You only get to say one word for the rest of your life, which one?

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Answer :

No. Or help.

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Description : My New England friends - you know what three word question is being asked if I say "jeet?", right?

Last Answer : Anticipation…

Description : What is it called when you accidentally say a completely different word than the one intended?

Last Answer : Are you thinking of a Freudian slip?

Description : How can you say something is applicable to daily life?

Last Answer : You can’t always. The only defense is that it never hurts to have extra knowledge.

Description : Using only four words, what would you say (read details)

Last Answer : I’m just a passerby!

Description : Vocab: word that means to acknowledge something, also giving life to it?

Last Answer : “Affirm” is close to what you’re looking for. Affirm and acknowledge are both synonymous with accept — to believe the realness of something. Affirm also suggests the truth of a thing.

Description : Since air essentially behaves like a fluid, would it not be accurate to say, that aeroplanes swim through the air?

Last Answer : Fluid ≠ liquid. Gases and liquids are both fluids, as are plasmas. But swimming and drowning are ways of interacting with liquids specifically, not fluids generally.

Description : When something "puts you off", it is "off-putting". Is it then not logical to say, that when something "pisses you off", it is "off-pissing"?

Last Answer : Only in pun logic. Put off is an expression meaning to delay. Off-putting is an expression meaning unlikable. Are there truly any actual, always applicant rules in language? - Not many. Is ... get passing grades. Would it not be better to just teach them all Plankalkül? - It would not.

Description : The CEO for Chick-fil-a forces employees to say “my pleasure” to thankful customers in order to sound friendlier, isnt that completely counter productive?

Last Answer : Any workplace has the option of setting workplace behavior service standards. I imagine, @rockfan , at your workplace (whatever your do) there are corporate rules for how to treat customers and ... that no problem is one of the stupidest, most inappropriate, and insincere responses possible.

Description : Why is it normal to say "rubs me the wrong way" and "turns me off" when talking about everyday things?

Last Answer : I remember the 60's sort of . The saying Turn on, tune in, drop out was from LSD guru Timothy Leary. Although he talked a lot about drugs, his message was by no means exclusively about getting high ... be very contented. But if you rub (kitty) the wrong way, kitty's reaction will not be so nice.

Description : If we say "All swans are white", but don't know there are black swans, is our claim true or false?

Last Answer : (Ignoring the black swan ) This is where scientists get themselves in trouble. The scientist would say My current data indicates all swans are white. Or, To date we have only found white swans. ... voice. All swans are white. and most people would believe it. There is a lesson there somewhere.

Description : What do you think if I say between 10:00am and 2:00pm?

Last Answer : I would assume that you need to be off the phone by 2pm. If I wanted to meet with you at 2pm in this scenario, I would check with you to see if that was ok before scheduling (“Hey, I’m not free until 2… can we just chat for 10 minutes then?”).

Description : Why do we say "going on the train", "going on the bus" but we go "in" the car?

Last Answer : Probably because you typically crawl/climb into a car. You step onto a train/bus then walk to your seat.

Description : Why do we say The Americas or The Middle East but not The Africa or The Asia?

Last Answer : There are 2 american continents, and “middle east” could mean anything. “Africa” and “Asia” on the other hand, are unique identifiers.

Description : What do you mean when you say that "generalizations are false"?

Last Answer : I’ve never heard that expression used other than as a joke. As in “All generalizations are false.”

Description : When people say "the devil is in the details," what do you think they mean by it?

Last Answer : I think that it means that the details can trip you up.

Description : Why do the British say maths and people in the US simply call it math?

Last Answer : because the full word is mathematics

Description : How can I say I love you?

Last Answer : answer:“I love you” is already in English. Your question is unclear.

Description : Do foreign customer support reps feel our frustration when we can't understand anything they say?

Last Answer : answer:I often get people from the south (Americans) on the phone and I have to ask them to repeat things all the time. I actually understand the people in India and the Phillipines better. Maybe only those with non-regional dialect should answer phones.

Description : Why do people say "I could care less" when they seem to be expressing the exact opposite, that they couldn't care less?

Last Answer : I think it’s gotten warped over the years, much like some people saying/typing “of” instead of “have” (“I should of gone to school.”) As soon as you point it out, people see that it’s incorrect, but by that time it’s become such an ingrained habit that it’s hard to break.

Description : Do you say "waiting for" or "waiting on"?

Last Answer : “Waiting for” in Ontario, but I’ve heard “waiting on” as well.

Description : How do you say "I love you" in Dari (Afghan Farsi)?

Last Answer : answer:You could contact your local community colleges and ask them about classes, or buy a language disc. Read this excellent wikipedia article As far ... of the sounds, and you will find different versions. Farsi is actually written in Cyrillic.

Description : What is something you say/do when you are lost for words, speechless, dumbstruck?

Last Answer : “Uhhhhhhhhh….........”.

Description : Do they say "um" in other languages?

Last Answer : In Spanish class we were encouraged to use “pues” instead of um.

Description : Why do people who misunderstand what you say for something absurd; then decide it is a good idea to discuss how crazy what they thought you had said was?

Last Answer : I’m sure McKenna had to deal with that all the time.

Description : Is it patronizing or thoughtful to say "Gracias" to an Hispanic worker?

