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It is an operating point of transistor.which gives the information of transistor In which region is working
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Last Answer : Q pointit is nothing but operating point of transistor which can gives the information about the transistor working in active cutoff or saturation region to the Faithful amplification we have to ... of proper collector emitter voltage during the passage of signal is known as transistor biasing

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Last Answer : The operating point of devices is known as Q point (quiescent point) Q point are the values of voltages and currents of a circuit when no signal is present.

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Last Answer : it is the kircjohoffs Voltage law it can be defined as stated that the summation of applied voltage in loop which follows Ohm's law is equal to the voltage drop in the circuit

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Last Answer : as we knowthat capacitor only allow AC current Rs components grounded that components which are coming in the DC form we have to use capacitor capacitor only pass the AC components which have to be amplifier

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Last Answer : the RC coupled amplifier are using the following applications first in public address amplifier system  tape recorders TV VCR and CD players stereo amplifier  and these are the voltage amplification amplifiers

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Last Answer : the main components of the circuit are as follows register capacitor an inductor and the supply voltage our current source.

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What is the capacitive reactance across a point-contact diode as compared to a normal junction diode?
Last Answer : Lower.

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During the manufacture of a point-contact diode, what is the purpose of passing a relatively large current from the catwhisker to the silicon crystal?
Last Answer : . To form a small region of p-type material

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In a PIN diode, leakage current in the absence of light is called: a. baseline current b. zero-point current c. dark current d. E-H current
Last Answer : c. dark current

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When current dramatically increases, the voltage point on the diode forward V-I characteristic curve is called the  A) Breakdown voltage B) Knee voltage C) Barrier voltage D) Both B) and C) are true

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Last Answer : Lecture - 3: Diode Operating Point Small Signal Operation of Real diode: Consider the diode circuit ... Fig. 7 IIT ROORKEE

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