What are the different sources of renewable energy?

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Description : What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources?

Last Answer : Renewable energy sources are non-perishable, and Non-renewable energy sources are perishable sources. Non-Renewable energy sources are like  coal, oil,nuclear fuel etc. Renewable energy sources are :- wind, solar, tidal, Geo thermal etc.

Description : Compare conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources on any four points. 

Last Answer : Points Conventional Energy Sources Renewable Energy Sources Availability Limited Unlimited Cost of Fuel High depending on fuel.  Negligible Amount of Power generated On large scale due ... should be selected at source For example HPP, TPP, NPP SPP and WPP

Description : What is renewable source of energy? State two examples for the same.

Last Answer : Renewable (Primary) Energy sources: It is defined as the sources that can be used again and again for the generation of electrical energy are called renewable.  Following are the some list ... ) and carbon dioxide  6. Geothermal Energy  Geothermal Electricity Production  7. Fuel Cells

Description : List any four sources of energy. 

Last Answer : List of sources of energy:-  1. Hydro energy (P.E. of water)  2. Nuclear energy (Heat is produced by fission processes of U235)  3. Fossil fuels:  i) Thermal energy (by combustion of coal) ... -65 % in volume) and carbon dioxide  7. Fuel Cells (hydrogen)  b) Name any two thermal power

Description : Where should I post for a very cool internship in renewable energy?

Last Answer : Is it for college students? If so,I've had the best luck recruiting interns from the career office of nearby universities. Or, emailing a professor in that field and seeing if s/he has students ... how I've gotten my best interns circulate an email asking if anyone knows someone who fits the bill

Description : Nodal Analysis with Voltage Sources dependent voltage source and two supernode

Last Answer : Nodal Analysis with Voltage Sources dependent voltage source and two supernode

Description : Nodal Analysis with Voltage Sources

Last Answer : Nodal Analysis with Voltage Sources

Description : A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled then the voltage across each resistor will

Last Answer : A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled then the voltage across each resistor will not change

Description : Energy sources which are inexhaustible are known as a) commercial energy b) primary energy c) renewable energy d) secondary energy

Last Answer : c) renewable energy

Description : What is the definition of wind energy?

Last Answer : Motion of atmosphere of earth is called wind and its kinetic energy is called wind energy

Description : Which countries are using wave energy?

Last Answer : The following countries are using wave energy :GreecePortugalUnited StatesUnited KingdomSpainIsraelSweden

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy?

Last Answer : AdvantagesFree from pollutionAvailable for every timeThe water can reuse as drinking purposeDisadvantageMore costLarge maintenanceDifficult to constructAquatic life get affected

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Last Answer : Free of costRenewable energyInextable solar energyLow energy densityHigh capital costMaintenance cost highDepends on weatherNeed to direction tracking

Description : What are the disadvantages of using solar energy?

Last Answer : High installation costEnergy density is depend on weatherSo it is low Not suitable in all areasMaintenance cost high

Description : Why is it better to use plant and animal based products in place of petroluem and plastics?

Last Answer : This is my midterm essay question which I have researched on my own. But I am at a loss.

Description : I need help stiffening and smoothing out my hat...HELP?

Last Answer : have you tried blocking it? if you treat it with steam, while it is over a mold shaped the way you want it to be (a ball?), and smooth it with your hands, That should help. If you don't have a steamer ... , Try your luck with hot water and a little soap. Good luck! I'd love to hear how it turns out.

Description : What are your thoughts on the Bloom Box? Can it change the world?

Last Answer : Its a great idea. I’d like to know what the initial outlay is, and if it is viable for a home power bill, but anything capable of running on household waste can’t be a bad thing!

Description : Did the Federal wind and solar tax credit expire?

Last Answer : out of curiosity, what was the credit? sorry for asking a question to your question

Description : What are some disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant?

Last Answer : The disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant are as follows :The hydroelectric power plant can be developed only where the large quantity of water is available. The hydroelectric ... civil engineering costs may be high.These are some disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant.

Description : List the different level measurement methods. 

