What are the advantages of a digital signal?

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Answer :

It  has   only   two  variable   input  and  output (low   or    high)   (0  or    5).

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Description : State two advantages of digital system over analog system.

Last Answer : 1. They are less susceptible to noise. 2. The effect of fluctuation in the characteristic of the components, ageing of components etc. is very small in digital circuits. 3. Digital circuits have capability of memory which makes them suitable for computers. 4. More accurate.

Description : Write any two advantages of digital energy meter.

Last Answer : Advantages of Digital Energy Meter: 1) Easy to read. 2) High accuracy 3) High resolution. 4) No frictional losses as there are no moving parts. 5) No requirement for external adjustments. 6) Large ... due to absence of moving parts. 7) Highly efficient. 8) Very much compact. 9) Good reliability.

Description : State two advantages of digital circuits.

Last Answer : Advantages of Digital Circuits: i) Digital circuits are easier to design. ii) Information storage is easy. iii) Accuracy and precision are greater. iv) Less affected by noise. v) Reliability is more

Description : Integration of step signal gives (A) Impulse signal. (B) Ramp function. (C) Parabola. (D) Square pulse.

Last Answer : Integration of step signal gives Ramp function.

Description : .2.The period of a signal is 10ms. What is its frequency in kilohertz?

Last Answer : 100

Description : Explain Briefly What Happens When The Intr Signal Goes High In The 8085?

Last Answer : Answer :The INTR is a maskable interrupt for the 8085. It has the lowest priority and is also non vectored. When this INTR signal goes into the high state the following things occur / ... the processor saves the address of new instruction into the STACK and an interrupt service subroutine begins.

Description : State different types of electrical signal and draw all types of waveforms.

Last Answer : Types of electrical signals 1) Sine wave 2) Triangular wave 3) Square wave Waveforms

Description :  basic characteristics of sound signal.

Last Answer : Level and loudness: The amplitude of a sound wave determines its loudness or volume. A larger amplitude means a louder sound, and a smaller amplitude means a softer sound. The loudness of a ... the reproducing system should be capable of handling the maximum and minimum power in the same ratio. 

Description : What is the significance of signal conditioner? Explain the need of following in mechatronics system. i) Isolator ii) Filter iii) Amplifier iv) Data converter

Last Answer : Significance: Signal conditioning means manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage for further processing. Signal inputs accepted by signal ... -frequency converters, current-to-voltage converters, current loop converters, and charge converters.  

Description : List different methods of demodulation of FM signal.

Last Answer : Balanced Slope detection Ratio detector Foster Seeley discriminator Phase locked loop demodulator 

Description : For a signal conditioner explain the terms linearization and signal conversion.

Last Answer : Definition :  1. linearization : Many primary elements produce nonlinear outputs and the signal must be linearized to produce a nearly ideal calibration. Specialized analog circuits such as offsetting circuits, ... signal. Even computer algorithms are also used. 2.Signal conversion :

Description : Analog signal

Last Answer : .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Description :  If it takes a transmitted signal 1m sec to go up to the target and come back after reflection, how far is the transmitter from the target? A) 150 Km B) 150 m C) 15 Km D) 1500 m 

Last Answer :  If it takes a transmitted signal 1m sec to go up to the target and come back after reflection, how far is the transmitter from the target? A) 150 Km B) 150 m C) 15 Km D) 1500 m 

Description : In 8085, whenever a signal is received at TRAP terminal, its program execution is transferred to a subroutine on address A) 0000 H B) 002C H C) 0024 H D) 0004 H

Last Answer : In 8085, whenever a signal is received at TRAP terminal, its program execution is transferred to a subroutine on address 0024 H

Description :  If a signal band limited to fm is sampled at a rate less than 2fm, then the constructed signal will be A) Large in amplitude B) Small in amplitude C) Distorted D) Distortion less

Last Answer :  If a signal band limited to fm is sampled at a rate less than 2fm, then the constructed signal will be Distorted 

Description :  An energy signal has G(f) = 20. Its energy density spectrum is A) 20 B) 100 C) 400 D) 800  

Last Answer : 400

Description : What is the Laplace transform of step signal of 5 units magnitude?  A) 5s B) 5/s C) s/5 D) 1/s 

Last Answer : What is the Laplace transform of step signal of 5 units magnitude?  A) 5s B) 5/s C) s/5 D) 1/s 

Description : The time base signal in Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is  (1) A square wave signal (2) A sawtooth signal (3) A triangular wave signal (4) A sinusoidal signal

Last Answer : 2 Saw tooth 

Description : The standard for long distance analog signal transmission in process control industry is (A) 4-20 mV (B) 0-20 mA (C) 4-20 mA (D) 0-5 V

Last Answer : The standard for long distance analog signal transmission in process control industry is 4-20 mA

Description : Advantages of digital instruments

Last Answer : 1. They are having high input impedance, so there is no loading effect 2. They are having higher accuracy 3. An unambiguous reading is obtained 4. The output can be interfaced with external equipment 5. They are available in smaller size . 

