what is lightning arrester?

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Answer :

In order to reduce the effect of natural lightening so that the transformer can be saved from the very high voltage and current caused by the lightning, a device or u can say a protective device is connected in parallel with the incoming terminals of the transformer which bypasses all the fault current and voltage of the lightning is called lightning arrestor
I want to add...
It is non-linear resistor device

Answer :

A protective device use to conduct high voltage surge on power system to the ground

Answer :

Lighting arrester is a device which grounding the faulty or excess currents from the atmosphere thunders.  this device's gives protection from the natural higher voltages

Answer :

It is a protective device protects the high voltage surges

Answer :

To discharge the residual capacitive voltage

Answer :

Light arrester is a protecting device which is used at substation for protecting the devices in the substation from lighting phenomenon.


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