How does an induction cooktop stove work?

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Basically put, an induction cooktop creates heat in the pan or pot you place on it, whereas a regular cooktop heats a burner, which in turn heats the pan or pot. It's basically heating with magnetism. As such, glass, aluminum or ceramic dishware will not heat on this type cooktop. You must have stainless-stell, cast iron or enamelware. If a magnet sticks to the cookware, you can heat with it on a induction cooktop.

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Description : What are the benefits of an induction cooktop stove?

Last Answer : Induction stoves offer ease of cleaning as well as smooth surfaces. They also have an added benefit of shorter cook time due to the rapid ability of the burners to achieve a boil or cooking temperatures.

Description : What is the cost and the vendor for the best induction cooktop?

Last Answer : First determine how much you want to spend. The prices on the ovens can vary drastically with special features that you might not need. Do your homework and decide just what you want/need and ignore the fancy gadgets that will just go to waste.

Description : Is a standard cooktop or an induction cooktop better?

Last Answer : An induction cooker uses induction heating for cooking. Unlike other forms of cooking, heat is generated directly in the pot or pan cooking vessel, as opposed to being generated in the stovetop by electrical coils or burning gas

Description : What dishes can be made in an Indian hostel with an induction stove and a medium sized vessel?

Last Answer : you can cook everything except a roti and chapati. Vessel size is not a problem for single person. who can make pualo, khichdi, dalia, poha, upma, sabji

Description : Can I use copper pans on my induction stove?

Last Answer : It is not common for copper pans to be compatible with induction stoves. All-Clad has recently designed Copper Core that wasn't previously compatible but is now. Also you can purchase an adapter plate from Max Burton at

Description : Same ingredients, cooktop or oven; what's the difference, dietetically?

Last Answer : An oven heats it from all sides, which will give you a crust on top.

Description : Steam coming from cooktop?

Last Answer : My stove/oven vents out the back left top of the unit. It is not a GE product, but your vent may be where you are seeing the steam. I’d check the owners manual and if that is where the vent is I would not worry about it too much.

Description : What kind of cooktop heats almost instantly and then doesn't burn immediately after you remove the pot?

Last Answer : I think it's called induction. A glass top, right? Very expensive. We should all invest in these though they take getting used to because it's a different kind of cooking. The pan heats up ... is many times more efficient than, say, the dangerous, pleasurable open flame you get with a gas stove.

Description : How to Choose an Electric Cooktop?

Last Answer : When you're remodeling your kitchen, you're going to need how tochoose an electric cooktop. These cooking surfaces are cleaner andeasier to use than their gas counterparts, though deciding ... this technology is still quite new,energy efficient cooktops can also be quite expensive. By settingyours

Description : What brand of inductinon cooktop heats the fastest?

Last Answer : Electrolux rance with induction cooktop is said to be 70% more energy efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric. Surface sensors automatically detect the presence of magnetic cookware, ... pan. This stove top uses both electric conduction and induction cooking with its 5 burners.

Description : What does Perma-Flame Instant Re-Ignition mean on the Dacor SGM304S 30" Preference All-Gas 4 Burner Cooktop ?

Last Answer : If the piolet light blows out it will reignite instantly so you do not need matches.

Description : What can cause hot food in the pan (on stove top) explode? See detail.

Last Answer : Water explodes when added to hot oil.

Description : Effects of sleeping in an apartment after a cooking mishap with the stove?

Last Answer : It should be safe.

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Last Answer : Was it an accident,or did ya do it on purpose? Guess I would have to clean any mess it would have made before Mrs Squeeky saw it and freaked, then go get a new cellphone. The closest thing I ever ... where I left it called it and found it ringing away in the hamper luckily no one was doing wash yet.

Description : What causes a stove to smell like burning plastic?

Last Answer : Did someone put a bread wrapper in the oven ? ? ?

Description : Do you see portable stove/burner hot plate, shown in the detail without having to really search?

Last Answer : Duh ? ?

Description : Can you help me come up with some low carb stove top dinner ideas?

Last Answer : Frozen mixed veggies if you have a fridge. Fruits and vegetables are cheap and good for you. Variety of sliced deli meats in a sandwich with tomato’s, lettuce and cheese. Pierogi’s and sour cream. Tomato soup with grilled cheese for dipping.

