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Oil switches are employed for high voltages and large currents circuits.

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Last Answer : The contacts of high voltage switches used in power system are submerged in oil. The main purpose of the oil is to extinguish the arc.

Description : Explain magnetic effect employed in measuring instrument.

Last Answer : Magnetic Effect:  I) In PMMC meters:  ➢ When a current is passed through a conductor, magnetic field is produced round the conductor. Due to this field when current ... field it experiences a mechanical force.  Examples: Electrodynamometer type instruments, Induction type instrument. 

Description : List any four effects employed in measuring instruments.

Last Answer : Effects Employed in Measuring Instruments: 1. Magnetic Effect 2. Electromagnetic induction 3. Heating effect 4. Electrostatic effect 5. Hall Effect 

Description : Reflector mirrors employed for exploiting solar energy are called the  (1) Mantle (2) Heliostats (3) Diffusers (4) Ponds

Last Answer : Reflector mirrors employed for exploiting solar energy are called the Heliostats

Last Answer : In A.C. series motor compensating winding is employed to reduce sparking at the brushes.

Description : The arc temperature in Oil Circuit Breaker may reach up to_______.  (A) 5,000° K (B) 8,000° K (C) 10,000° K (D) None of the above

Last Answer : The arc temperature in Oil Circuit Breaker may reach up to 5,000° K 

Description : The Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB) is named because of :  (A) Reduced requirement of oil (B) Reduced requirement of air (C) All of the above (D) None of the above

Last Answer : The Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB) is named because of : Reduced requirement of oil 

Description : ln a minimum oil circuit breaker the oil is used

Last Answer : ln a minimum oil circuit breaker the oil is used to act as circuit breaking medium only

Description : The current zero interruption, in oil and air blast circuit breakers, is achieved by?

Last Answer : The current zero interruption, in oil and air blast circuit breakers, is achieved by lengthening of the gap, cooling and blast effect.

Description : How do you undo excess oil resulting in the locking mechanism no longer working?

Last Answer : All I can think of is keep turning the wheels until the clicking starts or stops depending on which one is the problem. And be patient. Don’t rush it.

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Last Answer : We have quite a bit left and are moving to other resources. I don’t see that scenario in our future. We don’t actually have to wait for it to run out, war is fought over oil all the time

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Last Answer : You might learn more about the topic by simply googling “pipeline lease” and see where that takes you. It’s not a novel or even particularly unusual topic. I don’t know anything more about it than that “it’s a thing”, so I don’t know how it’s managed.

Description : In the oil business, what is a "mud man" and how much do they earn?

Last Answer : answer:I lived in Louisiana for a while and I had neighbors who worked on the offshore rigs. They pour fluids ( mud ) in the hole as they drill. It keeps water out, lubricates the drill bit, and ... then they have a week or two off. A mud engineer averages $108,032 a year, according to Rigzone'

Description : Does home heating oil settle, fractionate, or deteriorate if it sits in the tanks for years?

Last Answer : No, but there could be some rust from condensation (as well as condensation) sitting at the bottom of the tank. If in doubt, install an in-line oil filter. (A primary fuel filter for a Diesel engine is cotton wound to absorb water.)

Description : Now that the Keystone XL oil pipeline is canceled then what options does Alberta have to ship oil?

Last Answer : Keystone XL was designed to feed oil tanker exports. Why cross the entire USA? Build a pipeline to Vancouver. No need for US approval.

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Last Answer : It burned.

Description : What will happen to our space travels when it is declared there is no longer enough oil to explore the cosmos?

Last Answer : Rockets typically do not run on oil.

Description : Do you know anyone who swishes and "pulls oil" for oral health?

Last Answer : Sounds like some stupid fad to me, I think only the usual fad nuts will swish olive oil around in their mouth for close to half an hour.

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Last Answer : answer:When buying and selling unrefined oil on the world market (or any other raw material, for that matter, from iron ore to cotton to sugar) there have to be ways to grade the goods so ... grindability - but I think the range of petroleum variations is generally narrower than it is for coal.

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Last Answer : The next step is being taken. On the east coast I have noticed a huge influx of commercials about how beautiful the beaches in Floriada are, come spend your vacation in Florida, etc. At the end ... Florida tourism. They have swept any residual oil affects under the rug or actually, under the ocean.

Description : Will a successful oil spill clean up in the gulf leave a residue that is not able to be cleaned?

Last Answer : answer:No, but close. There is always residuals. Like the ocean you can then run the pool filter to get the rest of the nasties out.

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Last Answer : Nothing she says makes sense. She is a moron.

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Last Answer : I have no idea if it will cause human extinction within a few months but it will have a severe effect on human health, marine life, and our water supply. The well has no predetermined amount ... leak alone, humans will be extinct. We are getting there closer each day with new historic disasters.

Description : Does anyone know if Obama is allowing BP to drill relief wells to stop the Gulf oil spill?

Last Answer : Yes, two of them.

Description : Is there any positive ecological effect possible from the Gulf oil spill?

