What happens when a population is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium?

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Answer :

Allele frequency is stable

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Description : What happens when a population is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium?

Last Answer : Allele frequency is stable

Description : A population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for a gene with only two alleles. If the gene frequency of an allel A is 0.7, the genotype frequency of

Last Answer : A population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for a gene with only two alleles. If the gene frequency of an allel A is ... .21 B. 0.42 C. 0.36 D. 0.7

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Last Answer : Mutations cannot occur - APEX

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Last Answer : According to Hardy-Weinberg principle, allele and genotype frequencies in a population will remain constant from ... iv and v D. i, ii and iii

Description : In order to see the Hardy Weinberg equation to calculate genetic variation in a population conditions must exist in the population?

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Last Answer : Assertion : Hardy-Weinberg principle states that in the absence of disturbing influences, gene ... both the assertion and reason are false.

Description : In Hardy-Weinberg equation, the frequency of heterozygous individual is represented by

Last Answer : In Hardy-Weinberg equation, the frequency of heterozygous individual is represented by A. pq B. `q^(2)` C. `p^(2)` D. 2pq

Description : "Two different species cannot occupy the same nich for long" is a statement of the: a) Hardy-Weinberg Law b) Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection c) Competitive Exclusion Principle d) Einstein's Theory of Relativity


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Last Answer : No allele can give an advantage

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