wireless mobile charger

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it is simply the wireless transfer of the electricity such in transformer the EMF is induced in the neighbouring called because of change in the voltage in primary coil show the phenomenon of mutual inductance is at a very high level and energy can transfer in through the air or another medium

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Last Answer : Full wave bridge rectifier is used in mobile chqrger.

Description : Why does the charger become hot while charging mobile phone?

Last Answer : Charging depends on time duration. If your phone battery is very low and you are using your phone with battery draining app like YouTube, the charger will be forced by the phone to ... temp of electrical components like transistors. Junction temperature will be larger as junction current is higher.

Description : Battery Charger

Last Answer : Do you have a car battery that is losing its power? You can use a battery charger to bring its power back. A battery charger is a device that forces electric current through the battery ... battery are compatible. Carefully read the instructions on how to install the charger to avoid any accidents.

Description : Draw the circuit diagram of battery charger using SCR and explain it’s working.

Last Answer : Battery charger circuit using SCR: The figure shows the battery charger circuit using SCR. A 12V discharged battery is connected in the circuit and switch SW is closed. The singlephase 230V ... not fired. In this way, after full charging, further charging is automatically stopped.

Description : How often do you change the wallpaper on your mobile phone?

Last Answer : Once a year, if I remember.

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Last Answer : answer:Myfitnesspal is good. I log the food I consume and the exercise I do. I also have Garmin Connect that syncs with my watch. I also have a few productivity apps (such as Routinely) where ... particularly related to fitness but help me track whether I'm being a lazy slob or doing some exercise.

Description : AT&T mobile to mobile texting?

Last Answer : no

Description : Is there a web messenger that can contact offline or mobile contacts?

Last Answer : I believe that most of them can. AIM has a web messenger, AIM Express, that does it. I think MSN messenger and Yahoo! messenger can do it as well.

Description : Define the following terms : (i) Base Station (ii) Control Channel (iii) Mobile Station (iv) Page 

Last Answer : i) Base Station: - A fixed station in a mobile radio system used for radio communication with mobile stations. Base stations are located at the center or on the edge of a coverage region ... the page throughout the service area using base stations which broadcast the page on a radio carrier.

Description : Are all of the Gateway lap top chargers the same?

Last Answer : answer:No, they aren't. Depending on the age of the laptop, then can draw 19 volts, 27 volts, ore (on some older ones) 42 volts. And the amperage (the rate of flow of the electricity) ... unit). Also, consider other vendors. Amazon is nice, but newegg.com is also reputable. As is tigerdirect.

Description : Is there any way I can replace this?

Last Answer : Call or write Norelco. They will be able to tell you.

Description : Does wireless charging (cellphones) really work?

Last Answer : I used the Palm Touchstone many years ago, and it worked really well. Fast and reliable. It used magnets to help align the phone with the charger. I don’t think the Qi charges have magnets for alignment.

Description : What is a good way to connect rear speakers up by wireless?

Last Answer : It sounds like you need Bluetooth speakers. Many are battery powered, though few last >4 hours on Bluetooth.

Description : How to get windows 7 to pickup wireless signals?

Last Answer : One suggestion is for you to delete (I think it’s called “forget”) all the networks that currently show up, reboot, and then try connecting. Windows can be tricky about connecting to wireless.

Description : I have a problem with my wireless xbox 360 controller receiver, can anyone advise me?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : How can I limitate the wireless band of my router?

Last Answer : answer:Hi @ffarr, welcome to Fluther! The instructions are specific to each router model. What is the make and model of your router? Your router may have Quality of Service (QOS) or Gaming settings ... solution would be turning off the wireless while you are at the PC. All routers will allow that.

Description : Do you secure your wireless network?

Last Answer : Yup, of course.

Description : Good wireless keyboard/mouse?

Last Answer : My advice is to actually go into a store where you can try them out. I have learned my lesson about buying keyboards and mice without using them first. I have hated every single one of them. And they are what you have to touch all day so you might as well take them for a test drive first.

Description : Where do I find a Linux driver for my laptop's wireless card?

Last Answer : Try searching here.

Description : Any ideas what may be causing wireless internet connection issues?

Last Answer : Google the default password for the Linksys and reset it if need be.

Description : Is o2 wireless a good service? What's your experience with o2?

Last Answer : The bad things that reviews say about it include expensive rates, followed by bad audio quality and slightly bad coverage. The site doesn’t say anything about customer support, though.

Description : I need help, my wireless driver has gone missing?

Last Answer : We chatted about this at the watering hole. someone get this man a driver! There are a lot of great forums Block, if all else fails just sign up and start some threads.

Description : Why are wireless plans so expensive in Canada compared to other countries?

Last Answer : Canada is closer to the North Pole. The technology to make sure the wireless signals don’t interfere with Santa’s signals is expensive. ~

Description : Why is my wireless N not working well?

Last Answer : Are you paying for 300mbps?

Description : Can I extend the range of my wireless network with a spare wireless router?

