What are the advantages of using Linux?

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Answer :

Advantages of Linux are as follows :

Linux is open source and free.

Linux Is multiuser and multitasking operating system.

Linux is the stable operating system.

Linux is reliable.

Linux can be modify according to requirements.

Linux is the secure operating system.

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Last Answer : answer:ubuntu is really easy and comes with a lot preconfigured. It’s like an “out of the box” distro. Good to start out. Still, don’t expect it to “just work” heheheh, though you may be lucky – they’ve come a long way in the past few years WRT to user-friendliness. Can’t comment on openSUSE.

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Last Answer : Your keyboard layout probably isn’t configured correctly, try going to the keyboard settings and selecting a layout that fits your keyboard. Also, you’re not just using “Linux”, but a certain Linux distribution, e.g. Ubuntu. It would be handy to know the name of this distribution.

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Last Answer : Ubuntu. It has great hardware support, it is easy to install, and lots of people can help if you have a problem.

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Last Answer : I’d say it all depends on your experience with Linux. If you’re more experienced, go with something like Crunchbang. If you’re not, try xubuntu. That would be fast on an older machine.

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Last Answer : I would say yes, if only because it has excellent documentation whereas everything I can find on Xandros only appears to tell you to use the command line. Most people seem to like Ubuntu best. Also, they have a special netbook version (be sure to check whether your system is supported).

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Last Answer : What do you use your computer for?

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Last Answer : Linux is an open source operating system. If you’re new to linux I recommend you to use Ubuntu it’s a free linux operating system. For further info go to ubuntu.com

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Last Answer : There are some guys I work with who use fluxbox and who use xmonad and they seem to prefer them.

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Last Answer : What features of Network Magic are you using? (I’d never heard of it). I can’t see any mention of Linux on the NM website. I’d try it without Network Magic and see if that works.

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Last Answer : If you have to ask, you might want to avoid Linux.

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Last Answer : answer:You have to check which partition the firmware is on (look at /proc/partitions for info, and do a little detective work). Then it is just dd if=/dev/sdXXX of=my_firmware.bak with /dev/sdXXX the location of the device’s firmware. Good luck.

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Last Answer : answer:man you've got it made. that machine sounds perfect for linux . especially with the usb wireless adapter (you don't have to worry about getting drivers for a pci adapter . . ndiswrapper, ... other people around here can help you out tons more. but goodluck and have fun with that thing evan

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Last Answer : well, somethings, whats distro are you running? how big is your HDD, speed, Sata or IDE? And when does it bottleneck? during a certain app, or the general system its self?

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Last Answer : What gen is your nano?

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Last Answer : answer:It doesn’t sound too difficult. Also, I believe it is legal, but IANAL (I love that acronym ;-). Then again, they’d really have to be lamers if they’d sue you for running a game you have also bought…

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Last Answer : Why would you want to? Would you be using it as a (very small) ext. HD?

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Last Answer : answer:I use Ubuntu to and I do have it styled a little, I'll give you a up-to-date screen shot in a moment, I've been messing with Linux for a year or two now but I've only just got ... end up spending more time sorting it then working on it, unlike Windows which is just set default and that's it!

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Last Answer : „init, PID 1. /etc/inittab. It contains info about runlevels, the default run-level, specific traps (crtl+alt+del) and some daemons that need to be started by init and monitored if respawn is specified (a good example are the physical consoles available on the server tty1, tty2)‟

Description : What is mean by the term “load average” within a Linux context, and how is it assessed on a Linux system?

Last Answer : Load average refers to the average number of processes in the run queue, i.e. processes that are either running on the CPU, waiting for the CPU, or in an uninterruptible sleep state waiting on I/ ... among the most widely used. It can also be assessed by reading the contents of /proc/loadavg.

Description : How to shrinking root FS in linux?

Last Answer : While online enlarging is no problem, you have to umount for shrinking! We assume lv_root have 10g, now going to shrink with 1g so after shrinking root FS should be 9g. At first take backup (NEVER SHRINK ... 9G" . Then reduce the size of the logical volume "lvreduce -L -1G /dev/rootvg/lv_root"