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Normalize cell size is 1. Normalize cell size is about 1 to 1.2. Normalize cell size is about 3.
EPROM stands from Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.  EEPROM stands for Electrically  Erasble Programmable Read-Only Memory. Flash memory is a special type of EEPROM.
Programming mechanism is hot electron injection. Programming mechanism is hot electron injection. Programming mechanism is tunneling.
Programming time is less than 100 micro second. Programming time is less than 100 micro second. Programming time is less than 5 millisecond.
Erasing machanism is Ultraviolet light. Erasing mechanism is tunneling. Erasing mechanism is tunneling.
Erase time is 20 minutes. Erase time is 1 second. Erase time is 5 millisecond.

Flash memory:
Flash memory is a special type of EEPROM. Flash memory is a non-volatile memory. In flash memory single cell can be electrically programmed. And whole chip or block can be electrically erased. Flash memory uses a hybrid of EPROM and EEPROM. Flash memories are useful in portable applications. Flash memory cell consists of storage transistor, a control gate, and floating gate, which is insulated by a dielectric material. NAND flash memory and NOR flash memory are the two types of flash memory.

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