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SF6 gas is nontoxic.

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Description : The following is/are the characteristics of SF6 circuit breakers:  (A) It does not need an auxiliary breaking chamber (B) Short break time of 2 to 2.5 cycles (C) All of the above (D) None of the above

Last Answer : The following is/are the characteristics of SF6 circuit breakers:  (A) It does not need an auxiliary breaking chamber (B) Short break time of 2 to 2.5 cycles (C) All of the above (D) None of the above

Description : what is SF6 circuit breaker?

Last Answer : SF6 is Sulpher hexa Fluoride gas. If this gas is used as arc quenching medium in a Circuit breaker means SF6 CB.

Description : What is the term for gas in neighbourhood coming from the sewage treatment plant?

Last Answer : Very strong overwhelming smell the word gas is part of the term.

Description : How much are your local gas prices?

Last Answer : West Virginia is at 1.79.

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Last Answer : For me, bell peppers are like kryptonite for my pipes. They seem to get slipped into the darnedest of foods! Of course, by the time I notice it's too late. Coupled with rapidly advancing age I can ... have left gifts for in the elevator. I am approaching the age my Father said Never trust a fart

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Last Answer : answer:What kind of car and what kind of gas mileage does it get? A five-hour drive is about 280 miles depending on stop-and-go. If you figure the car gets c. 28 mpg/ that's about 10 gallons of ... doing this driving to convenience you? Then it's simple. Pay to fill the tank when she stops for gas.

Description : Is it cheaper to grill with propane or natural gas?

Last Answer : According to this site for a given volume, propane contains about 2 and a half times the energy of natural gas. As for cost natural gas is about 1/6 of the price of propane. Also barbecue enthusiasts rate natural gas over propane.

Description : Can you help me get my gas fireplace working?

Last Answer : answer:Certainly you can replace the batteries in perfect safety. (I'm assuming that this is a commercial device of some kind with a UL - Underwriters' Laboratory - on it in some place. That UL sticker is ... It's going to be one or the other, I think: electronic ignition OR pilot light, not both.

Description : Can you store fart gas and use it?

Last Answer : No. It is methane, which causes global warming.

Description : Can I use propane to power a natural gas dryer?

Last Answer : You will need to have a LP or propane nozzle to replace the natural gas nozzle.

Description : Considering buying a 1/2 ton truck, gas or diesel?

Last Answer : answer:There is a reason 90% of OTR trucks use diesel, better fuel economy and they perform better under load than gasoline engines. Biggest drawbacks of diesel are it generally burns less cleanly than gas, ... turn into a gooey gel and not flow readily. They are also more expensive to work on.

Description : How long does it take for a little natural gas to safely clear out of a house?

Last Answer : answer:I would think that a half hour is fine, especially if you don't smell gas any more and you know for certain that the cause was your gas knob left on. But don't just take my word, I'd ... because the rules say they have to on any report of a gas leak, which is probably a good idea anyway

Description : How do you react when someone passes gas in front of you?

Last Answer : It depends on what kind of situation and how bad it is. I’ve been known to say, “Oh, MY!”, “Wow.” or “Oh, my god.” Sometimes, you just have to pretend it never happened. Especially, if it’s you.

Description : I've checked for leaks, but I still smell gas in the kitchen. Any ideas what it could be?

Last Answer : If you’re back tomorrow checking the responses then it wasn’t gas. :)

Description : Do you show favoritism to certain jellies on giving GA's or do you give GA's only for what you think, is a great answer?

Last Answer : answer:I NEVER take it personal. Even the jellies that I “lock horns” with from time to time. Will still get a GQ or a GA from me. Because… I NEVER take anything or anyone personal here. :-) I have even given a GA to some that were creative at trying to push my buttons.

Description : How do I solve constant gas, diarrhea, gurgling, and abdominal pain?

Last Answer : I’m all about home remedies, but when things get serious and it’s not something obvious, you should definitely see a doctor. The Internet, unfortunately, does not have a degree in bariatric medicine.

