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Fault diverters are basically fast switches.

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Description : If the fault current is 6000 A, the relay plug setting is 150% and the CT ratio is 400/5, the plug setting multiplier will be

Last Answer : If the fault current is 6000 A, the relay plug setting is 150% and the CT ratio is 400/5, the plug setting multiplier will be 10

Description : If the % reactance upto the fault point is 20%, then the short circuit current will be

Last Answer : If the % reactance upto the fault point is 20%, then the short circuit current will be 5 times the full load current

Description : With fault clearing time, the transient stability of a power system

Last Answer : With fault clearing time, the transient stability of a power system decreases

Description : To protect the power transformer (Y-Y with neutral grounded) against fault, what type of connection do the CTs have ?

Last Answer : To protect the power transformer (Y-Y with neutral grounded) against fault, what type of connection do the CTs have ? Δ-Δ connection

Last Answer : The inverse definite mean time relays are used for over current and earth fault protection of transformer against internal short-circuits.

Last Answer : Reactance relay is preferred for phase fault on short transmission line.

Description : In which fault the maximum short circuit current occurs?

Last Answer : In three phase bolted fault the maximum short circuit occurs.

Description : Which is the most common type of fault?

Last Answer : Single phase to ground fault is the most common type of fault.

Description : Give the causes and impact and reasons of grid system fault. 

Last Answer : Following are the causes/reasons grid system fault: 1. Major imbalance between generation and consumption i.e. demand is more than generation. 2. Low frequency, due to some faults the frequency ... of supply and causes inconvenience to people. 6. Disturb the routine work of common all people.

Description : If an unsymmetrical line to ground fault occurs at the secondary terminals of a delta/star, ungrounded transformer, then  (A) zero sequence currents are present on both sides of the transformer  (B) ... side  (D) zero sequence currents are present on the primary side but not on the secondary side

Last Answer : If an unsymmetrical line to ground fault occurs at the secondary terminals of a delta/star, ungrounded transformer, then zero sequence currents are absent on both sides of the transformer 

Description : If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400:5, the plug setting multiplier will be

Last Answer : If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400:5, the plug setting multiplier will be 10 A

Description : A shunt fault is characterized by (A) Increase in current, frequency and pf (B) Increase in current, reduction in frequency and pf (C) Increase in current and frequency, reduction in pf (D) Decrease in current and frequency

Last Answer : B

Description : Which of the following statements is incorrect? (a) Station batteries are used to operate relay only (b) The lightning arresters are basically surge diverters (c) An impedance relay has maximum fault current when fault occurs near the relay (d) A high speed relay has an operation of 1 to 2 cycles

Last Answer : (a) Station batteries are used to operate relay only

Description : Fault diverters are basically (a) fuses (b) relays (c) fast switches (d) circuit breakers

Last Answer : (c) fast switches

Description : Explain fault bus protection scheme.

Last Answer : Fault bus protection of busbar: In this scheme, the substation is so designed that every fault on the bus bar is converted to earth fault. Under normal operating conditions, there is no current flowing ... This results in operation of relay to actuate trip coil of CB to trip the circuit.

Description : How the alternator can be protected from inter-turn fault?

Last Answer : Inter-turn fault Protection: Figure shows scheme for one phase only. It is identical for other phases. Under normal working condition, the two currents in the stator winding sections (S1 and S2) are ... relay coil to operate it, leading to isolation of the alternator from the power system.

Description : If a relay fails to operate for a fault within its reach, it is said to

Last Answer : If a relay fails to operate for a fault within its reach, it is said to Under reach

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