How do we use nuclear energy to generate electricity?

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Answer :

When  a  nuclear  reaction  occurs, it  is  accompanied  heat energy  and  radiations.The  heat  energy  produced  is  harnessed  to  heat  up  water  at  high temperature  and  pressure  which  turns  the  turbines  of  an  alternator  to produce  electricity.

Answer :

nuclear energy is produce by nuclei of atom

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Last Answer : Use wind turbines.  In a windy seashore we set up some wind turbines.  But when the place is not windy we got no electricity.

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Last Answer : I have often wondered what the average use of energy of appliances is. Here is a breakdown by percentage usage of each consuming appliance taken from a sampling of US households. Refrigerators 13.7% ... Telephone 0.2 Rechargeable Tools 0.2 Humidifier 0.1 Automobile Block Heater 0.0 Residual 7.3

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Last Answer : Magnetic  field  can  be  used  to  generate  electric  current  on  a  condition  that  it  is  on  a  rate  of  changing  magnetic  flux.  (Faraday's  law)

Description : Is it AC or DC electricity in the home?

Last Answer : Obviously its A.C

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Last Answer : A  wire contains  mobile  electrons  as  majority  charge  carriers  and  holes  as minority  charge carriers when  an emf  or   potential  diffrence is  provided , electrons  flow  in opposite  direction  with  holes(convection current  flow)

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Last Answer : When  the  circuit  is  closed  , a potential  diffrence  is  realized  between  the  two  nodes  connected  .This  causes  flow of  electrons  and  convection  current.

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Last Answer : Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the ... its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

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Last Answer : Electricity  gets  into   my   home  due  to  potential  diffrence  created   between  the  live   wire  and  neutral  wire.

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Last Answer : No, it cannot be stored. When the demand for wind energy tapers off, wind turbines are idled/turned off. The blades, like on a propeller driven aircraft, are turned sideways in the wind so that they ... was 200' tall with blades that were 150' long. The turbine rotated at a maximum of 17½ RPM.

Description : Is there enough space for nuclear waste without endangering Earth with radiation?

Last Answer : There is enough nuclear waste to contaminate the entire earth with radiation. That is why it has to be contained in a small space where it cannot do harm and where it must be held for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.

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Description : Which countries have nuclear power or nuclear weapons?

Last Answer : Too fu*king many.

Description : Could a Planetary core, Mars for example, be restarted with a high enough quantity of nuclear detonations deep in the crust?

Last Answer : answer:The bigger issue with mars is that it’s too far away form the sun to support a warm enough environment for us. Solving that problem is much more important. Also I would have to imagine you may be inflicting some pretty severe radiation issues detonating enough nukes there.

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Last Answer : answer:Ten years ago I hated the idea but today I say build them as fast as safely possible. Right now nuclear power generation is the best choice to replace fossil fuels. Wind and solar are good ... in case of a Fukushima-like loss of water circulation, the plant settles down to a cool equilibrium.

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Last Answer : How to Survive a Nuclear Attack It's the worst case scenario for any nation: one day everything seems to be fine, then, all of a sudden, a blast of epic proportions explodes out of nowhere. ... tips, you and the most important people in your life can survive the worst possible attacks of the enemy.

Description : Compare the Nuclear power station with Hydro power station. 

Last Answer : SR. No.  Points Nuclear Power plant  Hydro Power station  1 Site/ Location Where there is ample supply of water is available, away from thickly populated areas to avoid radioactive ... Field Application As base load  Used as base load during as well as peak load 

Description : State the function of biological shielding in case of Nuclear Reactor and give material used for it.

Last Answer : Function of biological shielding in Nuclear Reactor:  Shielding is provided to absorb alpha, beta particles and gama rays which are produced during nuclear chain reaction (fission process) The ... of Water or concrete wall are provided all around the reactor vessel for stopping neutrons. 

Description : Explain the procedure adopted for the disposal of Nuclear Waste.  

Last Answer : Following the procedure adopted for the disposal of Nuclear Waste:  Nuclear waste disposal in nuclear power station: The waste produced in nuclear power plant is in the form of solid, liquid & ... . If it is safe then released to atmosphere at high level through large height chimney. 

Description : What is meant by nuclear Fission ? 

Last Answer : Nuclear Fission:- The process in which heat energy is released without using oxygen for combustion in process is known as nuclear Fission.  

Description : Explain the function of different parts of a typical nuclear power plant with neat sketch. 

Last Answer : Functions of each part of Nuclear power plant:-  1) Nuclear Reactor: In nuclear reactor the fuel rod of U235 is placed through which tremendous amount of heat energy is ... is mechanically coupled with steam turbine. 8) Alternator: It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Last Answer : Following nuclear fuel are used in nuclear power plant:-  1. Natural Uranium 2. Low-enriched Uranium 3. Highly–enriched Uranium 4. Fertile Material:-U238 / Th232

Last Answer : Explanation of 'Nuclear shielding' in Nuclear Power Plant:  Shielding is provided to absorb alpha, beta particles and gama rays which are produced during nuclear chain reaction (fission process) The ... of Water or concerate wall are provided all around the reactor vessel for stopping neutrons.  

Description : How are nuclear reactors controlled? Explain two different methods in brief.

