Is it AC or DC electricity in the home?

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Answer :

In our home Ac Alternating current are supplied. Since our most of the load is Ac drive. Moreover in generating station Ac is produced .....

Answer :

In our homes we use AC. Since the main advantage of AC is its transmission, and AC can be step up and step down with the help of transformer. And generation of AC is cheaper and economical for large scale. The AC generator are cheaper and requires less maintenance. In our home there are mostly AC equipments like ceilings fan, air conditioners, washing machine, tube light, etc. So we use AC in our homes.

Answer :

A.c. current is only using in homes

Answer :

Obviously its A.C

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Description : Is electricity generated in AC or DC?

Last Answer : Electricity   is  generated  in  AC.

Description : How does electricity get from the power plant to your home?

Last Answer : Electricity  gets  into   my   home  due  to  potential  diffrence  created   between  the  live   wire  and  neutral  wire.

Description : Do you think is DC better than AC to transmit energy?

Last Answer : In Long distance DC transmission will be better in cost. It requires more equipments for flexiblity In short distance AC transmission is better in  cost. It is more Flexible

Description : State the modification to be done in dc series motor to work satisfactorily as ac series motor. State applications of ac series motor.

Last Answer : Modifications are necessary in a dc series motor so that it operates satisfactorily on ac supply. The modifications are as follows:  1) AC series motor is built with a few field turns as ... and grinders 5) High speed vacuum cleaners 6) Sewing machines 7) Food processors 8) Drilling machine 

Description : Compare the AC and DC Arc lamps.

Last Answer : AC Arc Lamp DC Arc Lamp Cross section area of electrode is same Cross section area of electrode is positive rod is twice that of negative rod Series inductor is used for stability ... supply is used for DC arc lamp Luminous efficiency is less Luminous efficiency is high

Description : Why are DC motors used in trains and not AC motors ?

Last Answer : The reason is torque. torque is inversely proportional to speed..i.e when th knowe train comes to rest position to motion.. initial speed is it requires high starting torque for ... current will flow through field and armature coils then maximum torque is available at the intial condition.

Description : Why is AC considered more efficient than DC?

Last Answer : Ac is more efficient than dc because it is easy to maintain and change the voltage of ac for transmission and distribution purpose. Plant cost of ac transmission is much lower compared to dc transmission. When fault occurs it is easy to interrupt ac supply.

Description : Which is more dangerous AC or DC and why ?

Last Answer : Dc is more dangerous than Ac because in Ac the voltage  will varies but in dc the constant voltage 

Description : What is the conversion between. AC to AC ? DC to DC? AC to DC? DC to AC ?

Last Answer : to ac is regulation 2.dc to dc is chopper to dc is rectifier 4.dc to ac is inverter

Description : Is the power line voltage available in our homes a dc or an ac voltage?

Last Answer : The power line voltage available in our homes is AC. Mobile dwellings are the most commonly DC-supplied homes and even then they tend to include AC supply for heavier loads.

Description : Distinguish between AC and DC.

Last Answer : Particulars Direct Current Alternating Current Definition It is the current whose magnitude and direction do not change with respect to time. It is the current whose ... system, electroplating, Battery charging, Traction. AC machines, Domestic and industrial supply.

Description : The main advantage of AC over DC is:  (A) Conversion flexibility from one voltage level to other (B) AC can be easily converted into DC by using a rectifier (C) AC is easy to maintain & can be easily distributed at long distances (D) All of the above

Last Answer : Ac is easy to maintain and ac can be easily converted to dc by rectifier .There is no commutator for conversion in ac that's why ac machines are weight less and more machines occupy less space than dc .

Description : Which of the following motors can run on both AC and DC? A) Universal motor B) Dual wattage motor C) Flexible motor D) All the above

Last Answer : Which of the following motors can run on both AC and DC? A) Universal motor B) Dual wattage motor C) Flexible motor D) All the above

Description : How is a thyristor used to convert AC to DC?

Last Answer : thyristor

Description : What is the difference between an AC and DC generator?

Last Answer : The generator which generates DC voltage is called DC generator and generator which generates AC voltage is called AC generator (or) Alternator. In DC generator armature is rotated and field winding ... generator. A DC generator can generate low voltages but an AC generator can generate upto 11kv.