Description : Will a Sheetz gas card help my credit?

Last Answer : I think if you use it judiciously and pay it off completely every month, then it becomes a good credit reference when apply for a major credit card. Poor payment records follow you everywhere though so ... do that with my visa and they are constantly sending me letters wanting to up my credit limit.

Description : Do you usually stay loyal to a certain gas station or do you go for the cheapest gas?

Last Answer : wawa is usually always the cheapest station in town, so i go there. about $1.67 right now, i believe.

Description : Anyone concerned with the falling gas prices?

Last Answer : I am concerned that someone would have concerns such as you express in this question. My only concern about falling gas prices is that it may tend to increase fuel consumption and pollution, and to decrease the sense of urgency for the development of alternative fuel sources.

Description : What have your gas prices fallen to?

Last Answer : Sadly, here in rural NY, it is stil $2.90 due to heavy state taxes.

Description : Why are gas prices dropping so fast?

Last Answer : At some point this summer crude oil hit $140 a barrel, so gas prices were high. On Friday, despite an announcement saying oil production would be cut, crude continued to fall, hitting $63 or so. Ergo, ... 't feel the need to explain the crude oil/gasoline connection but I can if someone wants me to.

Description : Is there a time during the week where gas is cheaper?

Last Answer : If i had to guess i would say no but im only 14 so I dont drive yet.

Description : What relieves infants painful gas?

Last Answer : Gripe Water - or it was in my day. Sadly, I have no idea if it's still available.

Description : What is going to happen when gas prices exceed $4 per gallon this summer?

Last Answer : answer:People are going to scream about price gouging. Congress will pass a law or two relating to the matter. Those email forwards about how we'll break the back of the oil companies if we all boycott ... don't rely so much on driving. People will scream and complain, but pay the $4 per gallon.

Description : Dose any one know why we are paying so much for gas?

Last Answer : I often wonder and ask myself the samething. It’s crazy!

Description : What is your favorite convenience store and or gas station?

Last Answer : Mine is QT too! We don’t have any where I’m at, but there are tons around my aunts place in the Kansas city area. I love their slushies! Mmmmm… I wanna take a road trip now.

Description : Does ethanol decreases gas mileage?

Last Answer : answer:Type in your exact question in google, and you will get your answer! Yes, it decreases gas mileage.

Description : Where can I find information about guarenteed gas price cards?

Last Answer : answer:The only ones I have seen (and that come up on Google) are associated with buying low mileage large vehicles. Call the radio station. But remember, caveat emptor. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Description : How much is gas where you live?

Last Answer : North Carolina $3.89

Description : Describe Gas pressure in a container.

Last Answer : The molecules of a gas in container are in a continuous state of motion in all direction. There the molecule collides with each other and with the walls of the container. These collisions exert force on the walls of container and thus produce pressure.

Description : How to Deal with a Gas Leak

Last Answer : How to Deal with a Gas Leak Any fire - including a destructive inferno - starts with three things: a source of ignition, oxygen, and fuel. Whether it's a car or the heating and fuel pipelines in ... leaks quickly and properly, you don't have to think about what's the worst thing that could happen.

Description : How to Relieve Gas

Last Answer : How to Relieve Gas Excessive gas creates discomforts and pains. There are several causes for the build up of gas in the body. Here are some tips you can follow to relieve gas. Causes: ... might want to consult your doctor to check if you have a health condition that requires immediate treatment.

Description : How to Put Out a Gas Fire

Last Answer : How to Put Out a Gas Fire Gasoline is a very useful substance, but it is also one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world. When exposed to a spark or an open flame, any source of gasoline ... fire brigade. Gas fires are very dangerous, so you must take extra care when putting out gas fires.

Description : How to Build a Natural Gas Burnout Oven

Last Answer : How to Build a Natural Gas Burnout Oven How to Build a Natural Gas Burnout Oven Ever fancied making your own pizza or a homemade cake? Well, you can not only save big bucks but also make great baked ... the excess gas can escape. To do this try making a window on the top portion of the oven frame.

