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Transformer noise is generated due to vibration of core and winding this is because of magnetostriction and magnetomotive force.

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Last Answer : 1) Noise Margin: It is a measure of noise immunity of a gate or circuit (noise immunity is the ability of a gate or circuit to tolerate any noise present in a signal without performing a wrong operation) ... OR  A metastable state is half way between logic 0 and logic 1 .It is undefined state.

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Last Answer : Transformers make noise based on it out put if an transformer outputs is 400v maximum than a 398v be apply to that transformer it also make a noise because of that 

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Last Answer : The cause of noise in the transformer is mainly because of magnetostriction effect and also loosening of stampings and mechanical forces produced during working.

Description : 69 In case there are burrs on the edges of the laminations of the transformer, it is likely to result in A. Vibrations B. Noise C. Higher eddy currents loss D. Higher hysteresis loss

Last Answer : C. Higher eddy currents loss

Last Answer : Noise level test in a transformer is a type test.

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Last Answer : Which of the following 3-phase connection of a transformer causes interference with the neighbouring communication lines: Star-Star

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Last Answer : Back emf in transformer is when apply voltage in primary side of transformer. This voltage produce flux according to Faraday law electro magnetic induction. This flux called mutual flux and this ... secondary flux oppos the applied voltage according to lenz law. its called back emf of transformer

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Last Answer :  transformer coupled amplifier

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Last Answer : Transformer efficiency

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