Franchise is a

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Answer :

A method in which a
voter exercises his right
to vote

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Description : Who is your favorite character in Fate franchise and why?

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Description : In the X-Men franchise, why is Mystique naked?

Last Answer : So she can shape change to anyone. If she were wearing clothes then she wouldn’t be able to look like anyone.

Description : In the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, who wins between the Phantom Ruby and the Master Emerald?

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Description : Why Super Mario Bros. is the most famous franchise of nintendo (not to mention of the entire world) and is the MASCOT of Nintendo?

Last Answer : And if they are Mario Brothers why is one called Mario and the other Luigi? Is Mario’s name Mario Mario?

Description : In the dragon ball franchise, why 筋斗雲 is sometimes translated as "golden fighting cloud" instead of "somersault cloud"?

Last Answer : answer:Because using the same word repeatedly gets boring? It’s a golden cloud from which Son Goku fights. It isn’t inaccurate.

Description : Does anyone know of a person who has purchased a dog waste scooping business franchise?

Last Answer : answer:I know there is a place in St. Louis Missouri that’s big enough that they have several highway billboards. I think the size of your town and the number of others offering the service would be key. You need high population density and low competition.

Description : I want to start a business or a franchise in ontario and I need an expert to tell me what could be the best option for me.

Last Answer : Go to whatever town or city you want to set up in, and visit their Chamber of Commerce they will set you up with the right people ,or at least tell you who to contact.

Description : Resources for franchise loans?

Last Answer : Welcome to Fluther, and good luck on your business endeavor! Have you checked with the corporation? They may have a list of companies that will assist in obtaining a loan.

Description : It's the international James Bond day - what are your fond memories and thoughts of this great franchise?

Last Answer : answer:Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in Dr. No. It was considered shocking in the spirit of the times.

Description : What does it take to open an NFL franchise?

Last Answer : answer:First you will need to be able to show you have the resources to finance a team. Yes, the New York Giants and the New York Jets both play out of the same stadium in New Jersey. Yes the ... . None of them has been successful since the AFL, which merged with the NFL to form the current league.

Description : What is the significance of a "franchise tag" on NFL players?

Last Answer : answer:A quick summary as I understand it - Each team can franchise one player per year (usually a free agent, I don't know why you would use it on anyone else) - that player can't leave ... - the team and player can still negotiate a new deal while someone is franchised The wiki has more.

Description : What's your opinion on WWE's decision to force the removal of inter-gender matches in the Smackdown Vs Raw franchise?

Last Answer : answer:People like to blame video games for a lot of things instead of just telling parents to monitor what their children are doing. I could easily see them getting more bad publicity over the game than what actually ... time ago because of how stupid it got to be and I don't let my son watch it.

Description : Who is the first ever Chinese owner of an NBA franchise?

Last Answer : answer:George Shinn From Wikipedia George Shinn is the current owner of the New Orleans Hornets. He purchased the team for $32,500,000 in 1987. In 1997, he lost his bid for a National ... to be called the Hampton Roads Rhinos. Read more:

Description : If you had to work at a cafe, would you rather work at a small local cafe or a franchise like Starbucks?

Last Answer : I would want to work at a small local cafe somewhere really big like NY or Boston because if the chains ever go down, I won’t be out of a job, and I like the small little places that not many people know about, except locals. I’ve always wanted to own a cafe.

Description : Why isn't there a Fast-Food franchise that sells exclusively healthy meals?

Last Answer : There is Crispers.

Description : Is opening up a franchise fast food restaurant a good idea?

Last Answer : well in a shopping plaza..yeah

Description : What fast food franchise would you choose to open and why?

Last Answer : If I had 1.5 million it would be a no brainer- McDonalds. Ever hear of one not making money?

Description : Does anyone own a franchise or interested in owning one?

Last Answer : I have a rather large franchise. The first and most important I can tell you is to have some experience in the business your going into. Don't buy a restaurant franchise, if you have ... their requirements, guidelines and rules. Build the business on paper before you invest real money. Good Luck.

Description : What is a good franchise that doesn't have tone requirement ?

Last Answer : Subway, Papa John's, and cellular franchises seem to do quite well in Southern California. If you're on the east coast, I would suggest Dunkin' Donuts.

Description : What movie/movie franchise deserves a reboot ?

Last Answer : Harry Potter as a series where each season is a book. It’d actually have enough screen time to explain what’s going on in the later, much longer books.

Description : What’s the most overrated fast food franchise ?

Last Answer : Chick Fil A. Rarely any new menu items, and closed on Sundays. I do think their food is good tho.

Description : What’s a franchise you adore but hate the fanbase?

Last Answer : Star Wars

Description : Fnaf fans of , What is the Future of the franchise gonna look like now?

Last Answer : IDK, I just got back into Five Nights at Freddy:s

Description : Which movie franchise was supposed to stop at 2?

Last Answer : Terminator

Description : How has the principle of Universal Adult Franchise helped in combating casteism ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) Under the universal adult franchise all the citizens of India who are at least 18 years of age are a voter to elect the representatives to the Parliament and the State Legislatures. ... also brought new consciousness among the people of castes that were hitherto treated as inferior and low.