Description : What have you avoided eating because it has been too hot to use the oven or stove?

Last Answer : Right now, this minute, I’m avoiding putting my stampot in the microwave. The use-by date is today, so I should consume it, but it is a very moist 83 degrees here, and stampot is a winter dish.

Description : What should one do if a stove top burner stopped working before calling an expert or getting rid of it?

Last Answer : You can buy a replacement burner at a good hardware store. It takes 30 seconds to pop out the old one, and 30 more to pop in a new one. Fixed!

Description : In kitchen design, why is the window always behind the sink and never behind the stove?

Last Answer : Two reasons 1) Many homes have either a metallic splashpad behind the oven, or sometimes a wall protector for fire. So that block the window, if there were one, at the stove. Along with that, many ... a boring job - and they want to look out the windows while doing such a boring and unpleasant job.

Description : Is the coffee from a Nespresso machine as good as coffee made from a stove espresso pot or a french press?

Last Answer : It’s different. I like my Nespresso and I use it all the time. Is it “as good”? Probably not. But it’s better than Keurig.

Description : Could the food in the pot (on the stove) burn with the liquid still in it?

Last Answer : answer:If the liquid is fat, then yes, the food can burn. Also, some foods will scorch on the bottom of the pan even if there’s still quite a bit of liquid. Thick mixtures are most likely to do this.

Description : Freestanding propane stove won't stay lit?

Last Answer : answer:Oh man! I get it. I have called Lopi with wod burning stove questions and they referred me to the dealer. I am shooting from the hip here but this might help. I assume this is the first time the stove has ... That, too, is in the manual. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck. dmaper .

Description : What difference will there be in my "baked beans" if I cook them on the stove top instead of baking them?

Last Answer : You probably could get a similar result on a stove top, but if I had the option, I think a slow cooker or crock pot would be better. BTW, you have my mouth watering.

Description : Can you give some tips to this wood stove noob?

Last Answer : I have experience with wood stoves. The ones with no glass in the door. I never thought about raking the coals to the front or touching them. If you have red hot coals you don't have to do much ... remember. I think we'd repeat what I just outlined but, then, we lived in Texas; not northern Canada.

Description : Is a high end gas stove really much better than the average priced one?

Last Answer : answer:I think the thing you have to do is look at the highest priced ones and work your way down from there. Print out the features (best done on-line wthout a salesperson) and mark out the ones ... the lowest priced-plus-shipping. BUT. To answer your question simply, I'd just buy a nice cooktop.

Description : Why cook these in a crock pot when you have a stove?

Last Answer : Everything seems to burn on my (electric) stove. Plus, I can plug the crock pot in the dining room if I need the kitchen counter space. Convenient and hands off.

Description : How should I dispose of used propane tanks (camp stove size)?

Last Answer : Ehow seems to know how

Description : Does anyone like their smooth top electric stove?

Last Answer : answer:I hate Electric stoves, period. The glass top ones (which is here currently, also a GE ) are horrible. If anything spills or boils over, it can get fused to the glass if the heat is ... the absolutely fastest for boiling water. It is more expensive, but in my opinion, more than worth it.

Description : Can you live without a dishwasher, microwave, stove or garbage disposal ?

Last Answer : answer:I don't have a garbage disposal so I definitely could live without that. I also don't have a microwave, so I definitely could live without that. Someone gave me one for Christmas, I didn't use it ... . I probably could live without a dishwasher if I didn't have one, but it's a nice luxury.

Description : What's the best way to clean gas stove burners?

Last Answer : answer:I suggest that you use hot water, a brillo pad and elbow grease. The instructions for most self-cleaning ovens tell you to remove the stainless steel racks before cleaning because they will discolor. ... 's 800 number, if you were feeling creative. Or, as a last resort, read the manual.

Description : Is it safe to use an electric stove as a heater?

Last Answer : answer:Yes it is safe - as long as you are careful about not putting anything on the stove. All UL approved electric ranges are rated to run 24 hours without damage. You will not be using up ... , then electricity, then oil, and finally LPG (most expensive). Oil and Electiricy are very close here.

Description : How do I identify wood for use in a wood stove?

