Can you do any tricks, feats of athleticism or anything unusual, physically?

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Answer :

I can do the moonwalk pretty well. That’s really about it though

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Last Answer : Disappointed

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Last Answer : I would be disappointed in myself for not being able to make it through the first obstacle. Then go shower and change my clothes and go home.

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Last Answer : I love the 100 butterfly, it was my event in high school after all. Who wins? Don’t particularly care, I just want a good hard race.

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Last Answer : answer:It is not racist just to say that players who broke the rules should be punished. But the coach turning a blind eye was just as culpable. In fact, more so, because the coach sets the tone for the team.

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Last Answer : Really sad and ridiculous. I don't know why athletics comes before education so much in this country, especially when they are supposed to go hand in hand. My brother teaches at a high school in ... the reward of being able to play their sport after school lets out .why? Where's the motivation?

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Last Answer : Uh, your statement didn’t hold true for me, at least not as described so I can only say that there is no ‘significance’. As for the restrictions the body has on movement, it’s protective and keeps everything where it should be so we aren’t big flesh puddles.

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Last Answer : uh… tricking? We need some clarification, please.

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Last Answer : It’s a sign for The Roc a company that Jay-Z created and then sold but many players still do it like Lebron James.

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Last Answer : here is a granny trolling bodybuilders

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Last Answer : answer:Genetics what factors could contribute to this? Breeding. Can someone be trained to do certain tasks from an environmental influence at a young age? Sometimes. If the genetic disposition is there for it. If we are talking about excellence not just getting by.

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Last Answer : Some unusual tricks to train a dog could be to answer the phone, dance, open doors and other things like that. Or even bark on cue, turn on lights and I don't know what else.

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Last Answer : Acrobat

Last Answer : Inscription Called Archaeological Material From King Ashoka, His Feats About The idea Found Goes

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Last Answer : An epic!

Description : The Shass Pollaks are a community fabled for their feats of memory. With a particular book, they could recall a word from the exact spot where the experimenter stuck a pin into the page before them, ... name Shass from the informal term for the book that they learn so well. What book is this?

Last Answer : Talmud. (Also accept Mishna.)

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Last Answer : Honesty I can’t remember, and the upstairs door is locked. I do know that my bedroom is white, even though my lights are always off.

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Last Answer : answer:Neighbor comes over around 6:30pm last night, asks if we want to come swimming at her pool. I saw thanks, but we're watching a movie right now, maybe another time? She said sure, it's full of kids ... So yeah, that was weird. Why did she invite us in the first place if the pool was full? :)

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Last Answer : answer:I don't know. The birds seem to like my back door and it's strange because it is the entrance I go in and out of most. Maybe they think all the hubbub will keep predators away. To orient ... these are the Mourning Doves that built a nest on the ladder to the left of the door the year after.

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Last Answer : Oh dear. This would take all night to explain my body oddities. But it’s been a lot better since they separated my brother and I. Makes dating a bit more enjoyable.

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Last Answer : Looking around on the internet, the answer - at least according to a lot of twins that took the time to post something about their dreams - said yes, they frequently have the same dreams. ... -a-twin?directory=27

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Last Answer : Earthquakes don’t get much TV news coverage unless they strike a major city. However, geological study groups have a lot of new information to process and they are likely not sitting idle.

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Last Answer : We used to paint our windows from the inside, kind of like how stores do. However, we’ve gotten lazy in the past few years.

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Last Answer : The entire paragraph has no ' e '

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Last Answer : A: Yes, camels can be trained to perform various tricks and participate in shows. With proper training and positive reinforcement techniques, they can learn to respond to commands, perform simple tricks, and engage in entertaining activities.

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Last Answer : A: Yes, camels can be trained to perform certain tricks or tasks through positive reinforcement training methods. They are intelligent animals capable of learning and responding to commands.

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Last Answer : RedDeerGuy1, could you please restate the question? I can’t tell whether you’re talking about here on Fluther or elsewhere, and if you’re thinking of texts or email or some other medium. And I don’t quite know what you mean by tricks. I assume you’re referring to spambots, but maybe not—?

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Last Answer : Is the methodology to reach out to decision makers and interview/survey them? or simply glean insights from experienced insiders with knowledge of this process? Those seem like excellent questions, and ... on that to look for patterns such as seasonality or correlations with data breaches etc.?

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Last Answer : Eating dinner at 6 pm dramatically helps a lot. Also not drinking soda or coffee later in the day. Unfortunately my work schedule these days keeps me from doing that. So the sleep issues are back.

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Last Answer : I limit my knife work when prep cooking nekkid.