State applications each of photo-diode and 7-segment display.

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Answer :

Applications of photo-diode:- 1) In cameras 2) In fiber optic receiver 3) in object counting system 

Applications of 7-segmet display 1) In calculators 2) In Wrist watches

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Description : State working principle of photo diode. List out its three applications.

Last Answer : Diagram of photo diode :  Working principle of photo diode :  When photons of energy greater than 1.1 eV hit the diode, electron-hole pairs are created. The ... Smoke detector, Optical communication devices, Position sensors, Bar code scanners, Automotive devices, Surveying instruments

Description : The seven segment arrangement for numerical display on consoles, test meters and other applications can be either ________________. A. UJT or BJT B. BCD or OCD C. JFET or IGFET D. LED or LCD

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : List any two applications of photo diode and IRLED 

Last Answer : Photodiode 1. In the cameras for sensing the light intensity. 2. In CD players. 3. In the fiber optic receiver. 4. As photo (light) detector. 5. In light intensity meters. 6. In the ... shaft encoders 4. As a light source in optical fiber system 5. In the burglar alarm system.

Description : Figure 'D' shown in the illustration represents a/an ____________. EL-0078 A. DIP IC chip B. integrated diac/triac envelope C. TO-5 flat pack D. 7-segment BCD display

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : State any two applications of zener diode.

Last Answer : Applications of Zener Diode: i) As a voltage regulator. ii) As a fixed reference voltage provider in transistor biasing circuits. iii) As peak clippers or limiters in wave shaping circuits.

Description : Define photo resistor. State its symbol and its two applications. 

Last Answer : Definition: It is a type of semiconductor whose electrical resistance decreases as the intensity of incident light increases. Applications: i) It is used for automatic lighting control. ii)It is used in the ... toner. iv)It is used in security alarm. v)It is used in camera for Exposure meter.

Description : applications of Schottky diode.

Last Answer : 1) To rectify very high frequency signals. 2) As a switching device in digital computers. 3) In clipping & and clamping circuits. 4) In low power schottky TTL circuits. 5) In mixing and detecting circuits used in communication systems. 6) In low voltage power supply circuits.

Description :  applications of P-N junction diode

Last Answer : 1.It is used as rectifier in DC power supply 2.It is used as free wheel diode across relay or inductive load 3.It is used as switch in logic circuits used in computers 4.It is used as detector in demodulation circuits of communication receiver 

Description : Explain the operating principle of LASER and list applications of LASER diode.

Last Answer : A basic construction of Laser diode is as shown . A PN junction is formed by two layers of doped gallium arsenide. There is highly reflective surface at one end of PN junction and ... 6. laser scanning and light beam illumination. 7. Military applications 8. Medical surgery 9.Diamond cutting

Description : . In a common anode, seven-segment LED display, an individual LED will light if a negative voltage is applied to what element?

Last Answer : The cathode.

Description : The 8279 normally provides a maximum of _____ seven segment display interface with CPU. a) 8 b) 16 c) 32 d) 18

Last Answer : a) 8

Description : Debugger is a program that (A) allows to examine and modify the contents of registers (B) does not allow execution of a segment of program (C) allows to set breakpoints, execute a segment of program and display contents of register (D) All of the above

Last Answer : (C) allows to set breakpoints, execute a segment of program and display contents of register

Description : LED stands for _________ A. Low Emission Display B. Liquid Emitting Display C. Less Emitting Diode D. Light Emitting Diode

Last Answer : D. Light Emitting Diode

Description : Write using photo diode ?

Last Answer : : Use of photo diode (a) to operate the relay circuit , ( b) to read the punch card of the computer fast , ( c) to automatically control the angle system , ( d) to determine the number ... , ( F) are used for controlling photoelectric resistors , ( g) are used for voltage and heat control systems.

Description : Write the properties of photo diode ?

Last Answer : : Features of photo diode ( i) It works based on Ala. ( ii) When the temperature is high, the resistance decreases , resulting in more current flowing. ( iii) When the light is low, the resistance increases , so the current flows less.

Description : What is a photo diode ?

Last Answer : : If a junction diode is placed in a short sheath, it is called a photo diode.

