Compare FPGA and CPLD.

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1 It is field programmable gate array.
It is complex programmable logic device.
2 Capacity is defined in terms of number of gates available.
Capacity is defined in terms of number of macro cells available.
3 FPGA consumes less power than CPLD. 
CPLD consumes more power than FPGA
4 Number of input and output pins on FPGA are less than CPLD.
Number of input and output pins on CPLD are more than FPGA.
5 FPGA is suitable for designs with large number of blocks with few number of inputs.
CPLD is ideal for complex blocks with large number of inputs.
6 FPGA based designs require more board space and layout is more complex.
CPLD board designs need less board space and layout is less complex.
7 It is difficult to predict the speed performance of design.
Speed performance can be easily predicted.
8 FPGA are available in wide density range.
CPLD contain fewer registers but have better performance.

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