Who you want to be the next James Bond?

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Answer :

Henry Cavill was born to play Bond

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Description : Who should play the next James Bond?

Last Answer : The name's Bond, James Bond and this is my BOOMSTICK!

Description : Would you like to watch female version of James Bond movies?

Last Answer : Robin Wright. Because she looks like “The Boss” from Metal Gear Solid 3.

Description : Did James Bond work out?

Last Answer : When we see him he is on assignment. When he is between assignments, he has plenty of time to workout. He often goes for a run or a swim when on assignment.

Description : Can a woman play James Bond in the future?

Last Answer : Perhaps James Bond could have had sexual reassignment surgery

Description : Anyone else find it ironic when some people rail against having a black British actor (Idris Elba) to play James Bond, yet they’re okay with an American playing Bond?

Last Answer : I would agree. But other than the actor in the very first movie (Barry Nelson) who is American?

Description : Roger Moore, actor and the second best James Bond, dies at age 89. Join me in celebrating his work?

Last Answer : He was always keeping the British end up.

Description : Which musical instrument most personifies James Bond?

Last Answer : A saxophone.

Description : My 13 year old daughter has never seen a James Bond movie. Which one should I show her to introduce her to the series?

Last Answer : Dr. No.

Description : It's the international James Bond day - what are your fond memories and thoughts of this great franchise?

Last Answer : answer:Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in Dr. No. It was considered shocking in the spirit of the times.

Description : Did James Bond actually enjoy gambling, or was he doing it purely for the pursuit of an espionage goal?

Last Answer : Both. He was put in a position to have to gamble because he gambled well.

Description : When James Bond finds you, in your secret lair, what death trap will you have prepared to use against him?

Last Answer : I’m going to have to think about this one for a bit, but I’m quite certain it will involve inept guards.

Description : Who are some real life James Bond villains?

Last Answer : Bernie Madoff.

Description : How did James Bond know if his martini was shaken and not stirred?

Last Answer : Because he asked? Maybe he has a spy gadget for that? Interesting question…I would love to have an answer too.

Description : James Bond: Who is/was your favorite, and why?

Last Answer : Sean Connery just makes the movie. His acting in the James Bond movies is legendary.

Description : Who would be the most inept, inappropriate James Bond & who would be perfect in your opinion?

Last Answer : Inept – Danny Devito or Donald Trump Perfect – Josh Brolin. I know most wouldn’t agree, but I find him irresistible, even though he would be better suited for one of the bad guys. And you would be perfect as well, @ucme. :)

Description : Anyone read Ian Fleming (James Bond) novels?

Last Answer : Dune. Science fiction. Have you read Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, or Terry Pratchett? I’m not a big science fiction type, but my fiance is.

Description : What if James Bond was called Jimmy Bond?

Last Answer : Jim Bob?

Description : What was the first James Bond film?

Last Answer : Dr No

Description : What was the first James Bond book?

Last Answer : Casino Royal

Description : Who is the Author of James bond -Do You Know?

Last Answer : Ian Fleming is the author of James Bond

Description : Where to get legal in the CR game James Bond Blood Stone

Last Answer : I was too fast, I don't think I care about PC xbox, ps3 etc

Description : What were some of the best gadgets from the James Bond movie franchise?

Last Answer : There are many defining aspects of the James Bond film series, from the music, to the witty dialogue, to the incredible gadgets. Ranging from iconic to absurd, here’s some of the more memorable ... we’re sure to have missed a few. What are your favorite gadgets from the James Bond series?

Description : Did James Bond die?

Last Answer : James Bond died on February 14, 1989 at the age of 89.

Description : What is the name of the second James Bond film?

Last Answer : From Russia with Love directed in 1963 and was directed by Terrace Young

Description : What does m in James Bond stand for?

Last Answer : It is believed to be the initial of the first name of James Bond's boss.

Description : Where are James Bond movies made?

Last Answer : Pinwood Studios In London

Description : When does the new James Bond come out?

Last Answer : Skyfall : 23 October 2012 (London, premiere) and 26 October 2012 (United Kingdom) .

Description : Who are all the actors who played James Bond?

Last Answer : Here are all the James Bond actors: -Sean Connery -Roger Moore -George lazenby -Pearce Brosnan -Daniel Craig -Timothy Dalton *George Lazenby only starred in one James Bond movie because of his attitude.

Description : What does James Bond drink?

Last Answer : As a connoisseur, James Bond has drunk several drinks in the novels and films. His signature mixed drink is of course the Vesper, a vodka martini made with three measures of Gordon's gin, one measure of vodka ... it, such as a mint julep in Goldfinger(1964) and a mojito in Die Another Day (2002).

Description : How many actors have played James Bond?

Last Answer : 6 or 7

Description : How many James Bond have there been?

Last Answer : This is a tough question to answer at a specific level. To date (August 2012), there have been twenty-two official Bond films from EON Productions. If we are to assume that each film has one villain, then ... ) 6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Ernst Stavro Blofeld (5, since he's the same charact

Description : Is James Bond a womanizer?

Last Answer : James Bond isn't really a womanizer. He actually did get married at one point, but his wife was almost immediately killed by the bad guys (in On Her Majesty's Secret Service). At that point, he apparently decided that true love and settling down with a wife are incompatible with the spy lifestyle.

Description : What is the new James Bond movie?

Last Answer : The next one is called Skyfall with Daniel Craig as James Bond. It will be released in November of 2012

Description : How many times did Sean Connery play James Bond?

Last Answer : 6

Description : What actors played James Bond?

Last Answer : There are actually six actors that played James Bond and they are: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig. (In that order)

Description : Which actor was the best James Bond?

Last Answer : For me, this is a no-brainer. Sean Connery defined the character with his suave, calm interpretation of the British secret agent. I think the best example for how well he embodied 007 was in ... himself from the campiness of previous entries. Casino Royale (2006), the first entry to star Cra

Description : What was the first James Bond film

Last Answer : Dr No

Description : Who should be the next Bond?

Last Answer : Ian Fleming thought that Bond looked like this It would be cool to find somebody that had the right look and was still a cold blooded killer, which was what the “00” prefix implied.