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An isolator is installed generally on both sides of a circuit breaker.

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Description : Isolator in substation is open under ___________ condition?  (A) No load (B) Short circuit (C) Full load (D) None of the above

Last Answer : no load

Last Answer : For cost and safety, the outdoor substations are installed for voltages above 33 kV.

Description : Sequence of operation of isolator and circuit breaker while opening and closing

Last Answer : Sequence of operation of Isolator and C.B while opening & closing is as below:  While Opening:   1. Open circuit breaker  2. Open Isolator  3. Close earthing switch  While Closing:  ... breaker is open  2. Open earthing switch  3. Close isolator  4. Close circuit breaker

Description : Write working of opto coupler as an isolator.

Last Answer : Optocoupler is as shown in fig. it consist of LED as an light source and phototransistor act as light detector.  When input pulse is applied LED turns ON.Light emitted by LED focused on CB ... starts flowing.As input pulse reduces to zero LED turns OFF collector current becomes zero. 

Description : How is marble floor installed?

Last Answer : After the cladding tiles made from natural marble began to appear on the market, it became possible to arrange real marble floors. Increasingly, marble floors can be found in residential mansions and ... . It is also desirable to treat the surface of the marble with a protective polymerizing film.

Description : Phase modifier is normally installed

Last Answer : Phase modifier is normally installed in case of long lines

Last Answer : In a distribution system, in order to improve power factor, the synchronous capacitors are installed at the receiving end.

Last Answer : For high value of diversity factor, a power station of given installed capacity will be in a position to supply more number of consumers.

Description : With neat diagram explain the operation of Horizontal break isolator.

Last Answer : Operation of Horizontal Break Isolator: 1) Fixed female contacts of metal are supported on stack of insulator. 2) Male contact rod is connected to central insulating support which can be ... on galvanized steel channel or steel frame. The moving male contact can be move through 90o.

Description : What is the difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker?

Last Answer : Isolator is an off load device which is used for isolating the downstream circuits from upstream circuits for the reason of any maintenance on downstream circuits. It is manually operated and does ... is rated current and 2 is short circuit breaking capacity and 3 is instantaneous tripping current.

Description : Does the Wire Rope Isolator dash number at the end of the model number have meaning?

Last Answer : In general it represents the number of loops in the isolator.

Description : Do the three digit Wire Rope Isolator (WRI) model index numbers have any meaning?

Last Answer : The difference between a 200, 400, 600, and 800 index number has relative meaning within a series. The larger the number the taller the isolator but the lower the isolator stiffness.

Description : What does the WR series number represent on standard Wire Rope Isolator (WRI)?

Last Answer : The number following WR represents the wire diameter in 32nd of an inch. The WRS series isolators use 5/32” diameter wire.

Description : What type of mounting option should I select on a Wire Rope Isolator (WRD?

Last Answer : Application dependent, but in general, for shock applications use mounting options "B," "D," or "E"

Description : How much damping can be expected from a Wire Rope Isolator (WRI)?

Last Answer : WRI have between 5% and 20% damping. The amount of damping is related to wire diameter and stroke. The larger the wire diameter, the more damped (and stiffer) the isolator. Damping can be less with small amplitude vibration.

Description : What is the difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker?

Last Answer : A: Isolator is a off load device which is used for isolating the downstream circuits from upstream circuits for the reason of any maintenance on downstream circuits. it is manually operated ... specification 1) rated current 2) short circuit breaking capacity and 3) Instantaneous tripping current.

Description : A component that samples the microwave signal travelling in one direction down to the transmission line A. Isolator B. Combiner C. Directional coupler D. Attenuator

Last Answer : C. Directional coupler

Description : What is the device used in fiber optic communication which consist of a receiver transmitter use to clean up and amplify digital data moving in one direction and another in the opposite direction? A. Optic compressors B. Optic retarders C. Optic isolator D. Optic regenerators

Last Answer : D. Optic regenerators

Description : A quarter wavelength devices made of crystalline calcite that changes polarization in the optic fiber communication. A. Isolator B. Retarder C. Polarizer D. Filters

Last Answer : B. Retarder

Description : How can intermodulation interference between two transmitters in close proximity reduced or eliminated? A. Through installing a band-pass filter in the antenna feed line B. Through installing terminated circulator ... high driving power D. By installing a low-pass filter in the antenna feed line

Last Answer : A. Through installing a band-pass filter in the antenna feed line

Description : Referred to as a ferrite device that can be used in lieu of a duplexer to isolate a microwave transmitter and receiver when both are connected to the same antenna. A. Isolator B. Circulator C. Coupler D. Diode.

Last Answer : B. Circulator

Description : What is the difference between circuit breaker and isolator?

Last Answer : Isolator is a disconnecting switch which is not having the making and breaking capacity. Bus coupler - 2000A Feeders - 1600 A

Description : Give the details of switchyard 220 kV CB, Isolator, CT, CVT and lightning arrestor.  

Last Answer : 220 kV SF6 Circuit Breaker 1. Make - ABB 2. Air pressure blocking a. Close Block - 17.3 bar. b. Open block - 16.7 bar. c. Auto reclose block - 19 bar. 3. SF6 pressure block a. Alarm - 5. ... , storage and erection. Rated voltage : 216 kV rms. Operating voltage : 184 kV rms. 

Description : What is the difference between isolator and contactor?

Last Answer : Contactor is used for on load operation. Because they are fast acting devices. They posses arc chamber and arc chutes. Arc chamber and arc chute make it easy to extinguish the arc produced during on ... acting devices. The arc time is more in slow acting devices and operated only in off load. 

Description : Curl cannot be employed in which one of the following? a) Directional coupler b) Magic Tee c) Isolator and Terminator d) Waveguides

Last Answer : d) Waveguides

Description : Which of the following is the least expensive protection for overcurrent is low voltage system ? (a) Rewireable fuse (b) Isolator (c) Oil circuit breaker (d) Air break circuit breaker (e) None of the above

Last Answer : (a) Rewireable fuse

Description : A function of an optic isolator ∙ a. Cancels reflective waves ∙ b. Amplifies signal transmitted ∙ c. Filters unnecessary signals ∙ d. All of these

Last Answer : a. Cancels reflective waves

Description : Suppose a student is a chain smoker and generally he leaves the period or comes late due to smoking, How would you like to compromise with such a student in the class? Options: A) Applying ... him on assembly ground C) Expelling him from the school D) Sharing the habit and become friendly

Last Answer : A) Applying suggestive measures in a isolator conditions

Description : What is the significance of signal conditioner? Explain the need of following in mechatronics system. i) Isolator ii) Filter iii) Amplifier iv) Data converter

Last Answer : Significance: Signal conditioning means manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage for further processing. Signal inputs accepted by signal ... -frequency converters, current-to-voltage converters, current loop converters, and charge converters.  

Description : Define opto-isolator. Explain the role of opto-isolator in PLC.

Last Answer : Role of optoisolator in PLC: An optoisolator is a semiconductor device that uses a short optical transmission path to transfer an electrical signal between circuits or elements of a ... disruptions, optoisolators offer a safe interface between high-voltage components and low-voltage devices.