What are the different types of capacitors?

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Description : State any four types of capacitors.

Last Answer : Types of capacitors: i) Air capacitor ii) Paper capacitor iii) Mica capacitor iv) Ceramic capacitor v) Electrolytic capacitor vi) Poly-carbon capacitor

Description : State different types of holders used in wiring installation.

Last Answer : Following types of holders used in wiring installation: 1. Pendent Holder 2. Batten Holder 3. Angle holder 4. Screwed holder 

Description : List the different types of tariff.

Last Answer : Various types of Tariff:-  1) Flat-demand Tariff  2) Simple-demand Tariff or Uniform Tariff  3) Flat-rate Tariff  4) Step-rate Tariff  5) Block-rate Tariff  6) Two-part Tariff  7) Maximum demand Tariff ... c) KW and KVAR Tariff 10) TOD (Time of Day) Tariff 11) TOU ( Time of Usage) Tariff

Description : State the different types of outdoor flood lighting and where are they used.

Last Answer : There are three types of projectors used for flood lighting :  a) Narrow beam Projector b) Medium angle Projector c) Wide angle Projector a) Narrow beam Projectors: - Light beam with such ... yards, stadiums, car parking area etc. 3) It is used for illuminating advertisements, boarding's etc.

Description : State the purpose of lighting control. List the different types of dimmer.

Last Answer : Purpose of Lighting Control:- 1. To turn ON or OFF the lamps 2. For dimming: The dimming control permits the adjustment of lighting over a range. 3. For changing the lighting levels ... operated dimmer 6) Triac operated Dimmer 7) PWM (Pulse width modulation) Controlled technique.

Description : State different types of electrical signal and draw all types of waveforms.

Last Answer : Types of electrical signals 1) Sine wave 2) Triangular wave 3) Square wave Waveforms

Description : Give different types of IC.

Last Answer : 1. Analog IC 2. Digital IC 3. Thin and thick film ICs 4. Monolithic ICs 5. Hybrid or multichip ICs

Description : List different types of stepper motor. State one application of stepper motor.

Last Answer : Types of stepper motor : (i)Variable - reluctance motor (ii) Permanent- magnet motors (iii) Hybrid motors. Applications of stepper motor : In robotics, In CNC machines, In computers, printers, ... In Watches, In biomedical applications such as X-ray machines, CT scan, In Process control systems. 

Description : different types of errors occurs in measurement.

Last Answer : Generally errors are classified into three types: systematic errors, random errors and blunders. 1) Gross Errors 2) Random Errors 3) Systematic Errors Instrumental Errors Environmental ... to wrong observations or reading in the instruments particularly in case of energy meter reading. 

Description : List the different types of frequency meters.

Last Answer : Different types of frequency meters  1. Reed type [Mechanical type] 2. Ferro-dynamic type [Resonances type] 3. Weston type 4. Ratio-meter type 5. Saturable core type 6. Digital type

Description : List different types of FET.

Last Answer : Types of FETs:  1. Junction FET (JFET) i. N-Channel JFET ii. P-Channel JFET  2. MOSFET i. E-MOSFET ii. D-MOSFET 

Description : Which capacitors are suitable for DC filter circuits?

Last Answer : Electrolytic capacitors are suitable for DC filter circuits.

Description : Capacitors

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Description : Why capacitors are used to improve power factor?

Last Answer :  Capacitors generate reactive power instead of that drawn from source which is required by inductive loads.so it reduce the reactive current which is drawn from source to be drawn from capacitor.This control in Electric bills cost.

Description : What is the charge on each capacitor when a 150 V is applied across two capacitors with values 5 μF and 10 μF, connected in series? A) 500 μC B) 0.5 μC C) 0.5 C D) None of these

Last Answer : What is the charge on each capacitor when a 150 V is applied across two capacitors with values 5 μF and 10 μF, connected in series? A) 500 μC B) 0.5 μC C) 0.5 C D) None of these

Description : The circuit has resistors, capacitors and semi-conductor diodes. The circuit will be known as

Last Answer : The circuit has resistors, capacitors and semi-conductor diodes. The circuit will be known as non-linear circuit.