Last Answer : Liquid Level Measurement Direct method 1. Hook type 2. Sight glass gype 3. Float type 4. Dip stick Indirect method 1. Hydraustatic pressure type 2. Electrical type a) Capacitance level indicator b) Radiation level detector c) Ultrasonic level gauge 3. Radar type

Description : State different types of holders used in wiring installation.

Last Answer : Following types of holders used in wiring installation: 1. Pendent Holder 2. Batten Holder 3. Angle holder 4. Screwed holder 

Description : List different starting methods of three phase synchronous motor. Explain any one of them.

Last Answer : Different Starting Methods of Three Phase Synchronous Motor: As synchronous motor is not self starting, different methods of starting are as follows: 1) By using an Induction (Pony) motor 2) ... . The rotor gets pulled into synchronism and starts running at constant speed as a synchronous motor. 

Description : List different torques in synchronous motor. 

Last Answer : Different Torques in Synchronous Motor: 1) Starting torque 2) Running torque 3) Pull-in torque 4) Pull-out torque

Description : List the different types of tariff.

Last Answer : Various types of Tariff:-  1) Flat-demand Tariff  2) Simple-demand Tariff or Uniform Tariff  3) Flat-rate Tariff  4) Step-rate Tariff  5) Block-rate Tariff  6) Two-part Tariff  7) Maximum demand Tariff ... c) KW and KVAR Tariff 10) TOD (Time of Day) Tariff 11) TOU ( Time of Usage) Tariff

Description : State the different types of outdoor flood lighting and where are they used.

Last Answer : There are three types of projectors used for flood lighting :  a) Narrow beam Projector b) Medium angle Projector c) Wide angle Projector a) Narrow beam Projectors: - Light beam with such ... yards, stadiums, car parking area etc. 3) It is used for illuminating advertisements, boarding's etc.

Description : State the purpose of lighting control. List the different types of dimmer.

Last Answer : Purpose of Lighting Control:- 1. To turn ON or OFF the lamps 2. For dimming: The dimming control permits the adjustment of lighting over a range. 3. For changing the lighting levels ... operated dimmer 6) Triac operated Dimmer 7) PWM (Pulse width modulation) Controlled technique.

Description : State different types of electrical signal and draw all types of waveforms.

Last Answer : Types of electrical signals 1) Sine wave 2) Triangular wave 3) Square wave Waveforms

Description : Give different types of IC.

Last Answer : 1. Analog IC 2. Digital IC 3. Thin and thick film ICs 4. Monolithic ICs 5. Hybrid or multichip ICs

Description : List different types of stepper motor. State one application of stepper motor.

Last Answer : Types of stepper motor : (i)Variable - reluctance motor (ii) Permanent- magnet motors (iii) Hybrid motors. Applications of stepper motor : In robotics, In CNC machines, In computers, printers, ... In Watches, In biomedical applications such as X-ray machines, CT scan, In Process control systems. 

Description : different types of errors occurs in measurement.

Last Answer : Generally errors are classified into three types: systematic errors, random errors and blunders. 1) Gross Errors 2) Random Errors 3) Systematic Errors Instrumental Errors Environmental ... to wrong observations or reading in the instruments particularly in case of energy meter reading. 

Description : State the different methods of Power Generation adopted in India. 

Last Answer : 1. Hydro energy or hydro Electric power plant  2. Nuclear energy or nuclear Power Plant  3. Fossil fuels: i) Thermal energy (by combustion of coal) or Thermal Power Plant ii) Natural gas ... from any organic waste materials. It contains mixture of methane(50-65 % in volume) and carbon dioxide

Description : What are the factors to be considered while selection of motors for different drives?

Last Answer : Following Factors are considered while selecting electric drive (Motor) for particular application:  Factors to be considered for selection of Electrical Drives:  1) Nature of Supply:- Whether supply ... , load equalization 7) Cost: - Capital, Running and maintenance cost should be less.  

Description : List the four different units of pressure.

Last Answer : Different units of pressure. 1) Measured in pascal(Pa). 2) Measured in pounds per square inch(psi) 3) Measured in kilogram per square of centimeter (Kg/cm2 ). 4) Measured in newton per square meter (N/m2 ). 5) Measured in terms of liquid columns. mmHg or mmWc

Description : How are nuclear reactors controlled? Explain two different methods in brief.