Description : What movie franchise influenced the creation of the game “Doom?” -Gaming

Last Answer : The Doom concept was proposed in late 1992, after the release of Wolfenstein 3D and its sequel Spear of Destiny. John Carmack was working on an improved 3D game engine from those games, and the team wanted to have their next game take advantage of his designs.

Description : What game franchise did the creator pay to have negative press coverage to promote the game? -Gaming

Last Answer : Certain video games have gained an enduring negative reception, otherwise considered as "bad games", often related to issues such as having low-quality or outdated graphics, many glitches ... publish on app stores and frequent copycats of more successful games driven by unpopular microtransactions.

Description : What video game franchise has racked up over 1 Billion dollars in lawsuits? -Gaming

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Description : What popular dining franchise is the founder of Atari also responsible for? -Gaming

Last Answer : He established Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre chain. ... Nolan Bushnell Known for Co-founding Atari, Inc. Pong Creator & Founder of Chuck E. Cheese

Description : Blizzard Entertainment is most well known for what video game franchise? -Gaming

Last Answer : Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software, and the company is renowned for creating some of the industry's most critically acclaimed games, including World of Warcraft®, Overwatch®, Hearthstone®, StarCraft®, and Diablo®.

Description : A franchise fee is a continuous fee paid by the franchiser usually based on a percentage of the franchisee’s gross revenue. True or false?

Last Answer : paid a deposit to the franchisor

Description : Which Are Best Pharma Franchise Company in India?

Last Answer : Pharmaceuticals

Description : How can I setup a franchise for 1847 Spa?

Last Answer : Start a 1847 spa and help shape the bright future of male grooming. At 1847, we give you all the support you need to start your own hair salon and barber shop franchise. From 1847 location to operations, we’ve got you covered.

Description : How do I get a Jio Mart franchise?

Last Answer : where you can get a Jio Mart Franchises, We are a leading Business startup consultant in India. We are assisting People in starting a new business or taking a franchise of different Brands. It is tough to meet all the requirements and complete the paperwork.

Description : What does Adult Franchise Mean ?

Last Answer : Adult franchise is the voting rights of male and female adult voters irrespective of race , religion or caste.

Description : How can I setup a franchise for Strip Wax Bar Salon?

Last Answer : Strip Wax Bar offer waxing and hair removal franchise opportunities for high-energy entrepreneurs who want to help women and men nationwide discover a better way to wax. At StripWaxBar, we give you ... franchise. From Strip location to operations, we've got you covered

Description : How can I setup a franchise for N.Bar Salon?

Last Answer : Open an N.Bar franchise and raise the bar for manicures and pedicures in your city. At N.Bar, we give you all the support you need to start your own nail salon franchise. From N.Bar location to operations, we've got you covered

Description : How can I setup a franchise for 1847 Spa?

Last Answer : Start a 1847 spa and help shape the bright future of male grooming. At 1847, we give you all the support you need to start your own hair salon and barber shop franchise. From 1847 location to operations, we've got you covered

Description : How old is the la rams franchise?

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Description : Is Adidas a corporation or franchise?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : How can I buy a McDonald's franchise?

Last Answer : Mc Donald's offers information on how to buy a franchise on they have information available on all aspects of aquiring a franchise.

Description : Are Payless shoe stores a franchise?

Last Answer : Payless Shoe stores are a franchise and can be purchased from the parent company for between $15,000-$25,000. The corporate company will assist in finding a good location and marketing the new store. ... company's world headquarters: 3231 Southeast 6th Avenue Topeka, KS 66607 or Phone (785)233-5171

Description : Is there a Junk Removal franchise, where one can start up a Junk Removal business?

Last Answer : 1800GotJunk is the only national junk franchise I am aware of. They are available at that phone number or by the web at

Description : How much could I expect to earn from a vending machine franchise?

Last Answer : It would depend on the number of machines, their locations, what products are in the vending machiones. The person selling it to you should have some idea. There is a chart here:

Description : What were some of the best gadgets from the James Bond movie franchise?

Last Answer : There are many defining aspects of the James Bond film series, from the music, to the witty dialogue, to the incredible gadgets. Ranging from iconic to absurd, here’s some of the more memorable ... we’re sure to have missed a few. What are your favorite gadgets from the James Bond series?

Description : How can I become a franchise partner of Subway?

Last Answer : If you are looking to own your own franchise of a subway. You must fill in the required information at this website. Refer to this link

Description : Where can I find out about Fitness franchise opportunities?

Last Answer : First of all, visit Wikipedia or wikihow to get a background information about what is franchise. Then look for the nearest gym and call to ask for these information's.

Description : Where can I purchase a franchise for a reasonable price?

Last Answer : If you are looking for a franchise I suggest you start here They have details and help you get your franchise up and going. They will help you get a start so good luck.

Description : Where can I buy a new franchise?

Last Answer : Find the franchise you would like to buy, then contact the company for further information. Do your research before starting your franchise. Aim for a company with low start-up costs and high earnings.

Description : Buying a Franchise?

Last Answer : form_title= Buying a Franchise form_header= Become a business owner when you buy a franchise. What type of franchise do you want to buy?*= _ [50] Have you ever owned a franchise before?*= () Yes () No Will you have a business partner?*= () Yes () No