Description : Capacitors for power factor correction are rated in?

Last Answer : Capacitors for power factor correction are rated in kVAR.

Last Answer : For measurements on high voltage capacitors, the suitable bridge is Schering bridge.

Last Answer : The capacitors used in single-phase capacitor motors have no polarity marking.

Last Answer : In a distribution system, in order to improve power factor, the synchronous capacitors are installed at the receiving end.

Last Answer : Series capacitors on transmission lines are of little use when the load VAR requirement is small.

Last Answer : Series capacitors are used to compensate for line inductive reactance.

Description : List the types of filters.

Last Answer : Types of filter are as follows: 1. Shunt Capacitor filter (C filter) 2. Series Inductor filter (L filter) 3. LC filter 4. π filter (CLC filter)

Description : Define Multivibrator. State the types of multivibrator. Which M/V can be used as a flip-flop? Draw the circuit diagram.

Last Answer : Definition:- A multivibrator is an electronic circuit that switches rapidly by means of positive feedback between two or more states.  OR  A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a ... Bistable Multivibrator: it can operate as a flip-flop, Circuit diagram 

Description : What are the types of biasing?

Last Answer : Biasing is classified into 2 types.The 2 types are 1) Forward biasing 2) Reverse biasing

Description : What are the types of power losses in inductor?

Last Answer : Copper losses, Eddy current loss, and hysteresis loss are the types of power losses in inductor.

Last Answer : MOSFETs are of two types namely  1) enhancement type MOSFET  or  E-MOSFET 2) depletion type MOSFET  or  D-MOSFET

Description : different types of feedback amplifiers

Last Answer : Types of feedback amplifiers: 1. Positive feedback amplifiers 2. Negative feedback amplifiers (i)voltage series feedback amplifiers (ii)voltage shunt feedback amplifiers (iii)current series feedback amplifiers (iv)current shunt feedback amplifiers

Description : what are the three different types of Electric power?

Last Answer : Real,reactive,apparent power

Description : List the different level measurement methods. 

Last Answer : Liquid Level Measurement Direct method 1. Hook type 2. Sight glass gype 3. Float type 4. Dip stick Indirect method 1. Hydraustatic pressure type 2. Electrical type a) Capacitance level indicator b) Radiation level detector c) Ultrasonic level gauge 3. Radar type

Description : List different starting methods of three phase synchronous motor. Explain any one of them.

Last Answer : Different Starting Methods of Three Phase Synchronous Motor: As synchronous motor is not self starting, different methods of starting are as follows: 1) By using an Induction (Pony) motor 2) ... . The rotor gets pulled into synchronism and starts running at constant speed as a synchronous motor. 

Description : List different torques in synchronous motor. 

Last Answer : Different Torques in Synchronous Motor: 1) Starting torque 2) Running torque 3) Pull-in torque 4) Pull-out torque

Description : State the different methods of Power Generation adopted in India. 

Last Answer : 1. Hydro energy or hydro Electric power plant  2. Nuclear energy or nuclear Power Plant  3. Fossil fuels: i) Thermal energy (by combustion of coal) or Thermal Power Plant ii) Natural gas ... from any organic waste materials. It contains mixture of methane(50-65 % in volume) and carbon dioxide

Description : What are the factors to be considered while selection of motors for different drives?

Last Answer : Following Factors are considered while selecting electric drive (Motor) for particular application:  Factors to be considered for selection of Electrical Drives:  1) Nature of Supply:- Whether supply ... , load equalization 7) Cost: - Capital, Running and maintenance cost should be less.  

Description : List the four different units of pressure.