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Last Answer : How to Increase Gas Mileage Gasoline is a top priority in the budget of any car owner. You'll be surprised at how much you spend on gasoline in between refills, especially if you drive every day. With ... , but also save big money on trips to the fuel pump and refills for your car's fuel tank.

Description : How to Light the Pilot Light on a Gas Range

Last Answer : How to Light the Pilot Light on a Gas Range Gas ranges are easy to work with, you just turn the knob and they're ready to be used. Sometimes, though, your gas range's pilot light goes off, ... , though, it's best to contact a local gas company or the manufacturer, to help you solve the problem.

Description : How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

Last Answer : How to Clean a Gas Fireplace Not only does it add beauty and warmth to a room, a gas fireplace also creates less mess than the regular wood-burning fireplace. Having this unit in your home means ... how to make colored fireplace flames and as an additional treat read the 10 tips to a cleaner home.

Description : How to Calculate Gas Mileage ?

Last Answer : How to Calculate Gas Mileage Calculating gas mileage is a great way for you to determine if you're getting the most out of your gas. Some people like calculating gas mileage to compare road trips to ... 'll be able to determine how economical it actually is to take your car to travel. Good luck.

Description : How to choose a reliable and practical gas analyzer?

Last Answer : When working in a number of cases, it becomes necessary to clarify the qualitative and general quantitative composition of various gas mixtures. In such situations, it is necessary to use special ... choosing such a technique, you can be sure of its ultimate reliability, accuracy and durability.

Description : How to choose a gas stove? Buyer Tips

Last Answer : How to choose a gas stove? Buyer Tips Modern gas stoves are so functional that their characteristics are not inferior to electric ones. How not to get lost in the huge assortment? Let's see what you need ... not have to return to this issue for a long time. Happy choice and good shopping for you!

Description : With neat diagram explain the following terms: (i) Steam turbine co-generation system (ii) Gas turbine co-generation system

Last Answer : (i) Steam turbine co-generation system: The two types of steam turbines most widely used are the backpressure and the extraction. Another variation of the steam turbine topping ... power. The exhaust or the extracted steam from the steam turbine provides the required thermal energy.

Description : Explain the operation of advanced gas cooled reactor.

Last Answer : Operation:- Carbon dioxide or Helium is the gas used for transferring the heat produced form the reactor core to the Heat exchanger. The gas is pumped through the reactor core at high pressure. In heat ... The AGR was designed to have a high thermal efficiency 40 %. Steam pressure is 162 Kg/cm2 

Description : Reheating in a gas turbine (1) increases the compressor work (2) decreases the compressor work (3) increases the turbine work (4) decreases the turbine work

Last Answer : Reheating in a gas turbine increases the turbine work

Description : The use of regenerator in a gas turbine cycle  (1) increases efficiency but has no effect on output (2) increases output but has no effect on efficiency (3) increases both efficiency and output (4) increases efficiency but decreases output

Last Answer : The use of regenerator in a gas turbine cycle increases efficiency but has no effect on output

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Last Answer : Well, I don’t see the EU as punishing the UK. It was a totally predictable outcome based upon the economics. Everybody saw it coming. It’s just sad.

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Last Answer : This article gives the boiling points for different metals. They are all pretty high, which would no doubt make them toxic, in addition to any chemical reactions they would cause. According to the ... these metals would have in gaseous form. Here is a Wikipedia article on the toxicity of metals.

Description : How does the pneumatic valve work as the flow changes?

Last Answer : Through pressure differentials.

Description : We will soon have self driving cars. When can we have self-fueling vehicles?

Last Answer : You already do, it’s called the republican party, chock full of gas.

Description : Are the oil companies really hurting financially?

Last Answer : They’re doing just fine. The people working for them,the contractors servicing them, and all the folks formerly chasing the boom are hurtin.

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Last Answer : Vapors are feeling faint I believe. Some people with low blood sugar get them I believe.