Last Answer : I use hardwoods, from deciduous (leafed) trees because it burns longer and better. Make sure the wood is seasoned (dry) or it gunks up the flue and the chimney and won’t start without a huge effort. Sending this to someone who heats exclusively with wood…

Description : Do you have a way of making sure you did not leave the stove on?

Last Answer : Well, I have a smooth-top electric stove and I also have cats that like to hop up on my counters when they think I'm not looking. I keep two (attractive) tea kettles on my stove at all time, and ... their paws. If it starts whistling a little bit later, I know that I forgot to turn off the burner.

Description : How do I clean my electric stove?

Last Answer : Here are instructions on how to clean the heating elements. For the drip pans underneath, a good soak and a soft brush or scrub sponge should work. If they scratch, replacements are cheap. I’ve seen them for sale at The Dollar Store.

Description : What are some healthy recipes that don't involve an oven/stove?

Last Answer : answer:Get thee to the nearest _______Mart and invest $25 on an electric skillet. Seriously. Add a crock pot, too. There are entire websites devoted to $5 one-skillet meals. I love them, myself. It ... fresh veggies and some chicken breast, and all you have to do is rinse out the skillet afterward!

Description : What do I use to remove the melted plastic from the stove top? See detail?

Last Answer : I'd open some windows turn on a fan and get some ventilation going, then turn on the stove and heat the plastic up, while constantly wiping with paper towels, or something else that's sturdy that you ... and putting it over a fire or grill outdoors so the burning plastic doesn't stink up your home.

Description : What is the best pot to make oatmeal in on a gas stove?

Last Answer : A clean pot is the healthiest. No stick surface cleans easily. If it is real oatmeal, the kind that takes an hour to cook, the heavier, thicker the pot the better. Or use a slow cooker. If it is ... type of oatmeal (which I think is inedible), you can do it in the microwave right in the bowl.

Description : What's the best way to clean a dirty cast iron stove top?

Last Answer : Describe the nature of the dirt. (Not rust?)

Description : How do I clean my stove top?

Last Answer : Leave a wet cloth on it for a few hours and it will probably just wipe off.

Description : I can't find stove burner covers I like, so I would like to put an image onto black ones - any idea how?

Last Answer : The stove is not being used and these cover the burners and they have a flat top? Peel and Stick printer paper, clean the surface with alcohol and print the image on the paper and peel and stick. at least this is the way I might get it done!

Description : How do I get the burners on my stove to stop smoking?

Last Answer : Clean them. Unless there is oil or fat on them they cannot smoke. Perhaps try an oven cleaner? Are you sure that it is the burners, and not the drip tray or the area beneath it that is smoking

Description : How would I dispose of a fridge and stove in the Memphis area?

Last Answer : If they are workable or easily repaired, call your local women’s shelter. Ofter the women set up apartments for themselves and possibly their children and appreciate anything they can get.

Description : Is it bad to wrap the burner drip-catchers (don't know if they have a special name) on an electric stove with alumimum?

Last Answer : I’ve never heard that. Before we moved to a house with a gas stove (YEAH!), our electric range’s burners were constantly covered in aluminum foil (for ease of cleaning). We never had a problem, but then, we are just one family.

Description : Should my gas stove smell faintly of gas?

Last Answer : there will be some seals in the gas lines.. usually rubber stoppers or a teflon film around the actual connector. try some soapy water on all the access points and if you see bubbles then there ... too much if your gas stove starts smelling like charcoal however you have an issue on your hands.

Description : What do I do about the mouse living in my stove?

Last Answer : Lure it out of the stove with a non-kill trap and then put it in a field away from your house.

Description : How to move an old stove?

Last Answer : call pge...really, they will make a visit and ensure you are using the cranes and whatnot without setting the house ablaze

Description : what is the optimal temperature at the base of the stove above a woodstove to avoid creosote buildup.

Last Answer : answer:The ‘optimal’ temperature, I cannot say. However this eHow describes steps you can take to avoid this problem: They do mention quickly getting the heat to over 220º in step 3. Cheers!

Description : I am redoing a kitchen and need a new stove top and oven (separate applicances)--both electric. What are the best kinds, and where to buy them?

Last Answer : consider a gas stove. i know you didn't ask, but they are so much easier (and less dangerous) to cook on.

Description : does anyone know how I would get an older model Jenn Air downdraft stove repaired?

Last Answer : Call a local repair shop, maybe find the parts you need on ebay.