Description : Television signals are converted into light signals by------? A. Optical fiber B. Transistor C. Decoder D. Photo diode (Answer) E. None of these

Last Answer : D. Photo diode (Answer)

Description : A device based on photo electric effect is called a) Photo sensitive b) Photo diode c) Photo synthesis d) Photo cell

Last Answer : d) Photo cell

Description : Photo diode operates in the _______ condition (a) Forward bias (b) null (c) both a & d (d) reverse bias

Last Answer : (d) reverse bias

Description : Compare LED and Photo diode 

Last Answer : Parameters LED (Light Emitting Diode) Photodiode Definition Two terminal device which converts electrical energy into light energy.  Two Terminal Device which converts light energy into ... and Numeric display etc. Switching, high speed counting, ac coupled signaling etc.

Description : State four applications of PIN diode. 

Last Answer : i. Used in rectifier circuit. ii. Used in clipping and clamping circuit. iii. Used for A.M detection. iv. Used for voltage multiplier.

Description : Draw the characteristics of tunnel diode, showing operating regions. State two applications of tunnel diode.

Last Answer : Applications: One of the important application of a tunnel diode is in high speed computers where the switching times in the order of nanoseconds or picoseconds are desirable. A tunnel diode can be ... In digital networks. 2. As a high speed switch. 3. As a high frequency oscillator.

Description : Draw construction of Schottky diode and state it’s four applications.

Last Answer : Applications :- 1. RF mixer and detector diode: 2. Power rectifier 3. Voltage clamping 4. Stand alone photovoltaic systems in order to prevent batteries from discharging purpose for the solar panels at night 5. Rectifiers in power supplies.

Description : State any Four applications of PN junction diode.

Last Answer : 1. Rectifiers in power supplies, 2. Detectors in RF, 3 .Clippers, 4. In clamping networks used as DC Restorers, 5. As switches in digital logic circuits.

Description : Give the speciality of zener diode. State its 2-3 applications

Last Answer : Speciality - This diode can keep breakdown voltage constant across it. It is used in reverse bias. Applications - Zener diodes voltage regulation as reference elements surge suppressors switching applications clipper circuits.

Description : Is there evidence to support the idea that it is "better" for or "interferes less" with a photo to display it on a gray background?

Last Answer : Color is a perceptive process, influenced by many factors including but not limited to: ambient light, eye strain, your mental state, and the colors surrounding it. By keeping your desktop background and physical surroundings color-neutral, it aids in more accurate color perception.

Description : Wht won't my photo display in the ad?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Write some applications of PN junction diode

Last Answer : 1. Rectifier circuit ii. clipping and clamping iii voltage multiplier iv AM detection v. Feedback diodes vi Freewheeling diode

Description : Mention the applications of a diode.

Last Answer : a) Diode is used to convert A.C into D.C. b) They are used in voltage regulation systems. c) They are used in logic circuits which are used in computers.

Description : Write down the applications of precision diode. 

Last Answer : 1.Half - wave rectifier 2.Full - Wave rectifier 3.Peak – value detector 4.Clipper 5.Clamper

Description : Write two applications of P-N junction diode and zener diode. 

Last Answer : Application of P-N junction diode: Used in rectifier circuit Used in clipping and clamping circuit. Used for A.M detection Used for voltage multiplier. Application of Zener diode: It is ... . Used in protection circuits for MOSFET. Used in pulse amplifier. Used in clipping circuits.

Description : Draw the characteristics of tunnel diode and write two applications of it.

Last Answer :  Characteristics:  Applications: 1. In the digital networks 2. As a high speed switch 3. As a high frequency oscillator 4. High speed computers

Description : List applications of Schottky diode and Laser diode.

Last Answer : Application of Schottky diode:  It is used in rectification of very high frequency signals. It is used in communication system circuits. It is used in AC to DC converters. It is used in Radar ... etc. It is used in welding. It is used as a light source in fibre optic communication.

Description : List any two applications of Schottkey diode.

Last Answer : Application of Schottky diode: • It is used in rectification of very high frequency signals. • It is used in communication system circuits. • It is used in AC to DC converters. • It is used in Radar system. • It is used in switched mode power supply. 

Description : List any four applications of laser diode.

