What chemical do birds use for export of excess nitrogen?

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Description : What chemical do mammals use for export of excess nitrogen?

Last Answer : ANSWER: UREA

Description : The ‘Green House effect' is produced due to the presence of excess amount of – (1) Sulphur dioxide (2) Nitrogen dioxide (3) Carbon monoxide (4) Methane

Last Answer : (4) Methane Explanation: By their percentage contribution to the greenhouse effect on Earth the four major gases are: Water vapour (36-70%), Carbon dioxide (9-26%), Methane (4-9%) and Ozone (3- 7%).

Description : 0.257g of organic substance was heated with conc. sulphuric acid and then distilled with excess of strong alkali .the ammonia gas evolved was absorbed in 50ml of .1M HCl which required 23.2ml of c for neutralization at the end of the process. Determine the % of nitrogen in the compound ?

Last Answer : A. Vol of 0 .1M HCl taken = 50ml Vol of .1MNaOH used for neutralization of unused acid=23.2ml Now, 23.2 ml of .1MNaOH =23.2ml of .1MHCl Vol of .1MHCl unused=23.2ml Vol of .1MHCl required ... NH3 solution contain nitrogen = 14*26.8/10*1000 Percentage of Nitrogen=14*26.8*100/10*1000*.257 =14.6%

Description : What happened when an excess amount of Nitrogen Fertilizer is Introduced in to Soil Ecosystem? A. Soil Decay B. Soil Acidi_cation C. Soil Residue D. Microbial Activity

Last Answer : D. Microbial Activity

Description : A sample of natural gas containing 80% methane (CH4 ) and rest nitrogen (N2 ) is burnt with 20% excess air. With 80% of the combustibles producing CO2 and the remainder going to CO, the Orsat analysis in volume percent is (A) CO2 : 6 ... 96, N2 :72.06 (D) CO2 : 7.60, CO : 1.90, O2 : 4.75, N2 : 85.74

Last Answer : (B) CO2 : 7.42, CO : 1.86, O2 : 4.64, N2 :86.02

Description : Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil, N2 = 80%. This flue gas composition indicates that (A) Pure oxygen has been used for combustion ... very high (C) Excess air has been used for combustion (D) Hydrogen is not present in the fuel

Last Answer : (C) Excess air has been used for combustion

Description : The ‘Green House effect’ is produced due to the presence of excess amount of (1) Sulphur dioxide (2) Nitrogen dioxide (3) Carbon monoxide (4) Methane

Last Answer : Methane

Description : The end product of amino acid nitrogen metabolism in uricotelic organisms (reptiles and birds) is (A) Bilirubin (B) Urea (C) Uric acid (D) Biliverdin

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : Bird identity card. How are birds characterized according to examples of representing beings, basic morphology, skin, respiration, circulation, nitrogen waste, thermal control and types of reproduction?

Last Answer : Examples of representing beings: chickens, sparrows, parrots, ostriches, penguins. Basic morphology: aerodynamic body, feathers, pneumatic bones, horny beaks. Skin: impermeable keratinized, ... , internal fecundation, shelled eggs with extraembryonic membranes. Mammalian - Questions and Answers

Description : Which is the type of nitrogen waste birds produce? Why does this feature, besides being an adaptation to the terrestrial environment, also mean an adaptation to flight?

Last Answer : Birds are uricotelic, i.e., like reptiles, they excrete uric acid. This substance needs less water to be eliminated and so it helps to reduce the body weight thus aiding in flight.

Description : A compound X' on heating with excess conc. sulphuric acid at 443 K gives an unsaturated compound Y'. X' also reacts with sodium metal to evolve a colourless gas Z'. Identify X', Y' ... the chemical reaction of formation of Y' and also write the role of sulphuric acid in the reaction. -Science

Last Answer : X-Ethanol/ (C2H5OH)/Ethyl AlcoholY- Ethene / (C2H4)Z- Hydrogen/ (H2)Role of sulphuric acid - dehydrating agent

Description : Which of the following statement(s) concerning the gut microflora is/are correct? a. Gut microflora evolves constantly throughout development b. The gut microflora can contribute to the physical and ... the colon, anaerobic organisms outnumber aerobic organisms in a ratio in excess of 100:1

Last Answer : Answer: b, d The composition of the gut microflora is established in neonates after ingestion of microbes that are acquired during contamination from the birth canal and during initial feeding, and ... small number of aerobes are present, these microbes being outnumbered 100-300 to 1 by anaerobes

Description : Supply of excess air for complete combustion of fuel is necessitated to facilitate (A) Its thorough mixing with air (B) Attainment of chemical equilibrium (C) Attainment of high temperature (D) None of these

Last Answer : (A) Its thorough mixing with air

Description : The excess energy of reactants in a chemical reaction required to dissociate into products is termed as the __________ energy. (A) Activation (B) Potential (C) Binding (D) Threshold

Last Answer : (A) Activation