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Integrated circuit design for particular application is known as Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASIC. ASIC have smaller size, less power consumption and less cost .

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Description : Application Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP)

Last Answer : An application specific instruction set processor (ASIP) can serve as a compromise between the general purpose processor and single-purpose processors. An ASIP is a Programmable processor ... fetch sequential data memory locations in parallel with other operations to further speed execution.

Description : list the product names which have Integrated circuit.

Last Answer : list of products which have Integrated circuit. Mobile phone Calculator Printers Scanners Radio devices ... etc. These are some products name which have integrated circuit.

Description : Draw design flow of ASIC and explain it.

Last Answer : Specifications: In this step all the functionality and features are defined, such as power consumption, voltage reference, timing restrictions and performing criterion. Chip planning is also performed ... fabrication, the wafer is diced into individual chips. Each Chip is packaged and tested.

Description : Draw and explain integrated duration curve used in system operation. 

Last Answer : Diagram of integrated duration curve used in system operation: Explanation:  Integrated duration curve is obtained from load duration curve. It is drawn in between load on Y-axis in KW/MW and the X- ... a particular time of a day can also be shown on a curve which is called as mass curve. 

Last Answer : Specific energy consumption is least in main line service.

Description : Application of Norton's theorem to a circuit yields?

Last Answer : Application of Norton's theorem to a circuit yields equivalent current source and impedance in series.

Description : ASIC stands for A. Application-System Integrated Circuits B. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits C. Application-System Internal Circuits D. Application-Specific Internal Circuits

Last Answer : B. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits 

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Description : Application one lamp controlled from two places

Last Answer : Application one lamp controlled from two places: 1. For Stair case wiring 2. Hospital Wiring ( For operating the lamp in room and nursing station) 3. Bedroom Lighting. 

Description : List different types of stepper motor. State one application of stepper motor.

Last Answer : Types of stepper motor : (i)Variable - reluctance motor (ii) Permanent- magnet motors (iii) Hybrid motors. Applications of stepper motor : In robotics, In CNC machines, In computers, printers, ... In Watches, In biomedical applications such as X-ray machines, CT scan, In Process control systems. 

Description : application of CRO.

Last Answer : Applications of CRO: 1) Voltage measurement. 2) Current measurement. 3) Measurement of phase difference. 4) Measurement of phase. 5) Measurement of frequency. 6) Measurement of inductance. ... in various circuits. 17) For checking transistor. 18) It can measure short time interval.

Description :  application of logic analyzer.

Last Answer : Digital systems. Computer systems Logic circuits. Testing complex digital

Description : State principle of operation of piezo-electric transducer. State its application.

Last Answer : The piezoelectric element used for converting mechanical movement into electric signals. The mechanical deformation generates charges and this charge appears as a voltage across the electrodes.  ... destructive test (NDT) equipments 6. Piezoelectric materials are used in ultrasonic transducers. 

Description : State the application of phase sequence indicator; clip on ammeter, frequency meter & P.F. meter.

Last Answer : Phase Sequence Indicator:  1. For finding correct phase sequence of supply  2. For obtaining exact instant of parallel operation of alternators.  3. For obtaining reversal of rotation ...  4. In electroplating industries   5. In various processes industries for measuring power factor

Description : What is Amorphous metal? Give one application of this metal.

Last Answer : Amorphous Metals: Amorphous Metals means materials that do not possess a particular structure. Metal alloys typically possess crystalline atomic structure. The atoms are arranged in particular ... cores of special transformers d) Manufacturing magnetic sensors e) Magneto-motive sensors 

Last Answer : According to application, instruments are classified as switch board, portable.

Last Answer : Two-value capacitor motor finds increased application as compressor motor in small home air-conditioners because it has low starting as well as running currents at relatively high power factor.

Description : Define Multivibrator. State the types of multivibrator. Which M/V can be used as a flip-flop? Draw the circuit diagram.

