rocks.

Description : My cocker spaniel was prescribed Doxycycline. I added fish oil to her food. She died. I later read onthe website about drug interactions which indicated that it is not good to mix ... . It indicates that Fish Oil contains Vitamin A and should not be given with several other medication.

Last Answer : So sorry for the loss of your dear dog. I apologize for the delayed answer due to computer problems. Could it possibly have been an allergic reaction to doxycycline? It's difficult to answer not knowing ... can be dangerous. Please read our article, "Update on Fish Oil Supplements" as of May 2014.

Description : Whose liver oil of fish is abundant in -General Knowledge

Last Answer : The most important raw material for the production of liver oils comes from the fisheries for cod, coalfish, and haddock. The livers of ling; tusk; several species of shark such as dogfish, Greenland shark and basking shark; and halibut have also been used in the production of liver oils.

Description : Which fish can be found in fish oil or omega 3 ?

Last Answer : Various studies have shown that the benefits of fish oil are much higher in the female body. All women aged 20-30 or middle age can take fish oil capsules. And using it every day can ... -3 help reduce the risk of heart disease and help control low blood pressure , cholesterol and triglycerides.

Description : What are the benefits of fish oil ?

Last Answer : The benefits of fish oil are - 1. Lowers blood cholesterol levels. 2. Provides blood clotting. 3. Controls blood pressure.

Description : What vitamins does fish oil contain ?

Last Answer : Fish oil contains vitamin-D.

Description : Should one eat the fish oil as well?

Last Answer : Why not? We need fats for our successful life. Even fish oil has a number of important substances in it. There is no need to throw it away.

Description : Is anyone concerned with fish oil supplements after the Fukishima nuclear meltdown?

Last Answer : Never thought of that... now I am concerned.

Description : Does fish oil lower cholesterol?

Last Answer : Hello, Yes, this is because fish oil contains the omega 3 fatty acids that help in reducing bad cholesterol, LDL. Helps to be the main animal source of omega 3. It acts in the prevention of diseases ... due to the rush of the day to day, the lack of time or just to ensure a healthier life

Description : Oil slick causes mass scale death of fish due to

Last Answer : Oil slick causes mass scale death of fish due to A. Clogging of gills B. Non-availability of ... Non-abailability of food D. Disruption of food chain.

Description : Can I get the same benefits from fish oil supplements as I can from eating fish?

Last Answer : Yes it will give you the same benefits just do not overdue it with the supplements.

Description : Can I find the health benefits of fish oil online?

Last Answer : Yes. Check out for all the information you ever wanted to know about fish oil. Let me know if I can help out further.

Description : What is the advantage of fish oil to the body?

Last Answer : Fish oil is very beneficial to the human body. It has been proven to help with heart and brain health. As with any vitamin or supplement; the best place to get it is from food itself. Pill ... sometimes only as little as 10% will actually be absorbed. Try increasing that amount of fish in your diet.

Description : Does Wal-Mart carry fish oil?

Last Answer : Yes, Wal-Mart does carry several brands of fish oil in the vitamin and nutrition section of the store. Sometimes they have cases or bulk packages on sale.

Description : are fish oil supplements safe for bodybuilders?

Last Answer : Yes, fish oil supplements are safe for bodybuilders. You should take these supplements before you work out to maximize their potential. It will help tremendously.

Description : Benefits Of Omega Fish Oil?

Last Answer : Adding omega fish oil to your diet has several benefits. It is available in many forms, including liquid and capsules. Since the 1930s, people have known of these benefits, and the supplement ... health benefits that are already proven, and there are many more that are currently under research.

Description : Where can I find more information on omega fish oil?

