Why is my goldfish laying on the bottom of the tank?

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If you don't have a pair of fish actively and obviously chasing around like mad spawning, whatever it is you are seeing, I can almost certainly guarantee that they won't be eggs.

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Description : Why is my goldfish laying on the bottom of the tank?

Last Answer : If you don't have a pair of fish actively and obviously chasing around like mad spawning, whatever it is you are seeing, I can almost certainly guarantee that they won't be eggs.

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Last Answer : I’m just curious why you want to go with a UV sterilizer on a 30 gallon tank. Is it exposed to a lot of sunlight?

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Last Answer : I'm sorry about your goldfish. It doesn't sound good. But 13 years is a long time for a goldfish.. You must have taken very good care of it. However, I think your parents are right. Sorry again. ( ... fish. However, it is used while the fish is still swimming around and you can see it on its body.)

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Last Answer : What are your nitrate and ammonia readings? You also said they were new, how did you acclimate them?

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Last Answer : He could just be ill. Just take care of him as you usually do. Get the water tested see if anything could be causing the illness. I’ve seen it happen to fish before they’ll just snap out of it an get back to normal.

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Last Answer : Place the fish carefully in another container with half of the old water and the other half fresh water. Unplug any electrical equipment. Drain the tank. Separate 2 cups of dirty gravel and put aside. Place ... tank mixing the 2 cups of reserved gravel with the clean so as not to shock the fish.

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Last Answer : Check out this link for your queries.

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Last Answer : No. There isn’t conscious ‘helping’ going on. It’s more likely that there’s some more primitive, food based thing going on.

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Last Answer : Yeah, you just changed the tap water once in a while and they lived forever. We had one from a festival that lived for years until he committed suicide by flinging himself out of the bowl,

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Last Answer : answer:I have aquatic frogs and I feed them dried worms. I forgot the kind of worms they are - I will google it. These frogs are about 4 inches from head to toe. I put a pinch of the ... little sticks around ½ long. Those turtles are a bit bigger. When they were smaller, the sticks were smaller.

Description : Life or death for my baby pet goldfish?

Last Answer : Though I've read that their are great aquarists on here it would be prudent, if you don't receive advice soon to call a vet that cares for fish! From what little I've read and remember Kimpy could ... best & tell him to dig down inside himself and really fight to recover and live a good, full life!

Description : Best substrate for Fancy Goldfish?

Last Answer : answer:Large round smooth stones or fine sand. Gold fish are going to eat small size gravel if food falls to the substrate so you either want it too big for them to eat it or too small for ... up the goldfish when he lays on the bottom. your friend should totally train their goldfish to play soccer

Description : What type of fish goes well with goldfish?

Last Answer : answer:Well anything can live with them so long as it isn't aggressive. Goldfish are dirtier than most fish (more ammonia than normal) though, so I wouldn't get anything too fancy or difficult ... but they're very hardy and would survive happily in a tank 10+ degrees above their preferred setting.

Description : I need goldfish help!

Last Answer : How do you know it was swim bladder disease? Raised scales and a swollen body are common symptoms of dropsy, which unfortunately can be very difficult to treat.

Description : What can I do to help my goldfish?

Last Answer : Is your tank large enough? I had goldfish as a child and several of them died. We learned that the container was too small, leaving them with insufficient oxygen.

Description : Why are my goldfish dying in pond?

Last Answer : Well where do you buy these goldfish?

Description : Why is my fantail goldfish always floating upside down?

Last Answer : I’m too late to edit, but I forgot to ask if it could be swim bladder related.. and still be over such a long span of time? He has always done this, which is why I’m tempted to ask at all.

Description : How to achieve thriving plants in a goldfish aquarium?

Last Answer : answer:First and foremost a goldfish tank will be a goldfish tank before anything else, Goldfish are notorious rooters and grazers. If you don't mind not having the perfect aquascaped planted freshwater ... getting rid of the Goldfish and cold water minnows and moving to a more tropical fish(es)?

Description : What fish go good with goldfish (besides more goldfish)?

Last Answer : answer:Goldfish Compatible Fish Putting other coldwater fish in with goldfish is not just a matter of going to the petshop, buying anything that can survive in coldwater and putting it in with ... are snails. The most attractive one (subjective of course) is probably the golden apple snail.

Description : If you flush a dead goldfish down the toilet, describe it's journey and where does it end up?.