Last Answer : answer:Good question. I wonder if the spilled oil is different than natural, fresh-out-of-the-ground oil. If so, the question would fundamentally change, because the oil wouldn’t be a naturally occurring product as-is. Check this out.

Description : BP oil is spending billions to clean up the oil spill. How long will it take for them to start charging us for their efforts?

Last Answer : answer:The began charging us about a decade ago !! I don't think they can raise gas prices much more as it is back to $3 a gallon in most of the country which it's pretty much the limit of what ... strung up ! * I believe they will have to build a expansion wing in Hell to house BP executives !!

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Last Answer : Shark liver oil: 1. Dissolve 1gm of shark liver oil in 1ml of chloroform and treat with 0.5ml of sulphuric acid. It acquires light violet colour, changing to purple and finally to brown ( ... solution of antimony trichloride in chloroform. Shake it well. A blue colour is developed (due to Vitamin

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Last Answer : One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the oil filter. As the name implies, it is used to decontaminate the oil in an engine from any impurities as the engine runs. It is a ... wall. During the process, the impurities are stuck in the inner wall. Sidestream/kidney loop/offline filters

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Last Answer : Synthetic oil is the term used to refer to oil after the once-crude oil is synthesized using other chemicals to produce oil with altered properties. This is done basically to create a substitute for ... that allows consumers to use an oil that has the benefits of both pure oil and synthetic oil.

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Last Answer : Most people think that oil is mined only from hard rock foundations. What some people may not know is that oil deposits can also be found in sand. This is called by many names - tar sands ... includes the heavy use of natural gas and the alteration of the natural landscape where oil sands are found.

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Last Answer : They say that there's a tool for every job, and using anything else other than it is essentially running the risk of either botching up the job or being less efficient with it. For changing ... driver. When you turn the driver counterclockwise, the gears cause the prongs to clench the filter body.

Description : What is Oil Rigs

Last Answer : An oil rig is the structure that is placed above a target oil drilling site. Oil rigs are also known as oil platforms. Oil rigs found inland are accessible via land transportation, while oil ... case of full-scale emergencies inside oil rigs, like fire, search and rescue operations, and evacuation.

Description : Oil Filter Ratings

Last Answer : When grading oil filters, three main criteria must be considered: single-pass efficiency, multiple-pass efficiency, and the micron rating for particle pass-through. Single-Pass Efficiency Single- ... using an ISO approved particle counting is used to determine the real efficiency of oil filters.

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Last Answer : Like most specialized equipments, an oil filter is only as good as its manufacturer. Over the years several oil filter manufacturers have made a name for themselves. Most of these did this by earning ... on dedicated vehicle or auto parts forums. Get opinion from them, as well as tips and advice.

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Last Answer : For motorists and vehicle enthusiasts, getting replacement parts can pose a problem, especially if you live in a town where such parts are scarce. Sometimes, you'll have to use another part that looks like ... guide. It will save you trouble and money, and maybe, give you some knowledge on the side.

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Last Answer : It is a common fact that not everything is created equal. In a particular category, one will always have an advantage over the another, whether it's by price, quality, or over-all performance. Even ... . Don't reply on the overall rating, but rather, focus on the characteristics that matter to you.

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Last Answer : It is recommended that you change your oil filter once every six months (or every 6000 miles, whichever of the two comes first). Failure to do so will have your engine run the risk of degradation and failure ... the filter mounts to the engine. Screw the new filter in place. Put in the new oil.

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Last Answer : Like most vehicles, a motorcycle needs constant maintenance and repairs when it gets bogged down. One of the most important parts you need to replace every half a year or so is the motorcycle oil filter ... . Make sure that the filter you choose has the same by-pass valve setting as the original.

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Last Answer : How to Clean Up an Oil Spill Oil spills are a common occurrences in our kitchens, especially since we use oil so much in our cooking. Oil spills are one of the tougher ones to clean because they ... up little oil splatters, use an old newspaper or paper towels to absorb the small amounts of oil.

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Last Answer : How to Replace an Oil Filter Oil changes may seem cheap, but if you calculate the cost of every oil change you've had at a gas station or a garage, you'll have big savings if you do it on your ... have to pay a few extra dollars for someone to perform a maintenance task that you can do on your own.

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Last Answer : How to Fix an Oil Leak That streak of oil you see on the road when you drive is not something ordinary; it can be a potentially dangerous oil leak. Not only do oil leaks cost you big money in refilling ... to help you fix an oil leak, you don't have to pay big money for a repair job ever again.

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Last Answer : How to Check Your Car's Oil Level Next to fuel and water, oil is the lifeblood of your car. Checking the quality and the level of oil in your car is a very important part of regular automobile ... and steps, checking oil does not have to cost you anything at the auto repair shop or gas station.

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Last Answer : How to Check Your Car's Oil Along with fuel and water, oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Part of good auto maintenance is to check your oil levels and the quality of your engine oil ... you can preserve the lifespan of your engine and improve your car's performance with a simple oil check.

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