what are the advantages of digital multimeter ?

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Answer :

Precise reading
digital reading
easy to use
less losses due to no mechanical parts
high efficiency
small size
can measure AC and DC voltage and current and resistance and can be use for continuity testing

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Last Answer : Analog multi-meter DMM Power supply is not required  Power supply is required  Less suffered from electric noise  More suffered from electric Noise Less isolation problems. More ... visual indication Visual indication is not that much better. Less cost More cost

Description : Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Last Answer : Digital Multimeter (DMM) Digital multimeter is the combination of Voltmeter (for measuring voltage) Ammeter (for measuring current) and Ohmmeter (for measuring resistance ... ;in the range of mega ohms.VISIT AT YOUTUBEBUY BOOKS AT EEE STORE

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Last Answer : A multimeter also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance.

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Last Answer : Digital storage oscilloscope have many advantages as compared to analogue oscilloscope. Digital storage oscilloscope uses analogue to digital converter and digital to analogue converter and also it ... oscilloscope is used for comparing waveforms and recording and it have many different uses.

Description : The operation of a ramp type Digital Voltmeter is based on the principle of (A) Voltage-to-current conversion. (B) Voltage-to-time conversion. (C) Current-to-time conversion. (D) Current-to-frequency conversion.

Last Answer : The operation of a ramp type Digital Voltmeter is based on the principle of Voltage-to-time conversion.

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Last Answer : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line it use for high band width information at home or business place via copper telephone lines. There are different ... data rate at beginning and lowering the data rate at the time of error.

Description : Advantages of digital instruments

Last Answer : 1. They are having high input impedance, so there is no loading effect 2. They are having higher accuracy 3. An unambiguous reading is obtained 4. The output can be interfaced with external equipment 5. They are available in smaller size . 

Description : State two advantages of digital system over analog system.

Last Answer : 1. They are less susceptible to noise. 2. The effect of fluctuation in the characteristic of the components, ageing of components etc. is very small in digital circuits. 3. Digital circuits have capability of memory which makes them suitable for computers. 4. More accurate.

Description : Write any two advantages of digital energy meter.

Last Answer : Advantages of Digital Energy Meter: 1) Easy to read. 2) High accuracy 3) High resolution. 4) No frictional losses as there are no moving parts. 5) No requirement for external adjustments. 6) Large ... due to absence of moving parts. 7) Highly efficient. 8) Very much compact. 9) Good reliability.

Description : State two advantages of digital circuits.

Last Answer : Advantages of Digital Circuits: i) Digital circuits are easier to design. ii) Information storage is easy. iii) Accuracy and precision are greater. iv) Less affected by noise. v) Reliability is more

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Last Answer : It  has   only   two  variable   input  and  output (low   or    high)   (0  or    5).

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Description : The digital evidences are used to establish a credible link between a) Attacker and victim and the crime scene b) Attacker and the crime scene c) Victim and the crime scene d) Attacker and Information

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Description : Digital evidence is only useful in a court of law a) True b) False

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Description : A valid definition of digital evidence is a) Data stored or transmitted using a computer b) Information of probative value c) Digital data probative value d) Any digital evidence on a computer

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Description : Abstract Digital Forensic model in a) 2000 b) 2001 c) 2002 d) 2003

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Description : Who proposed Abstract Digital Forensic Model a) G.Gunsh b) S.Ciardhuain c) Kohn , Eloff d) G.Palmar

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Description : IDIP stands for a) Integrated Digital Investigation Process b) Integrrated Digital Investigator Process c) Integrated Digital Investigator Process d) Independent Digital Investigator Process

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Last Answer : Explanation: Figure shows the functional block diagram of a digital camcorder system. Light from the optical lens assembly projects an image onto the charged coupled device (CCD) imager ... data from the recording medium are demultiplexed and decompressed and fed into the EVF for display.

Description : Compare analog and digital instruments .

Last Answer : Parameter Analog Instrument Digital Instrument  1 Principle The instrument that displays analog signals is called as on analog instrument.  The instrument that displays ... , etc. Logical analyzer, signature analyzer, computers, microprocessor based instruments, etc. 

Description : Compare analog CRO with digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

Last Answer : Analog CRO DSO 1 High bandwidth Less bandwidth due to aliasing effect 2 High  writing speed about 15 GHz Limited speed 3 No memory Has memory ... Less storage time. The digital oscilloscope is  capable of an infinite storage time, using its digital memory.

Description : Principal of digital frequency meter.

Last Answer : The basic block diagram of basic digital frequency meter (DFM) is shown in above figure. The signal whose frequency we have to be measured is first to be amplified through amplifier. The output of amplifier ... = Number of counts. t = Time interval between start and stop condition of the gate.

Description : Write example of each type (i) Primary transducer (ii) Active transducer (iii) Electrical transducer (iv) Digital transducer

Last Answer : (i) Active transducer:-Thermocouple, piezoelectric, photovoltaic cell (ii) Primary transducer:- Bourdon tube, bellows, (iii) Electrical transducer.:- LVDT,RVDT, Hall effect, strain gauge, ... , optical pyrometer, radiation pyrometer (iv) Digital transducer:- Linear Encoder, digital taco generator

Description : Blackt Electrotech 230V 24x7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer (White)

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Last Answer : Digital comparator is a combinational circuit which compares two numbers, A and B; and evaluates their relative magnitudes. The outcome of the comparison is given by three binary variables which indicate whether A ... Depending on the result of comparison one of these outputs will go high.

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Last Answer : Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)  Analog quantity may be voltage, temperature, sound, speed, audio etc. it is information or signal. ... digital form), digital speedometer (converts analog speed into digital form) etc.

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Description : Why is data lost when analog data is converted to binary (i.e. is digitalised)?

Last Answer : Analog data is continuous while digital data is discrete. An analog signal can assume all of the infinite number of values in an interval; when it is digitized, only finitely many values are ... many nearby values. What is lost is the knowledge of which of infinitely many values it represents.

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