State working principle of PMMC instrument.

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Working Principle of PMMC Instrument: When current carrying conductor is placed in a constant magnetic field, it experiences a force proportional to the current and produces proportional deflection torque. 

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Description : State the function of former and control spring in PMMC instrument.

Last Answer : Function of Former: To support the coil and provide eddy current damping.  Function of Control Spring: To provide control torque or force and in some instruments springs can be used as current leads.

Description : ‘PMMC instrument is not suitable to measure AC quantity’. State the reason.

Last Answer : The direction of force exerted on moving coil depends on the direction of current flowing through moving coil. If the direction of magnetic field is kept constant, it produces unidirectional torque if the current is ... on the coil in one cycle to zero. Hence the meter cannot read A.C. quantities.

Description : Name the material used for :- (i) Moving coil (ii) Permanent magnet in PMMC instrument.

Last Answer : (i) Material used for Moving coil: Copper, Aluminum( some times)  (ii) Permanent magnets are made of special alloys such as :  Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt (Alnicos)  Strontium-Iron  Neodymium-Iron-Boron  Samarium-Cobalt.

Description : Compare PMMC & MI instrument.

Last Answer : MI Instrument  PMMC Instrument  It works on the principles of magnetism.  It works on the principle of DC motor Deflection torque is proportional to square of current  Deflection ... , Voltmeter and Watt meter  Can be used as voltmeter, Ammeter, Galvanometer, ohmmeter  

Description : List two advantages of PMMC instrument.

Last Answer : 1. It has uniform scale. 2. Power consumption is low 3. It can be obtained in wide ranges. 4. High sensitivity & accuracy 5. It is unaffected by external magnetic field. 6. Additional damping device not required. 7. Hysteresis problem is not there.

Description : feature of PMMC instrument. 

Last Answer : Consumes less power Great accuracy. High torque to weight ratio

Description : In a PMMC instrument, the damping provided is :  (A) air damping (C) eddy current damping (B) fluid damping (D) magnetic damping using a magnet

Last Answer : In a PMMC instrument, the damping provided is : eddy current damping 

Description : A PMMC instrument has FSD of 100 μA and a coil resistance of 1 kΩ. To convert the instrument into an ammeter with full scale deflection of 100 mA, the required shunt resistance is (A) 1 Ω (B) 1.001 Ω (C) 0.5 Ω (D) 10 Ω

Last Answer : A PMMC instrument has FSD of 100 μA and a coil resistance of 1 kΩ. To convert the instrument into an ammeter with full scale deflection of 100 mA, the required shunt resistance is 1.001 Ω

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Last Answer : Working Principle:  Gears are mechanical elements which transmit motion by means of successively engaging teeth.  Gears are used to transmit motion from one shaft to another or between ... Agricultural equipment.  Industrial construction.  Mining equipment.  Automotive equipment.

Description : Describe the working principle of photoelectric pickup type tacho-generator.

Last Answer : Working: Working principle: The light passes through the holes available on the rotating disc with a specific interval, depends on the angular speed of disc having equidistant holes. The frequency of this light pulses ... by N=f/HS  N=speed  f=frequency  Hs=holes on the disc

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Description : State working principle of alternator. State the meaning self and separate excitation. 

Last Answer : Working principle of alternator: When a conductor is moved in magnetic field or a magnetic field moved with respect to conductor, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the conductor ... like battery or shaft-mounted exciter, then the excitation is said to be separate excitation.

Description : State the working principle of transformer.

Last Answer : Working principle of transformer : Transformer works on the principle of mutual electromagnetic induction. When AC voltage is applied to the primary winding it causes ac current to flow through primary ... the secondary winding. The current flows in the secondary circuit if load is connected.

Description : Explain construction & working of attraction type M.I. instrument with neat diagram.

Last Answer : 1. Moving element: a small piece of soft iron in the form of a vane or rod.  2. In Attracted type a cylindrical coil or solenoid which is kept fixed. An oval-shaped soft-iron piece are ...   9. When = the pointer will be stable & we can get correct reading of the electrical quantity

Description : Explain the working principle of induction motor. 

Last Answer : Working principle of induction motor: * When the motor is excited with three-phase supply, three-phase stator winding carries three-phase currents & produces a rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude and ... , which tend to move the rotor in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field. 

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Last Answer : In metal-arc inert gas welding the Weld area is shielded by an effectively inert atmosphere of argon, helium, carbon dioxide, or various other gas mixtures . The consumable bare Wire is fed automatically ... of the molten-weld puddle. Multiple-weld layers can be deposited at the joint. 