Last Answer : Definition:- A multivibrator is an electronic circuit that switches rapidly by means of positive feedback between two or more states.  OR  A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a ... Bistable Multivibrator: it can operate as a flip-flop, Circuit diagram 

Description : Define Sample and hold period with reference to S/H circuit.

Last Answer : Sample Period:- The time period during which the voltage across the capacitor is equal to the input voltage is called sample period. Hold Period:- The time period during which the voltage across the capacitor is constant is called hold period.

Description :  An AC supply of 230 V is applied to a half-wave rectifier circuit through a transformer having primary to secondary turn’s ratio 12:1. The peak inverse voltage is A) 8.62 V B) 12 V C) 19.17 V D) 27.11 V 

Last Answer :  An AC supply of 230 V is applied to a half-wave rectifier circuit through a transformer having primary to secondary turn’s ratio 12:1. The peak inverse voltage is A) 8.62 V B) 12 V C) 19.17 V D) 27.11 V 

Description : A snubber circuit is connected to the power semiconductor device to reduce the (A) turn-on time (B) turn-off time (C) electrical stresses (D) thermal resistance

Last Answer : A snubber circuit is connected to the power semiconductor device to reduce the electrical stresses

Description : In a 3-phase converter circuit during commutation when one SCR in one phase is turned on to turn-off an SCR in another phase, results in (A) voltage notching (B) harmonic distortion (C) voltage sag (D) voltage swell

Last Answer : In a 3-phase converter circuit during commutation when one SCR in one phase is turned on to turn-off an SCR in another phase, results in voltage notching

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Description : State any four applications of three phase circuits.

Last Answer : The application of three phase circuits are 1. Three phase circuit is used for power transmission over long distances. 2. Three phase circuit can produce rotating magnetic field 3. Three phase ... three phase Motors and Transformers. 4. Three phase circuit is used for power converters circuits.

Description : Time constant of a circuit is the time in seconds taken after the application of voltage to each?

Last Answer : Time constant of a circuit is the time in seconds taken after the application of voltage to each 63% of maximum value.

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Last Answer : Answer :Yes, it can be used, if an accurate clock frequency is not required. Also, the component cost is low compared to LC or Crystal.

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Last Answer : Ans. The Overload Protection is used in a motor circuit to protect it from sustained over currents.

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Description : Draw the circuit diagram of battery charger using SCR and explain it’s working.

Last Answer : Battery charger circuit using SCR: The figure shows the battery charger circuit using SCR. A 12V discharged battery is connected in the circuit and switch SW is closed. The singlephase 230V ... not fired. In this way, after full charging, further charging is automatically stopped.

Description : Explain working of static AC circuit breaker. 

Last Answer : Static AC Circuit breaker: The circuit configuration of static AC circuit breaker using SCR is shown in the figure. When switch S' is closed, the SCRs T1 and T2 are fired in positive ... non-availability of gate current. Thus the maximum time delay for breaking the circuit is one half-cycle.

Description : With neat diagram explain synchronized UJT triggering circuit.

Last Answer : Line Synchronized UJT triggering circuit: The UJT is almost ideal as a firing device for SCRs. There are 2 main reasons for the compatibility between UJTs and SCRs. Firstly, the UJT produces a ... , the SCR is sure to have the right polarity between the anode and cathode for turning on.

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Last Answer : circuit diagram of symmetrical configuration of bridge converter

Description : Draw circuit diagram of Class B commutation.

Last Answer : Class B: Resonant Pulse Commutation:

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Last Answer : Equivalent Circuit Diagram of Transformer Referred to Primary: V1 -Primary Input voltage I1 - Input Current I0- Exciting current/ No load current Im- Magnetizing component ... equivalent of secondary terminal voltage ZL- Load impedance ZL ′- Primary equivalent of load impedance

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Last Answer : As we know that power factor should be corrected to ensure that the current supplied is cost friendly. Meaning the power factor should be around one but not greater than one(0.8-0.9) in a ... an inductive circuit due to the inductive reactance which oppose the change of current in the ac circuit. 

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Last Answer : Equivalent circuit of alternator