What is the meaning of the word hydroelectric power?

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Answer :

Hydro means water, hydroelectric mean electricity generated from water.

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Description : What are the advantages of hydroelectric power?

Last Answer : It is free from pollution It requires less labour to supervision Here water can use again and again

Description : What are some disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant?

Last Answer : The disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant are as follows :The hydroelectric power plant can be developed only where the large quantity of water is available. The hydroelectric ... civil engineering costs may be high.These are some disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant.

Description : What are the criteria for selection of site for hydroelectric power plant?

Last Answer : Following Factors to be kept while site selecting for Hydro power plant:  1. It should be located where high rain fall occurs. 2. A large catchments area must be available to store water. 3. It ... 12. Cost of land should be less. 13. Skilled and unskilled man power should be available nearby.

Description : State the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant.

Last Answer : Advantages of Hydroelectric power plant:-  1. There is no air pollution and other environmental problems. 2. The fuel (water) is available freely. 3. No fuel transportation cost so; there is ... , this can force the relocation of large numbers of riverside cities, towns, villages & people.

Description : State the purpose of surge tank and spill way in hydroelectric power station.

Last Answer : Surge tank :- A surge tank is the small reservoir or tank. It is open at the top. It is installed near Vale house of turbine. It avoids water hammer effect when load on turbine reduces. (It ... ; during floods etc. In this way spill way avoids damage of dam due to excess pressure of water.

Description : In hydroelectric power plants  (1) both operating and initial cost are high (2) both operating and initial cost are low (3) operating cost is low and initial cost is high (4) operating cost is high and initial cost is low

Last Answer : In hydroelectric power plants operating cost is low and initial cost is high

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of tidal power?

Last Answer : Free of costPollution freeLong life Less maintenance

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