Last Answer : We make sure fish are good and dead before we flush them. A fish flushed at our house has a short journey through the pipes before ending up in the septic tank. I don’t know how long a live fish would survive being flushed, but I would imagine it would not last long at all in the septic tank. Yuck!

Description : What is ph level for goldfish?

Last Answer : answer:Goldfish need about a 7.2 - 7.6 range. If the PH is lower, it could be due to excess waste in the water. This raises the Ammonia level, which is not a good thing. If the fish is ... is hard, or soft. Hardness is the amount of dissolved minerals in the water, and it varies in different areas.

Description : Am I being inhumane towards my goldfish?

Last Answer : Get him a friend or two? Play suitable and soothing music. Such as this by the muppets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN2WJCqZt9M&feature=related

Description : Any advice or credible websites on raising goldfish?

Last Answer : It's called a Black Moor. I'm a little confused by your phrasing: are you looking for information on breeding goldfish or for information on goldfish husbandry? http://www.firsttankguide.net ... the impression that ponds/larger tanks are required for breeding. What exactly happened with the bettas?

Description : I'm scared that my goldfish won't make it through the night, what can I do?

Last Answer : How long have you had them?

Description : What besides flakes can I safely feed my goldfish?

Last Answer : I think that it's fine...you can feed fish food such as frozen peas, lettuce, corn, they love live plants from the pet store or freezed dried shrimp.

Description : what's the coolest water temperature a goldfish can thrive in?

Last Answer : According to this article, “it’s best to maintain them at 68 to 76° F. Because of their metabolic demands, the cooler water is best for their survival.”

Description : Did you cry when your goldfish died when you were little?

Last Answer : answer:No. We had fish as pets to teach me about death. It was a good tool for that. They don't do that much more than die. As I got older, I got better at keeping them alive, and cared more for them. ... and made movies about Deep Sea Man ... (I was a goof) I did, however, cry when my frogs died.

Description : content:

Last Answer : While your goldfish or most fish will eat bread or breadcrumbs, they do not provide the nutrients that fish need to thrive and survive. Best to forget the breadcrumbs and purchase a balanced goldfish food that contains vitamins and minerals suited to your fish.

Description : how to take care of a goldfish in a tank

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Description : I have a bowl of goldfish that I keep on my desk. They don't react when the phone rings. I was wondering if they can hear.

Last Answer : Goldfish don't have external ears. Their ear bones are located inside the head. They hear vibrations and pressure changes.

Description : My son won some Goldfish at the fair. We bought all the things that we need to take care of them. How long should they live?

Last Answer : It depends on the health and care of the goldfish. They can live into the teens and twenties if given proper care.

Description : My orange gold fish looks dirty...How can I clean it, or do fish clean clean themselves?

Last Answer : DON'T CLEAN IT!!!!!!! It will kill it! I don't know how they clean themselves but they do. But whatever you do don't clean it.

Description : It's hard for me to get to the pet store. I'd like to be able to make my own fish food. Is that a good idea? How can I make it? Do you have any recipes?

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Description : We have a pond near our house that has goldfish. I have an aquarium with goldfish at my house. Can I take some of the goldfish from the pond and add them to my aquarium?

Last Answer : No, don't. They can probably live with your goldfish, but it would be harsh and mean for them. They have a large 'aquarium' and will survive better outdoors. Not that you won't take care of them, just that they would have a better life in the wild. :)

Description : I have a new tank with goldfish. Do I need to heat the tank? What's the correct temperature?

Last Answer : The ideal water temperature for goldfish is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is a bit cooler in winter, most goldfish will tolerate the small change. Depending on the species of goldfish, those in outdoor ponds can survive icy conditions, but only for a brief period.

Description : If you have a pet cat and a goldfish in a fishbowl- without a covering- is it a certainty that the cat will attemp to eat/play with/remove the goldfish?

Last Answer : It all boils down to Instict and curiosity. No matter whether it's a domesticated cat or a wild cat- that goldfish is in danger. . Cats are curious by nature, so even if they dont intend to eat that goldfish. ... a gift. To be on the safe side, get a strong cover for your tank or net for your pond.

Description : A detective in training is called to a room on his first day in, once there his instructor greets him and tells him he has a deck of fish cards. Alongside the instructor are two men who hold three ... a catfish. The second man stated he held two goldfish and a lion. Who is the murderer? -Riddles

Last Answer : A common first answer is the second man, whereas a shrimp is not considered a fish in this case either... You can look over this again if you'd like now. The The instructor There was only ... to the prompt. Meaning the only way the statement could be true is if the instructor was the murderer.