What should be the ideal resistance of ammeter ?

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Answer :

Ideal resistance of ammeter should be zero.

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Description : Use Voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter to determine active, reactive and apparent power consumed in given R-L series circuit, draw phasor diagram.

Last Answer : Practical Significance In the industry environment Electrical Engineering diploma graduate are expected to measure basic parameters like voltage, frequency, time period etc. for R-L series circuits. Therefore ... /varying L. 7. Draw the phasor diagram for each of reading for verification.

Description : Write any two disadvantages of ammeter shunts.

Last Answer : Disadvantages of ammeter shunts: 1. Errors are caused because of change in temperature. 2. Most suitable for DC measurement. 3. Power loss takes place.

Description : With neat diagram, explain the working of clip-on ammeter.

Last Answer : Working of Clip on Ammeter: Clip on ammeters are used to measure the high current flowing through bus bar, cable or fuse holders, which act as primary. It consists of split core current ... then clipped over the current carrying conductor. The dial will record the current directly. 

Description : Describe procedure for calibration of ammeter with diagram.

Last Answer : Procedure for Calibration of Ammeter:  In this method, DC potentiometer is used for measurement of voltage across a standard low resistance.  Connect the circuit as shown in the figure, ... S = resistance of potentiometer  And the currents are compared for finding out error in ammeter.

Description : How range of A.C. ammeter & A.C. voltmeter is extended? Draw suitable diagram.

Last Answer : Extension of A.C. Ammeter Range: The range of a.c. ammeter can be extended by using CT, the arrangement is shown in figure. The CT is current transformer having less number of primary turns carrying high ... high magnitude of source voltage. In this way range of a.c. voltmeter can be extended.

Description : State the application of phase sequence indicator; clip on ammeter, frequency meter & P.F. meter.

Last Answer : Phase Sequence Indicator:  1. For finding correct phase sequence of supply  2. For obtaining exact instant of parallel operation of alternators.  3. For obtaining reversal of rotation ...  4. In electroplating industries   5. In various processes industries for measuring power factor

Description : Draw a typical electric circuit including ammeter and voltmeter.

Last Answer : The figure shows typical electric circuit including ammeter and voltmeter. Ammeter is connected in series for measurement of current. Voltmeter is connected in parallel for measurement of voltage. Fuse is use ... are used. If the electric supply is DC the DC ammeter and DC voltmeter are used.

Last Answer : The function of shunt in an ammeter is to by pass the current.

Last Answer : An ammeter is a secondary instrument.

Last Answer : Ammeter is a current measuring device having low internal resistance so as to direct all the current flowing in the circuit through it. Hence Ammeter is always connected in series with the circuit. If ... If Ammeter is connected in parallel with the supply, then the supply will be a short circuit.

Last Answer : Yes it can...

Description : what is ammeter ?

Last Answer : An instrument that is used to measure the amount of current flowing in a circuit.

Description : A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled then the voltage across each resistor will

Last Answer : A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled then the voltage across each resistor will not change

Description : The internal resistances of an ideal current source, and an ideal voltage source are, respectively, (A) 0, ∞ (B) ∞, ∞ (C) ∞, 0 (D) 0,0

Last Answer : The internal resistances of an ideal current source, and an ideal voltage source are, respectively, ∞, 0

Description : The gain of an ideal amplifier must be

Last Answer : The gain of an ideal amplifier must be infinity

Description : An ideal voltage source has?

Last Answer : An ideal voltage source has zero internal resistance.

Description : An ideal voltage source should have?

Last Answer : An ideal voltage source should have zero source resistance.

Last Answer : An ideal traction system should have easy speed control, high starting tractive effort, equipment capable of with standing large temporary loads.

Last Answer : For any type of consumer the ideal tariff is three part tariff.

Last Answer : An ideal transformer is one which has no losses and magnetic leakage.

Last Answer : An ideal transformer will have maximum efficiency at a load such that copper loss equal to iron loss.

Description : What are the desirable characteristics of ideal switch?

Last Answer : Desirable characteristics of the ideal switch: It is desirable to have power switches characteristics closer to ideal switch. The ideal switch should have the following characteristics. Zero resistance when ... . 100% efficiency. Able to control power flow with zero power dissipation.

Description : what is ideal voltage source?

Last Answer : every voltage source have their own resistance that is called as internal resistance it is because of the resistance of electrodes and electrolytes in the battery interms of other supplyit have ... in universe it means ideal voltage source is this voltage source having internal resistance zero

Description : Ratio of the rotor reactance X to the rotor resistance R for a two-phase servo motor (A) is equal to that of a normal induction motor (B) is less than that of a normal induction motor (C) ... than that of a normal induction motor (D) may be less or greater than that of a normal induction motor

Last Answer : C

Description : Which diode exhibits negative resistance characteristic? (A) LED (B) Zener (C) Tunnel diode (D) PN diode

Last Answer : Which diode exhibits negative resistance characteristic? (A) LED (B) Zener (C) Tunnel diode (D) PN diode

Description : What affect does the thickness of a wire have on its resistance?

Last Answer : Ans: The resistance of a wire decreases as its thickness increases.

Description : Which of these has the lowest resistance?

Last Answer : b) Copper has the lowest resistance. 

Description : Name two materials that have a different electric resistance. 

Last Answer : Ans: a) copper, nichrome 

Description : State the procedure for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams.

Last Answer : Following procedure (Method) for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams. 1) Earth Tester : i) Three point method ii) Four point method 2) By Potential drop method 3 ... of that earthing pit. In this test the accuracy is less but electrical rods are not required. 

Description : State the impact of inductance and resistance on transmission line performance

Last Answer : Impact of inductance on transmission line: 1) It causes IXL drop in transmission line which affects regulation. 2) It is the only parameter which decides power transmission capacity of line i. ... is very small, it causes losses, temperature rise& poor voltage regulation so it cannot be neglected

Description : What do you mean by exciting resistance and exciting reactance?

Last Answer : At no-load, a transformer behaves as a highly inductive load connected to the system which contains some resistance and inductance in parallel. The resistance is called exciting resistance R0 = V1/I w and reactance is called exciting reactance, X0 = V1/I mag

Description : Write measures to be taken to maintain the insulation resistance of electrical machines to healthy levels.

Description : Resistance

Last Answer : .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Description : what is equivalent resistance when four 4 Ohm resistors are connected in i) series ii) parallel

Last Answer : equivalent resistance

Description : role of the series resistance connected in PMMC movement.

Last Answer : A PMMC Instrument can be used as voltmeter by just connecting a series resistance with the moving coil. This series resistance is called Voltmeter Multiplier. This combination of moving coil and ... current whose voltage is to be measured. Ideally the resistance of voltmeter should be infinite

Description : Define resistance with its unit.

Last Answer : Resistance is a measure of the degree to which a substance impedes the flow of electric current induced by a voltage.  Or Resistance is the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit. Unit is ohm.(Ω)

Description : List two advantages of platinum resistance thermometer.

Last Answer : 1. The platinum resistance thermometer is stable 2. It is resistant to corrosion 3. It is resistant to oxidation

Description : What is the mathematical relationship between resistance and conductance?

Description : How does the resistance of a conductor compare to that of an insulator?

Last Answer : The resistance of a conductor can be significantly lower than the resistance of an insulator, depending on each material's atomic properties.

Description : Resistance formula

Last Answer : The formula for resistance is, Where, R = resistance in Ohms ρ = resistivity in ohm - metre l = length A = cross sectional area