Last Answer : Nuclear reactor is controlled using control rods: Control rods are made up of very high neutron absorbing material like boron, cadmium. By adjusting height of control rods on reactor core ... of nuclear reaction will increase. Whereas by pushing control rod towards the core it will reduce.

Description : Name the different torque and their function in measuring instrument.

Last Answer : List of torques in analog instruments:  1. Deflecting torque  2. Controlling / restraining torque.  3. Damping torque.  1. Deflecting torque:  - To create deflection of pointer ... .  - Bring the pointer to standstill quickly.  - To minimize oscillations about final position. 

Description : List the different types of frequency meters.

Last Answer : Different types of frequency meters  1. Reed type [Mechanical type] 2. Ferro-dynamic type [Resonances type] 3. Weston type 4. Ratio-meter type 5. Saturable core type 6. Digital type

Description : List the different methods to produce damping torque.

Last Answer : Methods of providing damping torque in indicating type instruments: 1) Air friction damping. 2) Fluid friction damping. 3) Eddy current damping.

Description : List the different errors in wattmeter & explain compensation for it.

Last Answer : Errors in Wattmeter Compensation method Error due to connection method To overcome this error, wattmeters are provided with additional compensating winding which is connected in series with ... due to friction The weight of moving system be reduced to minimum possible.

Description : List different types of FET.

Last Answer : Types of FETs:  1. Junction FET (JFET) i. N-Channel JFET ii. P-Channel JFET  2. MOSFET i. E-MOSFET ii. D-MOSFET 

Last Answer : If two sinusoids of the same frequency but of different amplitudes and phase angles are subtracted, the resultant is a sinusoid of the same frequency.

Description : Describe different RT level computational and sequential components used to design single function processors.

Last Answer : RT-level combinational components:- To reduce the complexity in digital logic, combinational components are used, which are more powerful than logic gates.  Such combinational ... during a clock edge. An asynchronous inputs value effects the circuit independent of the clock.

Description : What are the different types of capacitors?

Last Answer : (b) is facilitated by telomerase

Description : What's the difference between spontaneity and impulsion?

Last Answer : Spontaneity allows for freedom to do as one chooses at the drop of a hat. It could be a considered choice, or not. I think of impulsiveness (which I think is the form of the word you’re talking about) as doing what one chooses without considering the consequenses.

Description : Think back a couple of years, when corn was being touted as a "renewable energy source" and its plentiful supply would solve our energy problems forever. What happened?

Last Answer : answer:Biofuels are a good idea in rich countries with surplus production of food. Biofuels are a bad idea in poor countries where people struggle to be able to pay for their food. Using ... farm. And there's also geothermal. Plus energy efficiency. Better windows. Better insulation of buildings.

Description : What is the smartest choice: Nuclear or Renewable Energy?

Last Answer : answer:These two TED talks will shed some light onto the nuances of the realities we face: 1. Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy? 2. Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

Description : What are the limits to renewable energy?

Last Answer : It may be unlimited, if we, could establish fusion, if hydrogen batteries could be made economically, if we could harness the power of the sea. No one knows yet, because we have been in love with fossil fuels for a long time now.

Description : Possible renewable energy plan?

Last Answer : Why not start off with building codes for new construction. Why not require appropriate passive heating and cooling systems as part of building permits. We already set certain standards like ceiling height ... added to existing buildings and will lower energy usage over the entire life of the house.

Description : Is gravity a renewable resource?

Last Answer : Renewable? What “exhausts” or diminishes it? If a falling stream drives a water wheel, the water might dry up, but you will wait a long time for the day when a single drop fails to fall or even falls more slowly.

Description : Classify energy sources with two examples each.

Last Answer : Types of energy Source  Primary energy source is an energy form found in nature that has not been subjected to any conversion or transformation process. The primary energy sources are derived from: the sun, ... energy sources: These sources can renew again and again. e.g Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro

Description : Describe the following energy conservation methods of lighting system. i) By replacing lamp sources ii) Using light control gears.

Last Answer : Energy conservation methods of lighting system:  i) By replacing lamp sources:  Installation of energy efficient fluorescent lamps in place of Conventional fluorescent lamps. Installation of ... (HF) electronic ballasts in place of conventional ballasts which saves energy up to 35%.