Description : what are the advantages of digital multimeter ?

Last Answer : Precise reading digital reading easy to use less losses due to no mechanical parts high efficiency small size compact can measure AC and DC voltage and current and resistance and can be use for continuity testing

Description : The clock frequency of an 8085 microprocessor based system is 3 MHz. What should be the minimum pulse width of the INTR signal so that it is recognized successfully? A) 5.6 µs B) 5.7 µs C) 5.8 µs D) 5.9 µs

Last Answer : The clock frequency of an 8085 microprocessor based system is 3 MHz. What should be the minimum pulse width of the INTR signal so that it is recognized successfully? A) 5.6 µs B) 5.7 µs C) 5.8 µs D) 5.9 µs

Description : Are there any advantages to PVC windows?

Last Answer : Have you decided to change your windows to new ones and don't know where to start? Let's start with the fact that windows are a very important part of any house or apartment, thanks to ... Another thing you need to pay attention to when ordering is that the profile must meet all quality standards.

Description : What are the advantages of LED lamps?

Last Answer : What are the advantages of LED lamps? LED lamps have an advantage over fluorescent lamps in the first place in terms of environmental friendliness. Another reason for using LED lamps is ... advantages. Today, such lamps are used in everyday life, for industrial lighting and street lighting.

Description : State the four advantages of MIG welding.  

Last Answer : Four advantages of MIG welding: 1. High quality welds can be produced much faster. 2. Flux is not used there is no chance for the entrapment of slag in the weld metal resulting in high quality ... of metals and alloys. 5. Least expensive and highly economic. 6. Little or no post welds cleaning.

Description : State 2 advantages of JFET over BJT.

Last Answer : Advantages of JFET over BJT: 1) High input impedance 2) Better thermal stability 3) Produce less noise 4) Smaller than BJT 5) Rugged in construction and simpler to fabricate 6) High degree of isolation between Input and Output. 

Description : Advantages of LED over CFL.

Last Answer : Advantages of LED over CFL. 1) Efficiency: LED bulbs use close to a third of the amount of power CFL bulbs would use to produce the same amount of light. This makes them ... decorative to heavy duty industrial applications.  6) Maintenance: Smooth light and low maintenance compared to CFL

Description : State advantages and disadvantages of radial distributor system. 

Last Answer : Advantages of radial distributor system: 1. Design of layout is simple. 2. Capital cost & Erecting cost is less as there is only one feeder. 3. Time required for completion of ... maintain supply to consumers when there is maintenance on feeder. 3. Voltage fluctuations are more.

Description : State the advantages of use of high voltage in transmission of Electric power. 

Last Answer : Advantages: 1. As Transmission voltage increases, current decreases. 2. As current decreases, cross section of conductor decreases. 3. As cross section of conductor decreases, its ... high voltage transmission line, successful interconnection of transmission line is possible than low voltage. 

Description : State the advantages of SMPS.

Last Answer : Advantages of SMPS: 1. High Efficiency, more than 94%. 2. Easy maintenance and servicing. 3. High modularity and redundancy. 4. Lower power dissipation. 5. Wide AC input voltage range. 6. Less cost.

Description : State any two advantages of MCB over Fuse. State the standard specifications of MCB available in the market.  

Last Answer : Following advantages of MCB over Fuse: 1. No need of replacement of fuse wire. 2. Manually restore of supply is simple. 3. Fault understanding by visual inspection 4. More safe than fuse The standard specifications of ... 6A, 10A,16A,20A, 25A, 30A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 60A and 63A 6. 250V and 450 v

Description : State advantages of rotating field type alternators. 

Last Answer : Advantages of Rotating Field Type Alternator: 1) For high-voltage alternator, large space is required to accommodate conductors with insulation, as high voltage is induced in them. If field poles are placed ... is kept rotating. 8) Rotating field is comparatively light and can run with high speed. 

Description : State advantages of short pitch winding over full pitch winding in alternators. 

Last Answer : Advantages of Short Pitch Winding over Full Pitch Winding in Alternators: 1) Short pitching reduces the amount of copper needed for end connection when compared with full pitched coil. 2) They ... reduced, thereby increasing the efficiency. 4) The power quality of generated emf is improved. 

Description : State the advantages of cogeneration. 

Last Answer : Advantages of co-generation: 1) Co-generation can meet both power & heat requirements. 2) Less cost than conventional generation. 3) Higher system efficiency due to energy wastage is highly ... reduces due to cogeneration plant is located in same premises. 10) It can maintain grid stability 

Description : State advantages of MOSFET.

Last Answer : Advantages of MOSFET * MOSFETs provide greater efficiency while operating at lower voltages. * Absence of gate current results in high input impedance. * High switching speed. * They operate at lower ... due to lower resistance of channel. * They are easy to manufacture. * They are portable.