Description : Do cell phones use AC or DC current?

Last Answer : DC of course.

Description : Is current from a battery AC or DC?

Last Answer : The current from the battery is DC

Description : What is the difference between AC and DC drive?

Last Answer : AC means alternating current It's Frequency is 50hz Dc means direct current ItsI Frequency is 0Hz

Last Answer : Igbt alone cant convert dc to ac. igbt half bridge or full bridge or three phase topology could be used to convert dc to ac. also igbt gates should be driven by microcontroller or pwm/spwm gate driving signals ... e4(-) and g4 c2e1 and c4e3 pins are AC output pins. its name is igbt inverter.

Description : Can transformer convert AC to DC?

Last Answer : No, Transformer cannot convert AC to DC.

Description : are AC and DC resistances same?

Last Answer : Resistance is the ability of a circuit or element (which is called resistor) to oppose current. Examples of Resistors with the ability of high resistance are Wood, Air, Mica, Glass, Rubber, Tungsten ... constant. Therefore, only the original resistance of wire comes into play. they are not the same



Last Answer : Induction motor is a AC motor it is also known as asynchronous motor .

Description : How is electricity passed through a wire?

Last Answer : A  wire contains  mobile  electrons  as  majority  charge  carriers  and  holes  as minority  charge carriers when  an emf  or   potential  diffrence is  provided , electrons  flow  in opposite  direction  with  holes(convection current  flow)

Description : Why do you need a closed circuit for electricity to flow?

Last Answer : When  the  circuit  is  closed  , a potential  diffrence  is  realized  between  the  two  nodes  connected  .This  causes  flow of  electrons  and  convection  current.

Description : How does the electricity travel?

Last Answer : Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the ... its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

Description : How do we use nuclear energy to generate electricity?

Last Answer : nuclear energy is produce by nuclei of atom

Description : Changeover from D.C to A.C  

Last Answer : In later half of eighties, in nineteenth century, it was proposed to have a power system with 3- phase, 50 Hz A.C generation, transmission and distribution networks. Once a.c system was adopted, transmission of ... favor of A.C supply system own the debate on switching over from D.C to A.C system. 

Description : Describe the difference between direct and alternating current.

Last Answer : Direct current is the flow of electricity or charge in one direction..  Alternative current is the flow of charge that doesn't flow in one direction. 

Description : State any four advantages of A. C. over D. C . 

Last Answer : Advantages of AC over DC: i) It is possible to use a transformer. ii) Distribution efficiency is high. iii) Generation is easy and economical. iv) Construction of ac equipment/ machines is robust and simple ... . vii) AC system is economical than DC system. viii) AC system is safer than DC system.

Description : All the rules and laws of D.C. circuit also apply to A.C. circuit containing?

Last Answer : All the rules and laws of D.C. circuit also apply to A.C. circuit containing resistance only.

Last Answer : If a D.C. motor is connected across the A.C. supply it will burn due to heat produced in the field winding by eddy currents.

Last Answer : A.C. series motor as compared to D.C. series motor has smaller brush width, less number of field turns, more number of armature turns, less air gap.

Last Answer : If a D.C. series motor is operated on A.C. supply, it will spark excessively, have poor efficiency, have poor power factor.

Description : Why is AC better for long distance power transmission than DC ?

Last Answer : ac is more economical to transmit for long distances . wires can be made smaller by step up transformer .. since major cost are wires to transmit .. then at the end of distance step down transformer is used for commercial use.

Description : Why can't we store AC in batteries instead of DC ?

Last Answer : Because the direction of the current changes in AC electricity, you cannot directly store the power. Placing a capacitor in an AC circuit has no effect on the alternating flow of the electricity. The only ... is indirectly, by storing DC and then using a power inverter to convert the DC to AC.

Description : An unshielded moving iron voltmeter is used to measure the voltage in an AC circuit. The stray DC magnetic field having a component along the axis will be  (1) unaffected (2) decreased (3) increased (4) either decreased or increased depending on the direction of the DC field

Last Answer : An unshielded moving iron voltmeter is used to measure the voltage in an AC circuit. The stray DC magnetic field having a component along the axis will be either decreased or increased depending on the direction of the DC field

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