The order of insects which includes beetles is known as: a) Coleoptera (pron: kO-lee-op-teh-rah) b) Orthoptera (pron: or-tho-op-teh-rah) c) Hymenoptera (pron: high-meh-nop-teh-rah) d) Diptera (pron: dip-teh-rah)

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Answer :

ANSWER: A -- Coleoptera

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Description : Highly evolved insect order is (a) Hymenoptera (b) Coleoptera (c) Hemiptera (d) Diptera

Last Answer : (a) Hymenoptera

Description : Beetles belong to ordera. Diptera b. Isoptera c. Coleoptera d. Lepidoptera

Last Answer : c. Coleoptera

Description : Mosquitoes belong to the order: C A. Hemiptera B. Orthoptera C. Diptera D. Trichoptera

Last Answer : Diptera

Description : Most of the fungi commonly observed are members of this group of fungi, which includes toadstools, mushrooms and puffballs. This group of fungi is known as: a) Phycomycetes (pron: fI-kO-my-seats) b) Ascomycetes ... ) c) Basidomycetes (pron: beh-sid-E-O-my-seats) d) Plyocetes (pron: ply-O-seats)

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- Basidomycetes

Description : The condition in which there is a DECREASE in the number of white blood cells in humans is known as: a) leukocytosis (pron: lew-kO-sigh-toe-sis) b) leukopenia (pron: lew-kO-pea-nee-ah) c) leukemia (pron: lew-kee-me-ah) d) leukohyperia (pron: lew-kO-high-per-e-ah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukopenia

Description : The several types of white blood cells are sometime collectively referred to as: a) erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-row-cites) b) leukocytes (pron: lew-kah-cites) c) erythroblasts (pron: eh-rith-rah-blast) d) thrombocytes (pron: throm-bow-cites)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukocytes 

Description : Sponges are included in which of the following phyla? a) Cnidaria (pron: nid-air-e-ah) b) Porifera c) Reptilia d) Foraminifera (pron: feh-ram-eh-nif-eh-rah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- PORIFERA 

Description : On a topographic map, lines that indicate water depth are termed: w) isogonic lines (pron: eye-seh-gone-ik) x) bathymetric lines (pron: bath-i-meh-trik) y) isopachs z) none of these


Description : Select the hormone INCORRECTLY paired with its target. a) TSH - thyroid gland b) ACTH - anterior pituitary c) LH - ovary or testis d) MSH - melanocytes (pron: meh-lan-o-cite)


Description : Gluconeogenesis (pron: glue-ko-nee-o-gen-e-sis) occur in which organ?

Last Answer : ANSWER: LIVER

Description : Bile has what function in digestion? a) emulsify lipids b) digest proteins c) gluconeogenesis (pron: glue-ko-nee-o-gen-e-sis) d) digest carbohydrates


Description : Cockroaches belong to the order B A. Dermaptera B. Dictyoptera C. Mallophaga D. Orthoptera

Last Answer : Dictyoptera

Description : Which of the following minerals is a source of iro w) Bauxite (pron: box-ite) x) Hematite (pron: he-ma-tite) y) Malachite (pron: mal-ah-kite) z) Galena (pron: ga-lee-nah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- HEMATITE

Description : What type of tissue is bone tissue? a) muscle b) nervous c) epithelial (pron: ep-a-THEE-lee-al) d) connective


Description : Squamous cell tissue is an example of which type of tissue? a) muscle b) nervous c) epithelial (pron: ep-a-THEE-lee-al) d) connective


Description : Which of the following is an example of striated tissue? a) muscle b) nervous c) epithelial (pron: ep-a-THEE-lee-al) d) connective

Last Answer : ANSWER: A -- MUSCLE

Description : Match column I with column II for housefly classification and select the correct option using the codes given below. Column I Column II A. Family (i) Diptera B. Order (ii) Arthropoda C. Class (iii)Muscidae D. Phylum (iv) Insecta (a) A-( ... B-(iii), C-(ii), D-(i) (d) A-(iv), B-(ii), C-(i), D-(iii)

Last Answer : (d) A-(iv), B-(ii), C-(i), D-(iii)

Description : Spiders are members of what class? a) Diplopoda (pron: dip-low-poe-da) b) Insecta c) Chilopoda (pron: Ki-low-poe-da) d) Arachnida (pron: a-rak-ne-da)

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- ARACHNIDA

Description : Which side?

Last Answer : Nopovka is attached according to what purpose it is needed for. There are knobs, that put knobs out. For example, as a protection of waterproofing, the nodules can be placed away from the insulation.

Description : Name the order of insects which includes among its members the: Hawk, Death's Head, Brown-Tail, Carpenter, Clear-Winged, Clothes and Gypsy. Name this insect order.

Last Answer : ANSWER: MOTHS / BUTTERFLIES (accept Lepidopterw)

Description : Piercing and sucking type mouth-parts are present in the insect a. Isoptera b. Hemiptera c. Orthoptera d. Lepidoptera

Last Answer : b. Hemiptera

Description : Following are orders of class Insecta except: D A. Hemiptera B. Diptera C. Odonata D. Amphipoda

Last Answer : Amphipoda

Description : What would you rather... Lots of clothes that were cheaper still look fresh tho or not so many clothes but expensive and designer labelled?

