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The increased load during summer months is due to increased use of fans and air conditioners.

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Last Answer : As the load is increased the speed of D.C. shunt motor will reduce slightly.

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Last Answer : If the load of the normally excited synchronous motor is increased the power factor will become lagging.

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Last Answer : Stability of a transmission line can be increased by Shunt capacitor, Series capacitor

Last Answer : The steady state stability of the power system can be increased by connecting lines in parallel.

Last Answer : If the supply frequency to the transformer is increased, the iron loss will increase.

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Last Answer : Sr.No. Points Base load plant Peak load plant  1 Definition The power plant which supplies base load of load curve is known as base load plant The power ... power station   Small capacity storage hydro, pumped storage hydro, gas, diesel power station. 

Last Answer : 1. Connected Load: It is the sum of load of all equipment's connected to supply system which are in use or not in use of each consumer. OR   The sum of connected load of all consumers ... is the maximum load which a consumer uses at a particular time period out of his total connected load. 

Description : In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation the load factor  (1) and the diversity factor should be low (2) should be low but the diversity factor should be high (3) should be high but the diversity factor should be low (4) and the diversity factor both should be high

Last Answer : In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation the load factor and the diversity factor both should be high

Last Answer : Nuclear power plant is invariably used as base load plant.

Last Answer : Generators for peak load plants are usually designed for maximum efficiency at 50 to 75 percent full load.

Last Answer : In a load curve the highest point represents peak demand.

Last Answer : Generating capacity connected to the bus bars and ready to take load when switched on is known as spinning reserve.

Last Answer : Load curve is useful in deciding the operating schedule of generating units, sizes of generating units, total installed capacity of the plant.

Last Answer : The area under a load curve gives energy consumed.

Last Answer : Peak load plant can never have 100 percent load factor.

Last Answer : In two part tariff, variation in load factor will affect operating or running charges.

Last Answer : A load curve indicates average kWh (kW) energy consumption during the period.

Last Answer : High load factor indicates total plant capacity is utilised for most of the time.

Last Answer : The load factor of domestic load is usually 10 to 15%.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is generally less than unity.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is defined as average load/maximum demand.

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