Last Answer : Nuclear reactor is controlled using control rods: Control rods are made up of very high neutron absorbing material like boron, cadmium. By adjusting height of control rods on reactor core ... of nuclear reaction will increase. Whereas by pushing control rod towards the core it will reduce.

Description : State the function of following components of a nuclear power station: i) Moderator ii) Shielding iii) Control rod iv) Coolant 

Last Answer : i) Function of Moderator :- Moderator is to moderate or reduce the speed of fast neutron to help the fission process.  ii) Function of sheilding : Shielding is to protect environment, ... from reactor core and transfer it in heat exchanger for producing steam at high pressure and temperature. 

Description : State the types of radioactive waste generated in a nuclear power station. Explain the methods employed for their disposal.

Last Answer : Types of radioactive waste: The waste produced in nuclear power plant is in the form of solid, liquid & gases, 1. Solid Waste Disposal:-  Solid wastes removed from the reactor are very ... are measured. If it is safe then released to atmosphere at high level through large height chimney.

Description : Explain the purpose of shielding and reflector in a nuclear reactor.

Last Answer : 1. Shielding:-  The function of sheilding is to protect environment, humens and animals from the harmful radioactive radiation (pollution).before they are emitted to atmosphere. Shilding is provided to ... :- The function of reflector is to reflect back the neutrons which are leaving from core.

Description : State why nuclear power plants are used as base load plants and diesel power plants as a peak load plant. 

Last Answer : 1. Because of following points Nuclear power plant used as base load power plant:-  1. Nuclear power plants is very economical for producing bulk amount of electric power 2. Nuclear power plant is reliable ... . The plants can be put on load easily. 4. Diesel engines take less time to make OFF.

Description : Explain the nuclear chain reaction in a nuclear power plant.

Last Answer : Nuclear chain reaction in a nuclear power plant: If a slow moving neutron hits unstable heavy nucleus of nuclear fuel U235 or Pu239 , the neutron is absorbed, the nucleus splits into two more ... chain reaction can be controlled and desired heat energy can be obtained in nuclear power plant. 

Description : Explain the procedure for disposal of nuclear power plant.

Last Answer : Disposal of nuclear waste: The waste products by nuclear fission may be solid, liquid or gas. i) Solid harmful disposals are packaged as required and shipped to a burial site for disposal. ii) Liquids ... and tested. If the required limits are met, these will be released to atmosphere. 

Description : State any two advantages and two disadvantages of nuclear power plant.

Last Answer : Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant: -   1. The capital cost of Nuclear power plant is very high as compare to other power plant of same capacity. 2. The erection & ... material could be released into the environment. Causing extensive damage to the mankind,animals and environment.

Description : State the term nuclear fuel. Also state its properties.

Last Answer : The term nuclear fuel:- Nuclear fuel is a substance that is used in nuclear power stations to produce heat to power turbines. Heat is created when nuclear fuel undergoes nuclear ... fuels contain heavy fissile elements 3. Nuclear fuels are complex, multi-component materials containing actinides

Description : State any four factors for selecting location of nuclear power plant.

Last Answer : i) Seismicity: If the area of a nuclear site is seismically active, it may not be used for nuclear power plant.  ii) Water Availability: The nuclear power plants would need a ... Therefore, the site selected for such plant should have adequate arrangement for the disposal of radioactive waste.

Description : Write down any two advantages of nuclear power station.

Last Answer : Advantages of nuclear power station :-  1) Fuel required: Fuel requirment of Nuclear Power Plant is less than Thermal Power Plant. So it reduces transportation cost of fuel and space required for fuel storage ... By use of nuclear fuel.,it saves the other fossile fuels like-coal, gas, oil, etc.

Description : Write function of control rods in nuclear power plant.

Last Answer : Function of control rods in nuclear power plant: The function of control rod is to control the chain reaction in reactor core by adjusting its height.

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Last Answer : answer:Yes, you should be concerned. Studies show that standby consumption is 10-15% of total household electricity consumption. The newer the appliance, the better the chance it harbors a ... less than one watt when not charging or operating the appliance. Roanoke Valley Coll Cities Coalition

Description : What is nuclear energy?

Last Answer : The energy produced by nucleus of an atom is called nuclear energy. It is produced by nuclear fission. 

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Last Answer : Gadzooks! Someone who had the same line of thought I had. However many Americans could never stomach that even if they can't stand the oil. Now if they had an aqua version of GBU-43/B MOAB or in this ... it worse and no one would be willing to take the blame if it failed, or pay for the damage.

Description : How much is your electricity bill per year in your home?

Last Answer : Our yearly electric bill in the PNW is $2,400. We have no gas. We have a heat pump and we maintain a small heated indoor pool (7’ X 14’ X 4’). In the winter the pool room is the warmest room in the house.

Description : Who made electricity?

Last Answer : Electricity was discovered, not made. And while plenty of scientists worked on related projects—some even going back to ancient times—Benjamin Franklin usually gets the credit for its discovery.

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Last Answer : I put up some lights, electric, not battery. Batteries are a bear to dispose. It’s Christmas, have fun with it.

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Last Answer : Well…would have saved a lot of heads rolling into baskets if they had the electric chair at their “disposal.” lol

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