Description : Describe the working principle of Thyristor operated dimmer with the help of circuit diagram.

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Description : Explain construction and working principle of single phase transformer.

Last Answer : A single phase transformers is an electrical device that accepts single-phase AC power and outputs single-phase AC. PRINCIPLE... The single-phase transformer works on the principle of ... and secondary windings. Thin steel laminations shall be employed to prevent power losses from the core.

Description : State the material used for moving coil and former for PMMC instruments. 

Last Answer : Material Used for Moving Coil and Former for PMMC Instruments:  Material used for moving coil: Copper  Material used for Former: Aluminium

Description : role of the series resistance connected in PMMC movement.

Last Answer : A PMMC Instrument can be used as voltmeter by just connecting a series resistance with the moving coil. This series resistance is called Voltmeter Multiplier. This combination of moving coil and ... current whose voltage is to be measured. Ideally the resistance of voltmeter should be infinite

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Last Answer : Earth tester:-The resistance of the earth is measured with the help of earth tester. It consists of a hand cranked type generator, the magnet poles, crossed coils and flexible spirals. It consists ... deflection of the pointer will indicate directly resistance in ohm of the earth under test.

Description : State principle of operation of piezo-electric transducer. State its application.

Last Answer : The piezoelectric element used for converting mechanical movement into electric signals. The mechanical deformation generates charges and this charge appears as a voltage across the electrodes.  ... destructive test (NDT) equipments 6. Piezoelectric materials are used in ultrasonic transducers. 

Description : Describe principle of operation of Doppler type ultrasonic flow meter with diagram. 

Last Answer : Diagram: Working:  The flow meter consists of a crystal transducer mounted outside the pipe in which flow is to be measured. This transducer is a piezoelectric crystal which ... , so the frequency of the reflected wave is shifted to particle velocity, according to Doppler principle.

Description : Draw construction of Megger and write operating principle of it.

Last Answer : Megger:  Working: Two coils the current coil and pressure coil are mounted at an angle on the same spindle and form the part of the moving system. These coils are connected to a small hand driven ... . When the instrument is not working the pointer may rest at any position on the dial.

Description : Explain the operating principle of LASER and list applications of LASER diode.

Last Answer : A basic construction of Laser diode is as shown . A PN junction is formed by two layers of doped gallium arsenide. There is highly reflective surface at one end of PN junction and ... 6. laser scanning and light beam illumination. 7. Military applications 8. Medical surgery 9.Diamond cutting

Description : The transformer works on the principle of: (A) Mutual induction (B) Mutual capacitance (C) All of the above (D) None of the above

Last Answer : The transformer works on the principle of:  Mutual induction

Description : Principle of Thermocouple is based on :  (A) Thomson effect (C) Seebeck effect (B) Peltier effect (D) Kelvin effect

Last Answer :  The  principle is  based on Seebeck   effect.

Description : What is the principle of DC motor?

Last Answer : principle

Description : State the meaning of secondary instrument. Classify secondary instruments.

Last Answer : Secondary instruments: - Gives reading directly of the quantity being measured. - Calibrated with respect to absolute instruments  Classification of Secondary instruments:  1. Depending on the ... on permissible error: i) Standard meters ii) Substandard meters iii) First grade instruments.

Description : Give the classification of the errors used in measuring instrument & state the reason for their occurrence.

Last Answer : Types of errors in measuring instruments:  A) Gross error: These are due to mistakes on the part of person using the instrument.  B) Systematic Error:  i) Instrumental Error: These ... multiplying factor.  C) Random error: These persist even after gross and systematic errors are removed. 

Description : State the meaning of absolute instrument and secondary instrument. 

Last Answer : Absolute instruments:   These instruments read the quantity under measurement indirectly i.e. in terms of deflection, degrees and meter constant. The actual value under measurement can be calculated ... of operation (b) Depending upon permissible percentage error. (c) Depending upon application.

Description : State the advantages of instrument transformer in using for extension of range of meters. 

Last Answer : Advantages of instrument transformer: 1. Extension of instrument range is possible. 2. Isolation of instruments from high voltage side. 3. Power loss is less as compared to shunts and multipliers. 4 ... measurement. 5. It is economical method of range extension. 6. Increases in safety of operator.

Description : State the function of controlling torque in electrical measuring instrument.