Last Answer : Omega 3 fish oils is a unsaturated fatty acid containing omega 3 acids. The omega 3 fatty acids. Health benefits from omega 3 fish only ranges from reducing the risk of heart attack, to also reducing the risk of Heart disease. Information on omega fish oil can be found here;

Description : The performed Vitamin A is supplied by foods such as (A) Butter (B) Eggs (C) Fish liver oil (D) All of these

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Insignificant amount of Vitamin E is present in (A) Wheat germ oil (B) Sunflower seed oil (C) Safflower seed oil (D) Fish liver oil

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : The blue revolution is related with – (1) Fish production (2) Food grain production (3) Oil seed production (4) Milk production

Last Answer : (1) Fish production Explanation: Blue Revolution is the water equivalent of the green revolution and primarily refers to the management of water resources, especially fish production. ... of the fisheries sector with increased investment, better training and development of infrastructure.

Description : Blue Revolution is related to – (1) fish production (2) milk production (3) oil production (4) food production

Last Answer : (1) fish production Explanation: Blue Revolution is the water equivalent of the green revolution and primarily refers to the management of water resources that can steer humanity to achieve drinking ... active culturing of aquatic animals and plants, occurring in marine, brackish, or fresh waters

Description : Cod liver oil from fish is rich in which vitamin? (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin D (3) Vitamin C (4) Vitamin B

Last Answer : (2) Vitamin D Explanation: Cod liver oil, as the name suggests, is the essential oil extracted from the livers of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). It is a nutrient-dense source of essential vitamins ... as anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. It one of the few and best vitamin D-rich foods.

Description : Liver-oil of fish is rich in - (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin C (3) Vitamin D (4) Vitamin E

Last Answer : (1) Vitamin A Explanation: Fish liver oils are rich in Vitamin A. These oils, especially Cod Liver Oil, are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.

Description : Inland Fisheries is referred to? a. Extraction of oil from fish b. Deep sea fisheries c. Trapping and capturing fish d. Culturing fish in freshwater e. None of the above

Last Answer : d. Culturing fish in freshwater

Description : Fish contains about __________ percent oil. (A) 5 (B) 10 (C) 20 (D) 35

Last Answer : (C) 20

Description : - in pt with RA to preserve joint function and movement: -disease modifying medication is sufficient - fish oil gives subjective improvement - cold (ice) compression and decrease joint movement

Last Answer : disease modifying medication is sufficient

Description : In which of the following vitamin A is absent : (a)Yeast (b) Carrots (c) Fish liver oil (d) Egg Yolk

Last Answer : (a)Yeast

Description : Cod liver oil from fish is rich in which vitamin? (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin D (3) Vitamin C (4) Vitamin B

Last Answer : Vitamin D

Description : Liver-oil of fish is rich in (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin C (3) Vitamin D (4) Vitamin E

Last Answer : Vitamin A

Description : What are the other lab tests that could be thrown off by too much Biotin, the supplement? See detail.

Last Answer : Operative word @flo HIGH WebMD’s tske on Biotin.

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Last Answer : Only if we don’t ask questions and say why should I take this. My doctors and I have a good deal of give and take. I’m absolutely honest with them and they damn well better do the same for me.

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Last Answer : Yes. The stress has been ridiculous the last year.

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Description : Is too much Neosporen a bad thing?

Last Answer : Twice a day isn’t what I’d consider “too much”. I believe the tube says to apply up to 3x daily. Just follow the instructions on the medication, and you should be fine. I’ve heard it can also reduce the chance of scarring.. but I’m not sure if that has been proven.

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Description : Can I get too much vitamin A from eating carrots?

Last Answer : My friend Danny turned his skin orange by eating too many carrots. My friend Bethy turned her skin orange by eating too many carrots. I don’t know if they hurt themselves, but they weren’t pretty.

Description : Federal ban on flavored cigarettes, are they pushing it too much?

Last Answer : I don’t think it will do much to curb smokers habits. They just won’t be able to get the flavored ones.

Description : Too much bleeding for a period, after giving birth six months ago?

Last Answer : I had my second about 6 months ago and was breastfeeding for about 5 months and my periods are back, have been for a while, and are VERY heavy…I figure that’s my body restructuring after birth…I have heard that pregnancy can result in much heavier periods