How does the electricity travel?

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Answer :

Through the Drift moment of Electron 

Answer :

Electricity is flow of tiny practicles called electrons which can travel through wires.this flow often called electric current

Answer :

Electricity is a phenomenon. It is the electrons that travel which is referred as charge and this flow of constant charge in a particular period of time is referred to as current. Basic cconditions for current to flow are (1)-there should be a potential difference. (2)- the circuit should be closed. 

Note:- current is a flow of matter, so it always travels through wire where electrical energy travels through space but not wire.

If you want to know how do you get electricty to your home, the answer is actually very very long but I will make it very basic.

First it is generated at the generating side using various sources and then it is transmitted through current lines and then it is distributed to out houses. There are two types of current, AC & DC.

Answer :

When  there  is  a potential diffrence  in a circuit,  electrons  flow  in  opposite  direction with  holes  which  carries  electricity.Thus convection  current  (holes)   moves  in  opposite  direction  with  electrons .

Answer :

Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the water (Current) in order for it to move, the water then moves through a pipe(wire) to its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

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