Who is the head of the security department of a hotel? List any two important goals of hotel’s security department.

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Description : The department often regarded as a passive department in hotel is: a) Engineering b) Security c) Front Office d) House Keeping

Description : Mr. Devender is on a tour to visit famous Indian hill stations. He opted to stay in Clarkes Hotel, the first property started by Oberoi group of hotels in India. Which one of the following hill stations he had chosen to stay? a) Manali b) Shimla c) Munnar d) Mussoorie

Description : In 1950’s people started depending on automobile travel extensively which resulted in the formation of a new category of hotels in the hotel industry. It is known as: a) Flotels b) Resorts c) Motels d) Budget hotels

Description : What is the latest practice adopted by hotels to ensure no one can trespass on the guest floors? a) Peephole b) CCTV c) Security Alarms d) Use of Key Cards to operate elevators

Description : To which department does the concierge report? a) Human resources b) Front office c) Security d) Accounting

Description : Hotel Staff, what's the weirdest thing you've witnessed at hotels?

Last Answer : answer:I was a housekeeper. One guest peed on the walls, pooped on the towels, and spread their cum on the doorknobs. The smell lingered for days. Another guest had a chicken in his room named Donnelly. He let me pat him.

Description : Do hotel "families" pass the bedding/towels down from the high end hotels to the lower end ones?

Last Answer : answer:High end hotels have more demanding customers. So they have better towels. Many (not all) hotels have the hotel name stitched or tufted on the towels, so it wouldn't be very easy to pass those on ... s like - once you are there, they can treat you like crap because they know you won't leave.

Description : Why do hotels have ice machines (and other hotel questions)?

Last Answer : I asked some hotel-mystery questions myself a while back, so I'm with you in puzzling over such things. I have always assumed that the ice machines and the ice buckets go together and that they ... think about dogs, and I have never seen ashtrays in nonsmoking rooms. Here were my questions: #1 #2

Description : Why are the rates at the bird hotel so much higher than other 4 star hotels? -Riddles

Last Answer : Toucan stay for one!

Description : What hotels offers hotel gift vouchers?

Last Answer : Almost all hotels offer gift vouchers. The best way to find out if a specific hotel carries hotel gift vouchers is to call them.

Description : List of materials and stores required for a particular job is prepared by the Production and Planning Department for the smooth execution of the job is known as the ______. a) bill of materials b) Job report c) Completion certificate d) Progress report

Description : Raghuram is working as a Manager in the Santushti Enterprises. He wants to create a form with following functions. Choose appropriate controls from Text Field, Label, Radio button, Check box, List, Combo ... list 3. Choose type of employee (Permanent / Regular) 4. Display the picture of the employee

Description : List the importance of positive attitude. Describe how it can help someone achieve one’s goals.

Description : Self-motivation is important because i. It increases individual's energy and activity. ii. It directs an individual towards specific goals. iii. It results in initiation and persistence of specific activities iv. It affects ... b). Both i and ii c). i, iii and iv d). All of the above

Description : Why is self-motivation important? A. It increases individual’s energy, activity and directs towards achieving goals. B. It reduces self confidence C. It helps in connecting to the community D. Language and listening

Description : _________ is an important factor that encourages people to give their best performance and helps in reaching goals. a) Motivation b) Suggestions c) Advice d) Order

Description : The Ashok Group of hotels are owned by: a) ITC b) ITDC c) IHC d) EIH

Description : Two or more business organizations, like Airline and Hotels, promoting each other’s business for mutual gain is termed as: a) Referral groups b) Inter-sell agencies c) NGOs d) Corporate houses

Description : Hotels generally have little or no control over the circumstances surrounding this particular complaint: a) Attitudinal complaint b) Mechanical complaint c) Service-related complaints d) Unusual complaints

Description : Discuss the two basic types of central reservation system followed in hotels?

Description : What is the other term used for Green hotels? Convince the hoteliers to participate in the green practices by telling them its five benefits.

Description : Which of the following factors triggered the growth of many hotels in the Alpine range of Switzerland? a) Automobile travel b) Industrialization c) Ropeways d) Development of Aircraft

Description : Coffee is priced differently by different hotels because buyers assign some values to each. This is an example of __________. a) Perceived value pricing b) Differential pricing c) Competition oriented pricing d) Skimming pricing

Description : People in the marketing department are having difficulty estimating the level of effort needed to achieve advertising goals. This problem is characteristic of the __________ approach to advertising appropriation. A) ... B)match -competition C)arbitrary D)objective -and -task E)percent -of-sales

Last Answer : D)objective -and -task

Description : The two steps of developing a marketing strategy include selecting and analysing a target market and: A)selecting a group of persons towards which the firm should direct its marketing efforts. B) ... D)developing a marketing mix that precisely meets the needs of individuals in the target market.

Last Answer : D)developing a marketing mix that precisely meets the needs of individuals in the target market.

Description : Mark the incorrect option a) An Inspector must posses a practical knowledge of post office work, and with all departmental forms so as to be qualified to instruct his subordinates in their duties ... emergency c) An inspector must be having knowledge of Technology and management. d) None of these

Last Answer : c) An inspector must be having knowledge of Technology and management.

Description : Roma is booking a railway ticket using an online ticketing website makemytrip.com. When she reached to catch the train she found that she left the ticket at her hotel. What should she do? (a) she can't ... c) she should go back and get the ticket (d) She can download the e-ticket from the website.

Description : ______ cost includes porter age charges at airport and railway stations , tips at hotel and airports, entrance fees, insurance premiums, gifts and welcome dinners. A. Implicit cost B. Explicit cost C. Miscellaneous cost D. Cost

Description : Cost accounting is the analysis and allocation of expenditure of hotel. Indicate six importance of cost accounting.

Description : In which Metropolitan city Chola Sheraton hotel is located: a) Mumbai b) Delhi c) Kolkata d) Chennai

Description : From the below given options find the appropriate one which helps to maintain the reputation of a hotel? a) Physical appearance of staff b) Courteous Behavior c) Personal Hygiene d) Team work

Description : What is the main advantage of Staff organization/ Hierarchy chart of a hotel? a) For effective management and operation. b) To earn more revenue from various departments c) To provide staff training d) To provide add on services to its guest.

Description : The second in command in the hierarchy of a large hotel is: a) Human Resource Manager b) General Manager c) Executive Assistant Manager d) F&B Manager

Description : The system which provides worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allow selling of hotel reservations around the world is: a) Point Of Sale b) Global Distribution System c) Whitney System d) Diary System

Description : Which of the following help to reduce the frequency of mechanical complaints in a hotel? a) Departmental coordination b) Follow-up procedure c) Maintenance work order d) Departmental Briefing

Description : In which of the following continents hotel business started in an organized manner? a) Asia b) Australia c) America d) Europe

Description : Elaborate the importance of reservations from a hotel perspective?

Description : Process of tracing and locating guests in hotel premises is termed as: a) Registration b) Paging c) Night Audit d) Reservation