Description : What do you mean by active filter? State its advantages over passive filter . Define pass band & stop band with respect to filter.

Last Answer : Active Filter: Active Filter is formed by using active element along with the passive components.  Advantages of Active filter over Passive filter: High value of pass band gain can be obtained. It is ... pass band.  Stop Band Filter: The frequency range which is attenuated is known as stop band.

Description : How GTO is advantages over SCR

Last Answer : i) It is turned-off by negative gate pulse. ii) No commutation circuit required, reducing the cost, size, weight and volume of the circuit. iii) As commutation choke is not used, the associated acoustic ... turn off time permits high switching frequency. v) It has higher di/dt rating at turn-off. 

Description : advantages and disadvantages of ICs.

Last Answer : Advantages of ICs: 1.The physical size of an IC is extremely small (generally thousand times smaller) than that of discrete circuits. 2. The weight of an IC is very less as compared to that of ... is high 3. Power dissipation is limited. 4. ICs are very delicate and need extra care while handling

Description : Enlist the advantages of Microcontroller

Last Answer : Advantages of microcontrollers:  It is an integrated chip with all valuable components including RAM, ROM, I/O Ports.  Cost reducing programs with simple circuitry.  Inbuilt timers / ... Microcontrollers are cheap and very small in size.  Programming of Microcontrollers is simple to learn

Description : What are advantages and disadvantages of Mechatronics system? 

Last Answer : Advantages of Mechatronics system:  High level of integration.  Increased functionality and better design.  More use of electronics and software instead of mechanical function.  Assumes ... Its replacement is difficult, that it is difficult to change old system to new system. 

Description : State advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic communication

Last Answer : Advantage of fiber optic communication: 1.Greater information capacity/ higher bandwidth OFC's are capable of transmitting several gigabits per second over hundreds of miles allowing millions of ... are not flexible 7.Requiring more protection around the fiber cable compared with copper cable

Description : State advantages and disadvantages of continuous wave Radar

Last Answer : Advantages continuous wave RADAR : 1.Single frequency transmission and hence narrow receiver bandwidth 2.Duty cycle is unity, so mean power can be as high as transmitters will permits. 3.Ability ... required for receiver and transmitter. 3.Cannot detect targets crossing its beam at right angles.

Description : State advantages & disadvantages of electromagnetic flow meter.

Last Answer : Advantage: Provides wide linear range. 2) Ability to measure reverses flow. 3) Gives rapid response to flow changes. 4) No obstruction is created to flow. 5) It can handle corrosive as ... and pipe networks with relatively short inside diameters. 3) It is useful for electrically conducting fluid.

Description : State two advantages of interconnection of power stations. 

Last Answer : 1) Due to interconnection it is possible of wheeling of electricity instantly.  2) The reliability and continuity of the supply is improved with interconnected grid system. With fault ... interconnection, there is optimum utilization of available natural recourses in the country is possible. 

Description : State advantages of Pulverized coal w.r.t. thermal power plant. 

Last Answer : Advantages of Pulverized coal w.r.t. thermal power plant.  1. Due to pulvarization amount of fuel required to produce same amount of heat reduces. 2. Time required for combution reduces ... of air and thorough mixing of air and fuel, very high-combustion temperatures can be attained.

Description : List advantages and disadvantages of MEMS.

Last Answer : Advantages : 1. Batch fabrication and hence reduced cost. 2. Reduced size and reduced power ( due to pin size and reduced package volume) 3. High precision and resolution. 4. Reduced ... cannot be loaded with large forces because brittle materials can be fractured easily under high stress.  

Description : List advantages and applications of PLC.

Last Answer : The advantages of PLC are as follows: 1. Flexible in Nature: One model of PLC can be used for different operations as per requirement. 2. Easy to install and troubleshooting: In hard ... 1.Continuous bottle filling system 2.Batch mixing system 3.stage air conditioning system 4.Traffic control 

Description : State any four advantages of soft starter.

Last Answer : Advantages of soft starter: 1. Very low line voltage drops on motor operation 2. Reduced energy losses in the lines 3. System efficiency increases 4. Very smooth starting & operation 5. As ... may lead to lower MD billing. 13. Less mechanical maintenance. 14. Saving in operating costs.

Description : Explain any four advantages of amorphous transformer.

Last Answer : Advantages of amorphous core transformer: 1) Lowest hysteresis loss. 2) Low eddy current loss. 3) Low temperature rise. 4) Up to 75% energy saving using amorphous metal than conventional metal. 5 ... capacity. 9) High Reliability. 10) Excellent short circuit capacity. 11) Less maintenance cost. 

Description : State the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant.

Last Answer : Advantages of Hydroelectric power plant:-  1. There is no air pollution and other environmental problems. 2. The fuel (water) is available freely. 3. No fuel transportation cost so; there is ... , this can force the relocation of large numbers of riverside cities, towns, villages & people.