What is the use of lightning arrester?

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Answer :

The lighting arrester is used to discharge the high voltage surge towards the earth by the lighting strike

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Description : what is lightning arrester?

Last Answer : Light arrester is a protecting device which is used at substation for protecting the devices in the substation from lighting phenomenon.      

Description : A thyrite type lightening arrester :

Last Answer : A thyrite type lightning arrester : offers low resistance path to surge currents

Description : A lightening arrester connected between the line and earth in a power system  (1) protects the terminal equipment against travelling surges (2) protects the transmission line against direct ... suppresses high frequency oscillations in the line (4) reflects back the travelling wave approaching it

Last Answer : A lightening arrester connected between the line and earth in a power system protects the terminal equipment against travelling surges

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Last Answer : Well they’re powerful enough to produce gamma rays and antimatter; on a scale of powerful terrestrial effects, that’s pretty potent in my book.

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Last Answer : answer:Very close. My house got hit and that was insane to hear and feel that. Trees on my property have been blasted but the absolute craziest was a tree that got whacked 20 feet from my tent! I ... of my house 30 feet from my front porch. Watching it frame by frame is simply stunning to see.

Description : Lightning storm outside - does turning my computer off actually lessen the chance of getting struck?

Last Answer : Preventing damage to you computer. Most likely the lighting would hit a transformer on a pole outside first. This can still fry the electronics in your house. I lost a very nice TV when lighting hit a ... . Unplug it to be safe but having it plugged in doesn't increase the odds of getting hit.

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Last Answer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XwFF5idD_0

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Last Answer : About 24 thousand people are killed by lightning strikes each year, and about 240 thousand more are injured. A lightning bolt is 54 thousand degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than the surface of the ... and will create lightning fossils. The odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 12 thousand.

Description : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges _______ is used.  (1) lightning arrester (2) capacitor (3) combination of lightning arrester and capacitor (4) lightning conductor and arrester

Last Answer : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges combination of lightning arrester and capacitor is used. 

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Description : What is meant by impulse ratio of any lightning arrester?

Last Answer : Impulse ratio of any lightning arrester is the ratio of breakdown voltage of the wave of special duration to breakdown voltage of a 50Hz wave

Description : What is meant by Lightning arrester or surge diverter?

Last Answer : A Surge Diverter is a device that is connected between line and earth, i.e, in parallel with the equipment under protection at the substation. It limits the duration and amplitude of the follow current

Description : What is the difference between the lightning arrester and surge absorber?

Last Answer : Lightning arrester limits the duration and amplitude of the follow current while a surge absorber reduces the steepness of the wave front for a particular surge

Description : Explain Horn-gap lightning arrester with neat sketch diagram.

Last Answer : Horn Gap Type Lightning Arrester: It consists of two horn shaped metal rods A and B separated by a small air gap. The horns are so connected that distance between them gradually increases towards the ... being hot, moves up naturally along the horns. So it is elongated and naturally quenched.

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