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Last Answer : there usually not ready until the tops start to brown in the fall....then people pull them together and clean them and braid them together and hang them on your front porch.

Description : Why have buds withered on my newly planted peone even tho plant is healthy?

Last Answer : I would test for ph should be 6.0-8.0 to sweeten the ground in the fall & spring...........when the leaves die down in the fall also add composed cow manure. Yes you need ants to open the bud.

Description : I know that so the VC300's replacement is the VC30 based on the Ssangyong Korando that came in this market since 2011 that was Only Sold in Robloxia North America and even Japan. By tho Second Generation of VC30 is replacing VC300 by March 23, 2021.?

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Last Answer : The name Mabshu Rah means immense wealth Shalini

Description : Monazite sample contains 9% `ThO""_(2)` and 0.35% `U""_(3)O""_(8).Pb""^(208)` and `Pb""^(206)` are the stable and products in the radioactive decay se

Last Answer : Monazite sample contains 9% `ThO""_(2)` and 0.35% `U""_(3)O""_(8).Pb""^(208)` and `Pb ... C. It is a fertile material D. It belongs to 4n series

Description : Why are horses and donkeys considered different species even tho they can produce offices?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : I have been having trouble securing employment as Licensed Pharmacy Technician, even tho I graduated 5 to 7 months ago. It seems that all of the employers that I come in contact with do not want recent grads. Can you please help ME?

Last Answer : Have you tried mail order pharmacy setting . It's quite different than your retail,hospital or even longterm care pharmacies plus you will get alot of experience in data entry of prescription and get to ... try kaiser the love mew recruits they like to train the kaiser way and they pay the MOST

Description : Which Hindi author has been selected for the K. K. Birla Vyas Samman 2010 for his poetry collection “Phir Bhi Kuch Rah Jayega” ?

Last Answer : Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari

Description : In the figure, arcs and drawn by taking vertices A, B and C of an equilateral triangle of side 10 cm to intersect the sides BC, CA and AB at their respective mid-points D, E and F. Find the area of teh shaded region. [use π = 3.14] -Maths 10th

Last Answer : Step-by-step explanation: We have been provided that, Triangle ABC is an Equilateral triangle. Side of triangle is = 10 cm The arcs are drawn from each vertices of the triangle. We get three sectors ... portion is, Remaining area = Area of triangle ABC - Area of all the sectors 39.25cm square

Description : In the figure, find teh perimeter of the shaded region where. ADC, AEB and BFC are semi-circles on diameters AC, AB and BC respectively. -Maths 10th

Last Answer : Given: Diameter of semicircle AEB= 2.8 cm RADIUS OF SEMICIRCLE(AEB)= 2.8/2= 1.4 cm Diameter of semicircle BFC=1.4 cm RADIUS OF SEMICIRCLE(BFC)= 1.4/2= 0.7 cm Diameter of semicircle ADC= 2.8+1.4 = ... ; .6 = 13.2 cm Hence, the perimeter of the shaded region is 13.2 cm HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU...

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Description : During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office? -Do You Know?

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Description : do you have to have a lawyer to probate a will if the will dictates who is teh executor ?

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Description : During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office?

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Description : During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office?

Last Answer : President

Description : Who was teh most famous court-poet (in Hindi literature) of Akbar?

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Description : The markets are grouped into different types based on teh geographical area, location of market place, product, nature of transaction and volume of transaction. In the above statement the following is ... Geographical area 3. Location of Market place 4. Volume of transaction 5. None of these

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Description : Which of the following states has not ratified teh Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty(CTBT)? (a) Canada (b) France (c) United States (d) None of These

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Description : 1. During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office? 2. By which bank are the central banking functions in India performed? 3. When did Sachin Tendulkar make his Test dubut? 4. ... in America but politically a part of Europe? 20. By whom was the coin rupia first issued?

Last Answer : Answer : 1. President 2. Reserve Bank of India 3. 1989 4. Temperate Coniferous forests 5. Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur 6. Bromine 7. Ronal ross 8. 21 years 9. Eucalyptus 10. Cholas 11. Le ... Humayun 16. Robert Koch 17. Lord Pethick Lawrence 18. William Wordsworth 19. Green Land 20. Sher Shah

Description : In your opinion, what is the most meh city of the USA?

Last Answer : Detroit?

Description : What stage of grief is "MEH" ?

Last Answer : answer:You took a big risk to take this test again. I am very sorry you did not get the score you wanted. I am very glad you took a chance and took the test. You are brave to take the test ... one year. Get as much information about that subject in that year and read it as you can. Go for broke!

Description : What's on your "meh" list?

Last Answer : BDSM.

Description : Animal compassion towards their people question. Compared to dogs I'm convinced cats really don't give a frak or at the very least, meh.

Last Answer : I didn't know you had back problems. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better tonight. I love cats and dogs. I guess if I had to pick one over the other it would be a ... cat was trying to communicate telepathically to you and possible heal you but you just aren't enlightened enough yet.

Description : Has this ever happened to you, where you find some physically attractive when you're in love/love them (whilst dating), but, after you break-up, and when looking back at their pictures, your response is, say, "Meh, not so cute".

Last Answer : First of all, I don't keep pictures or things from my exes. It's just something I'd rather not do. Having said that, I have seen photos of one of my exes since then and thought that he ... cute as I remembered, but that probably has something to do with me not liking him much as a person anymore.