Last Answer : Depends on if you mean it to be patronizing or thoughtful. Nothing wrong with a little culture.

Description : What do we mean when we say, "yes -- no"?

Last Answer : I think it means we are indecisive and we don’t know our own mind.

Description : What's a good, non-awkward thing to say when being introduced to the significant other of your co-worker/boss when your co-worker/boss has said mainly less-than-nice things about them?

Last Answer : Just say “It’s great to meet you” Nothing more.

Description : How do you say "One for all and all for one" in French?

Last Answer : Tous pour un et un pour tous. That is what I also go you can go to, sign up and see if it is correct. they have a great trasnslator there

Description : How do/will you say "2010"?

Last Answer : i think two thousand ten sounds better

Description : As a greeting, why do we say "good evening" during the night, when we ought to be saying "good night"?

Last Answer : We aren't the only ones to do that. The Germans do as well, for example: guten abend and gute nacht. It's just a convention. Besides, one definition of evening is the period from sunset to bedtime ... . Of course, we could all start a movement and try changing the meaning of good night . :o)

Description : Do you say pop or soda? Lightening bug or fire fly? Half an hour or half hour? Jimmies or sprinkles?

Last Answer : Canadian piping in here; pop, fireflies, either half an hour or half hour, sprinkles.

Description : Have you noticed how you can say terribly nasty things with a Southern accent - and it doesn't sound mean?

Last Answer : Hmm. All those adorable KKK slogans and speeches, for example?

Description : What did you say?

Last Answer : It annoys the hell out of me too. I think its they hear what you say but they brain doesnt process it fast enough and then it finally clicks after that second that they said what. At least thats what it feels like to me when it happens on those strange occasions.

Description : Why dont we say "twenty o eight" instead of "two thousand eight"?

Last Answer : “Twenty o eight” is an idiom, where “two thousand eight” has the same meaning to all humanoids on the planet Earth at least the ones that use our time system…

Description : How do you say 'Thank You' in Burmese?

Last Answer : also how do you learn burmese

Description : Do you think Joe Rogan should be "canceled" for his use of the N word?

Last Answer : No. Let him suffer the slings and arrow of his choice of words. People are, generally speaking, stupid. And some prove it all the time.

Description : Does anyone still use the word "cyberspace"?

Last Answer : Yes, it's just been more normalized and less sensationalized. It's used by the (US and British, anyway) military, some academics, and businesses which still use it to sound like they know about ... a TV-like remote control and TV in the living room rather than a physical keyboard at a desk.

Description : If you "give your word", how can you be expected to "keep it", if you no longer have it?

Last Answer : This is what pockets are for.

Description : Is there a term for the act of changing the spelling of a word, to force it to rhyme with another?

Last Answer : Oh loli! It’s prolly…Neoligism.

Description : Is the word "shrooms" exclusive to fungi containing psychoactive compoinds, or can you use it for normal mushrooms, too?

Last Answer : I, and people I know, have also used it as shorthand for mushrooms being prepared and then eaten for a meal. “You want shrooms in your omelet?” “Ordering pizza? Get one with shrooms.” That is different from “shrooming”, which has to do with being under the influence of magic psilocybin mushrooms.

Description : How do you pronounce the word entrepreneur?

Last Answer : You have me on the first two syllables, but then we diverge. Pre as in the first half of the first syllabel in pretzel, without the short e sound. Neur as in neurosis.

Description : Why is the word "potent" pronounced differently when standing by itself, versus being in the compound word "omnipotent"?

Last Answer : There is no rule for this. to say it Omni-Potent is not incorrect, its just not the way most people pronounce the word Omnipotent, hence it is “incorrect” (not really, just not standard)

Description : What's the word for all the words that involve hate, plus the toilet/potty related ones?

Last Answer : expletive

Description : When do you use the term tab and when do you use the word link ?

Last Answer : Tab has 2 meanings. It is the typewriter command to advance forward on a form or on a piece of paper. It is also the name for a page in an internet browser. Right now, I have 2 tabs open in my internet ... I can click on and go to another page of the internet. A link is also a place to play golf.

Description : Why do so many people use the "f" word so much when talking ?

Last Answer : I don’t know. I wish they wouldn’t. I used to never say it but with the kids gone I sometimes do, sparingly. I think it’s the “in” thing.

Description : Is the word "merry" becoming archaic?

Last Answer : answer:I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say “merry” without “Christmas” and my memory goes back to the 1960s. So yes, it’s archaic.

Description : Have you noticed the frequent use of the word "so" at the beginning of sentences?

Last Answer : Yes, I particularly notice it a great deal from NPR interviewees. Drives me batty.

Description : What do you think is the oldest swear word and do you think we still use it?

Last Answer : I say undoubtedly “Shit”. I mean it’s been disgusting an unhealthy since before we had language to express it. It was a point and look curse.

Description : Do you ever type or write a word and it just looks wrong to you?

Last Answer : I have this happen all the time. It's especially weird when it's a simple word I spell all the time. The last time it happened to me, it was the word warranty -My brain thought it should ... looked wrong and the bad spelling looked correct. It was driving me crazy. Heck it STILL looks wrong to me.

Description : Can you define the word "ensorcelling" for me?

Last Answer : I would understand it to mean “bewitching”. I’ve never heard it used in English, but a similar word is used in that sense in French.