What is Data Acquisition System (DAS) ?

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Data Acquisition System (DAS)



•Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a interface between sensor and computer.

•The basic function of DAS is to convert Analogue signal coming from sensor to digital via A to D converter and fed to computer.

•DAS measures the quantity it may be physical or electrical like temperature, flow, level, pressure, voltage, current, sound etc.

•Sensor may be photo sensor, microphone, potentiometer, accelerometer, thermistor, strain gauge etc.

•In most cases after going through sensor signal may need to get amplified.

•Sensor converts the measuring quantity into unified form and then sampled by DAS.

•Sensor is connected to DAS hardware and DAS is connected to computer via Universal Serial Bus (USB).

•DAS hardware is microcontroller and combination of A to D, D to A converters and multiplexers, Random Access Memory (RAM) etc.

•For supporting DAS hardware there is a drivers software in computer.

•Computer process, measure and store the data.

•DAS applications are controlled by computer software made from C language or java.

•Computer analyze those phenomenon.

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