What is the screw rule?

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Answer :

Screw rule is same as right hand thumb rule 

The progress of  tip of screw indicates direction of current and the direction of applied circulaar motion to fit it is shows direction of manetic field

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Last Answer : The British physicist James Clark Maxwell in 183 discovered the formula for determining the direction of a magnetic force line with the help of a cork-screw. Turning the cork-screw in the right hand ... will point the direction of the magnetic force line in the direction in which the thumb rotates.

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Last Answer : State right handed screw rule.

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Description : State ‘Cork screw rule’ and ‘Right hand thumb rule’.  

Last Answer : Cork screw rule Direction of magnetic lines of force around a straight current carrying conductor can be determined by these rules. Cork screw rule' says that, the direction of magnetic ... or encircling fingers must be in the direction of magnetic lines of force around the conductor. 

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