why ACcurrent is smaller than DC current

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Answer :

AC current is not always smaller than DC.

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Last Answer : dc

Description : In practice, a current source inverter consists of an AC/ DC converter with a large inductance ‘L’ in the output. This inductance maintains a ……… …………through the switching devices over short interval of time. A) constant current B) constant voltage C) constant power D) none of the (A), (B), (C)

Last Answer : In practice, a current source inverter consists of an AC/ DC converter with a large inductance ‘L’ in the output. This inductance maintains a constant current through the switching devices over short interval of time. 

Description : Do cell phones use AC or DC current?

Last Answer : DC of course.

Description : Is current from a battery AC or DC?

Last Answer : The current from the battery is DC

Description : what is the difference between AC and DC current ?

Last Answer : AC is generated using Alternator. DC is generated using DC generator. AC changes its direction periodically. DC do not change its direction periodically. AC have non zero frequency. DC have zero ... Power factor of AC is between 0 and 1. But power factor of DC is always 1.

Description : Why is AC considered more efficient than DC?

Last Answer : Ac is more efficient than dc because it is easy to maintain and change the voltage of ac for transmission and distribution purpose. Plant cost of ac transmission is much lower compared to dc transmission. When fault occurs it is easy to interrupt ac supply.

Description : Why is AC better for long distance power transmission than DC ?

Last Answer : ac is more economical to transmit for long distances . wires can be made smaller by step up transformer .. since major cost are wires to transmit .. then at the end of distance step down transformer is used for commercial use.

Description : I want to know what type of current does lightning consist of an ac, or dc?

Last Answer : I thought ac meant alternating current, and dc meant direct current.

Description : Universal motors will operate on AC or DC current, and are generally found in _____________. A. portable tools B. large pump motors C. turbo electric main motors D. forced draft fans

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : A DC generator is used to supply direct current in order to maintain an AC generator field and is known as a/an _____________. A. rotor B. stator C. exciter D. armature

Last Answer : Answer: C

Description : A transformer in an electric circuit serves to ____________. A. generate its own electrical power B. transform electrical energy into mechanical energy C. increase or decrease circuit voltage as required D. convert AC current to DC current

Last Answer : Answer: C

Description : The electrical supply applied to the anodes shown in the illustration is _____________. EL-0090 A. low voltage, high current DC B. low voltage, high current AC C. high voltage, low current DC D. high voltage, low current AC

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : What type of current would flow through the load in figure 'B' shown in the illustration? EL-0091 A. AC only B. DC only C. AC or DC depending on control winding polarity D. AC or DC depending on instantaneous polarity of the source

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : The purpose of the bias winding in figure 'B' shown in the illustration is for ____________. EL-0091 A. changing the direction of current in the control winding B. setting the operating point of the ... use of either AC or DC in the load circuit D. changing the direction of current through the load

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a solid state device used to change ________________. A. DC to AC and control relatively low load current B. AC to DC and control relatively high load ... to AC and control relatively high load current D. AC to DC and control relatively low load current

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : The purpose of DC generator brushes is to _____________. A. neutralize armature reaction B. conduct electric current to an outside circuit C. convert DC current to AC current D. provide excitation to a DC generator

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : When troubleshooting electronic equipment, you should use a high impedance multimeter ________________. A. to prevent excess current flow through the meter that would damage it B. for AC measurements only ... being tested D. so as not to load down the circuit and obtain erroneous voltage readings

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : The output from a full wave rectifier is (a) A pulsating uni-directional current (b) A DC voltage (c) Zero (d) An AC voltage

Last Answer : a) A pulsating uni-directional current

Description : In a simple dc circuit, voltage equals resistance multiplied by current. This is also considered true in an AC circuit if the what values of the current and voltage are used.


Description : A transformer works with (1) alternating current only (2) direct current only (3) both AC and DC (4) any signal

Last Answer : alternating current only

Description : Why are DC motors used in trains and not AC motors ?

Last Answer : The reason is torque. torque is inversely proportional to speed..i.e when th knowe train comes to rest position to motion.. initial speed is zero..so it requires high starting torque for ... current will flow through field and armature coils then maximum torque is available at the intial condition.