Last Answer : Depends on the type of router. You’re looking for a feature called “bridge” mode. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Wireless_Bridge

Description : Is there any way to monitor a wireless networks overall data transfer?

Last Answer : Unfortunately not. If the AE is the access point, then you’re pretty much limited to the snmp logs in the AirPort Utilities. Only way to get a 3rd-party app. to monitor bandwidth per machine is if you make a machine the AP. sorry…. :/

Description : Router freezes when i use wireless and pppoe protocol at the same time. Why?

Last Answer : How old is the router? They tend to have a relatively short life span, in general. Have you had a look through the SMC support stuff? (http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=support&localeCode= ... to try contacting them as their support staff should be in the best position to help you troubleshoot.

Description : What are the disadvantages to having an unsecured wireless network?

Last Answer : People can easily connect and get free Internet, which can considerably slow your connection down. Also, if somome gets your IP they’ll easily be able to get into your computer and documents. You should definitely secure your network.

Description : How do I secure my wireless router?

Last Answer : Tough to answer this quickly. I recommend listening to, or reading the transcript of, the Security Now podcast on this topic. Very instructive!

Description : Which wireless adapter should I get for my Xbox 360?

Last Answer : I’m thinking you have to use the Microsoft adapter specifically for the Xbox 360.

Description : How to mute an Xbox 360 wireless headset?

Last Answer : yes there is, seriously, i just looked at a page about the volume control on the wireless headset

Description : What are the best wireless bluetooth headphones?

Last Answer : Depending on the age of the Macbook, you may have to buy a pair of headphones that come with a transmitter. Some laptops don't have a (think it's called ad2p) transmitter, which sends ... that came with a transmitter & I plug the transmitter into the laptop & the headphones work perfectly.

Description : How do I tell if I have WEP encryption or WPA encryption on my wireless router?

Last Answer : Access your router control panel via a web browser, typically at

Description : What is your wireless network name?

Last Answer : CRANK

Description : State features of wireless power transmission. 

Last Answer : Features of wireless power transmission:  1. Energy delivered anywhere in the world 2. Zero fuel cost 3. Less losses 4. Less use of copper wires 5. More efficiency 6. Minimum long- ... on cables would never exist in the transmission.  7. Power theft would be not possible at all. 

Description : State feature of 4G wireless Architecture

Last Answer : Features of 4G: 1.Faster and more reliable data rates than 100 Mb/s 2. It has a Low cost in comparison to other generations (1G, 2G, 3G networks) 3. It supports Bluetooth, Wi ... packet-switched networks. 7. They have high internet speeds. 8. Provide global mobility and service portability.

Description : Explain parallel and wireless protocols.

Last Answer : Parallel protocols: PCI bus (Peripheral Components Interconnect): PCI stands for Peripheral Components Interconnect. PCI bus is used as a communication line to transmit signals and data ... provide the basis for wireless network products using the Wi-Fi brand.

Description : How does battery saver functionality work?

Last Answer : Well I'm not sure about android (if you are using an android operating smart phone). I use the iPhone myself and it has the low battery mode. What it does essentially is it only uses data when you ... are reduced or turned off. I'm assuming other phones such as Samsung, LG, HTC etc is quite similar.

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Last Answer : Desktop. I don’t have a phone, so mobile mode makes everything all big and you have to scroll down for like seven years before reaching the bottom.

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Last Answer : If you have to ask…

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Last Answer : They will expect you to pay full list price for it if you don’t return it.

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Last Answer : answer:Nope. For one, I'd have to buy an iPhone. Eff that. For two, I use a prepaid phone service that gives me everything I need for $30. If I need more than 1000 minutes a month (which I' ... gives me completely unlimited use. I'm on Verizon towers, so AT&T can take their dead zones and shove em.

Description : Best flip phone for AT&T?

Last Answer : I bought one a few weeks ago. I wasn’t impressed with what was on the site so I bought a new Motorola Razr for $35 on ebay, and remain contract free.

Description : Will a new router solve my connection problems?

Last Answer : If you are satisfied with “g” speeds, you can add a repeater to your network to boost the signal. If your computer is equipped with “n”, you may wish to replace your router with an “n” capable one.

Description : I just installed Ubuntu on a Gateway Laptop, and need a tad bit of help?

Last Answer : Ubuntu forums are the way to go here. Being a Linux user means reading a lot of forums.

Description : A great router for home use?

Last Answer : Linksys

Description : How can I reset my Mac's Airport settings? I can connect to everything except a very particular case.

Last Answer : Why can’t the rest of your family use WPA2? If they’re on Windows computers, upgrading them to SP2 or higher should allow them to connect to WPA2 networks. WPA2 is an order of magnitude more stable and secure than WEP.

Description : Which cellular data card network has the most reliable coverage and speed?

Last Answer : I think that Sprint or Verizon are your best bets. They have the best coverage.

Description : Bluetoothify my current desk speakers?

Last Answer : http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/ might work for you if you have Wi-Fi in your laptop. And the range will be much better than Bluetooth.

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