Last Answer : Different units of pressure. 1) Measured in pascal(Pa). 2) Measured in pounds per square inch(psi) 3) Measured in kilogram per square of centimeter (Kg/cm2 ). 4) Measured in newton per square meter (N/m2 ). 5) Measured in terms of liquid columns. mmHg or mmWc

Description : How are nuclear reactors controlled? Explain two different methods in brief.

Last Answer : Nuclear reactor is controlled using control rods: Control rods are made up of very high neutron absorbing material like boron, cadmium. By adjusting height of control rods on reactor core ... of nuclear reaction will increase. Whereas by pushing control rod towards the core it will reduce.

Description : Name the different torque and their function in measuring instrument.

Last Answer : List of torques in analog instruments:  1. Deflecting torque  2. Controlling / restraining torque.  3. Damping torque.  1. Deflecting torque:  - To create deflection of pointer ... .  - Bring the pointer to standstill quickly.  - To minimize oscillations about final position. 

Description : List the different methods to produce damping torque.

Last Answer : Methods of providing damping torque in indicating type instruments: 1) Air friction damping. 2) Fluid friction damping. 3) Eddy current damping.

Description : List the different errors in wattmeter & explain compensation for it.

Last Answer : Errors in Wattmeter Compensation method Error due to connection method To overcome this error, wattmeters are provided with additional compensating winding which is connected in series with ... due to friction The weight of moving system be reduced to minimum possible.

Last Answer : If two sinusoids of the same frequency but of different amplitudes and phase angles are subtracted, the resultant is a sinusoid of the same frequency.

Description : Describe different RT level computational and sequential components used to design single function processors.

Last Answer : RT-level combinational components:- To reduce the complexity in digital logic, combinational components are used, which are more powerful than logic gates.  Such combinational ... during a clock edge. An asynchronous inputs value effects the circuit independent of the clock.

Description : What are the different sources of renewable energy?

Last Answer : Solar Wind Tidal Geothermal

Description : Types of Fire Extinguishers? Use of Fire Extinguisher ?

Last Answer : Ans. CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers, DCP type Fire Extinguishers Used for extinguishing fires of (1) Solid fires (2) Liquid fires (3) Gasfires(4)Electric

Description : Wiring – types

Last Answer : Ans) a. Casing & Capping b. Concealed wiring c. Cleat Wiring d. Conduit Wiring – Cutting of wall.

Description : Enlist the types of shapers.

Last Answer : Types of shapers: Based on the type of driving mechanism: a) Crank type shaper. b) Geared type shaper. Based on ram travel: a) Horizontal shaper. b) Vertical shaper. Based on the table design: a ... shaper. b) Universal shaper. Based on cutting stroke. a) Push cut type. b) Draw cut type.

Description : Define earthing. State its types.  

Last Answer : Definition of earthing: * Earthing means connecting the metal body of electrical device to the general mass of earth by a wire of negligible resistance. OR * Earthing means connecting the metal body of ... ii) Pipe type earthing iii) Rod type earthing iv) Strip earthing v)Water main earthing

Description : State the types of protections provided by MCB. 

Last Answer : The types of protections provided by MCB: 1. MCB provides short circuit protection. 2. MCB provides overload protection

Description : Types of rolling mills and its applications

Last Answer : Types of rolling mills and its applications (1) Two-high rolling mill: used in blooming and slabbing mills (2) Three-high rolling mill: used for making plates or sections. (3) Four- ... : This mill is used for rolling stainless steel and other high strength steel sheets of thin gauge.

Description : Types of slotting machine

Last Answer : 1. Puncher slotter 2. Precision slotter 3. Production slotter  Working Principle of Slotting machine:- The slotting machine is a reciprocating machine tool in which, The vertical slide holding the cutting ... longitudinal and cross feeds, a rotary feed motion is also provided in the work table. 

Description : List types of chips produced in machining process.

Last Answer : The various types of chips produced in machining process are as follows: 1. Continuous chips: According to its name, continuous chips have a continuous segment. . 2. Discontinuous chips or segmental chips: ... chip is same as the continuous chips except a built edge is form at the face of tool.