Last Answer : Function of controlling torque  1. The function is to opposes the deflection force and increases with the increase in the deflection of the moving system, to limit its movement. 2. and brought ... set a position where the two opposing forces i.e. deflection and controlling forces are equal. 

Description : State the principle of operation of d.c. motor.

Last Answer : When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences the force. The magnitude of force is given by F = BIL newton  where F – Force   B – maximum flux density   I – Current   L – Length of conductor

Description : Write any four advantages of instrument transformer.

Last Answer : Advantages of instrument transformer: 1. Extension of instrument range is possible. 2. Isolation of instruments from high voltage side. 3. Power loss is less as compared to shunts and multipliers. 4 ... measurement. 5. It is economical method of range extension. 6. Increases in safety of operator.

Description : Describe spring control method of producing controlling torque in measuring instrument. Write any two properties required for spring material.

Last Answer : A)Spring control method: As shown in the figure, the inner ends of the both springs are attahced to the spindle, while outer end of upper spring is attached to the lever and outer ... of spring material: 1.Non Magnetic material 2.Low specific resistance 3.Low temperature coefficient of resistance

Description : Name the different torque and their function in measuring instrument.

Last Answer : List of torques in analog instruments:  1. Deflecting torque  2. Controlling / restraining torque.  3. Damping torque.  1. Deflecting torque:  - To create deflection of pointer ... .  - Bring the pointer to standstill quickly.  - To minimize oscillations about final position. 

Description : Explain magnetic effect employed in measuring instrument.

Last Answer : Magnetic Effect:  I) In PMMC meters:  ➢ When a current is passed through a conductor, magnetic field is produced round the conductor. Due to this field when current ... field it experiences a mechanical force.  Examples: Electrodynamometer type instruments, Induction type instrument. 

Description : Why energy meter is integrating type measuring instrument?

Last Answer : Energy Meter is Integrating Type Measuring Instrument: Energy meter is used for measurement of energy, which is obtained by integration (summation) of power supplied over the particular time duration, hence it the integrating type measuring instrument. 

Description : Write any two advantages of MI type instrument.

Last Answer : Advantages of MI Type Instrument: 1. These are robust in construction. 2. Used for both A.C. as well as D.C. measurements. 3. These are economical. 4. These possess high operating torque 5. These are simple in construction hence can be easily handled.

Description : Write difference between absolute & secondary instrument.

Last Answer : Absolute Instrument Secondary Instrument 1. These give magnitude of quantity in terms physical constants of instruments 1. These give reading directly of the quantity at the time of ... Raleigh current balance. 6. Examples - ammeter, voltmeter, amperehour meter, wattmeter etc.

Description : The largest change of input quantity for which there is no output of instrument is called ______ A) Dead time B) Dead input C) Dead output D) Dead zone

Last Answer : The largest change of input quantity for which there is no output of instrument is called Dead zone

Description : Why have both principle and principal when they can both be used interchangeably?

Last Answer : Can they be used interchangeably? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought they had distinct meanings. Prinicpal being the leader of a school, or the original money down on a payment, or a sort-of ... a scientific law (and both probably having more meanings that I didn't think of). Am I mistaken?

Description :  operating principle of PUT.

Last Answer : Constructional diagram & Operating principle of PUT:  The PUT is a PNPN device similar to SCR, but its operation is similar to the UJT. The PUT behave like a UJT whose trigger voltage VP can be set ... low resistance and VAK ≈ 1V). The PUT is also referred to as a complementary SCR (CSCR). 

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Last Answer : D' Alembert's principle is used for reducing the problem of kinetics to equivalent statics problem.

Description : According to principle of moments?

Last Answer : According  to  principle  of  moments  clockwise  moments  equals   anticlockwise  moments.

Last Answer : A hysteresis motor works on the principle of hysteresis loss.

Description : What is the principle of DC generator?

Last Answer : principle

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Last Answer : Working of Pumped storage hydroelectric power plant :-  It consists of head water pond (reservoir) and tail water pond by constructing a dam at tail race path.  Tail water pond and ... install as well as spinning reserve capacity of TPP as it provides additional power during peak load period.

Description : Explain the construction and working of LVDT accelerometer with the help of diagram.

Last Answer : Explanation:* The LVDT accelerometer consists of one primary and two secondary windings which are placed on either side of central code. The two ends of the core are connected with ... in the output terminal. This output voltage is directly proportional to the vibration or acceleration.