Last Answer : 1. As light source in fiber optic communication. 2. In the infrared spectrometers. 3. In the medical field. 4. In military applications. 5. To measure distance, alignment angle etc. 6. For flow ... . 9. For welding. 10. For sound recording and reproduction (in CD players) 11. In holography.

Description : What are the applications of diode ?

Last Answer : 1) Rectifier : - It is an electronics device used to convert AC to DC signal. The rectifier output is pulsating in nature their can be two types of rectifier. a) Half wave rectifier b) Full wave ... FWR are of two types : i) center tapped full wave rectifier ii) bridge type full wave rectifier

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Last Answer : Lecture - 4: Applications of Diode Applications of diode: Half wave Rectifier: The single - phase half wave ... voltage appears across D2, therefore PIV rating of the diode should be 2 Vm. IIT ROORKEE

Last Answer : Applications of zener diode are : Zener diode can be use for voltage regulator. Zener diode can be use for clippers or limiters. Zener diode can be use for overvoltage protection. Zener ... reference. Zener diode can be use as transistor regulator. These are some applications of zener diode.

Description : What does the liquid crystal display require for computer applications?

Last Answer : An external light source, called a backlight.

Description : Define photo conductive polymer. Give its examples and applications.

Last Answer : Photo conductive polymer: These are the polymers which conduct electricity only in the presence of light. Examples: i) PVK or poly(N-vinyl carbazole ) ii) Poly (vinylpyrene),iii) poly(2- ... resistors are often used include camera light meters, street lights, clock radios and infrared detectors.  

Description : Name the type of rectifier for each of following feature : (i) Highest rectifier efficiency (ii) Highest form factor (iii) Two diode rectifier circuit (iv) PIV = 2Vm.

Last Answer : (i) Highest rectifier efficiency : Center tapped & Bridge full wave Rectifier  (ii) Highest form factor : Center tapped & Bridge full wave Rectifier  (iii) Two diode rectifier circuit : Center tapped full wave Rectifier  (iv) PIV = 2Vm : Center tapped full wave Rectifier

Description : (a) Define permeability. (b) Define MMF. (c) Define form factor of an alternating quantity. (d) Define frequency and time period of an alternating quality. (e) Define transformation ratio of transformer. ... and state the meaning of each term used. (g) Give two applications of single phase motors. 

Last Answer : Permeability : It is the ability of a magnetic/Non magnetic material to allow setting up of flux in it.  MMF : The magneto motive force (MMF) is the force required to setup flux in a magnetic / ... applications of single phase motors : Water pumps, ceiling fan, lathe machine

Description : In Fig. 7.19, AD and BC are equal perpendicular to a line segment AB. Show that CD bisects AB. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : Solution :-

Description : Points P, Q, R and S divide a line segment joining A (2, 6) and B (7, -4) in five equal parts. Find the coordinates of P and R. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : this is the ans hope its clear

Description : Points P (5, -3) is one of the two points of trisection of the line segment joining points A(7, -2) and B(1, -5) near to A. find the coordinates of the other point of trisection. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : answer:

Description : The midpoint of the line segment joining the points B and D is: (a) (10,11) (b) (11,5) (c) (7/2,11/2) (d) (5,11/2)

Last Answer : (c) (7/2,11/2)

Description : The endpoint A of a line segment AB is (3 , -1). If midpoint of AB is (5,7) then the coordinates of the point B are: (a) (7,13) (b) (7,15) (c) (4,3) (d) (4,4)

Last Answer : (b) (7,15)

Description : The point which divides the line segment joining the points (7, –6) and (3, 4) in the ratio 1 : 2 lies in the: (a) I quadrant (b) II quadrant (c) III quadrant (d) IV quadrant

Last Answer : (d) IV quadrant

Description : Which of the following is not the correct yearly drift rate for the corresponding segment? a. In the traditional segment performance drifts by +0.7 and size by -0.7. b. In the low segment performance drifts by +0.5 ... size by -0.7. e. In the size segment performance drifts by -0.7 and size by +1.0.

Last Answer : e. In the size segment performance drifts by -0.7 and size by +1.0.

Description : Every year the Traditional segment circle drifts ____ in performance and _____ in size. a. +1.0, -0.7 b. +0.7, -0.7 c. -0.7, +0.7 d. +0.5, -0.5 e. +0.9, -0.9

Last Answer : b. +0.7, -0.7