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In an interconnected system, the diversity factor of the whole system increases.

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Last Answer : For high value of diversity factor, a power station of given installed capacity will be in a position to supply more number of consumers.

Description : Diversity factor has direct effect on the?

Last Answer : Diversity factor has direct effect on the fixed cost of unit generated.

Description : State any four advantages of interconnected system.

Last Answer : Advantages of interconnected Systems: i) Reduced Overall installed Capacity: Inter connected power systems reduce the overall requirement of installed capacity for a given load area. With ... to interconnection, there is optimum utilization of available natural resources in the country.

Description : What is the choice of size and number of generator units in interconnected power system?

Last Answer : Choice of Size and Number of Generating Units: 1. The size/rating and number of generating units in such way that they approximately match with the load curve as closely as possible. 2. In ... , if power plant is connected to grid system then generating unit of higher capacity can be installed.

Description : What are interconnected power system?

Last Answer : Interconnected power systems are those which connect different geographic regions. In Australia we have a National Electricity Grid which connects 6 states. Transfers of power occur between the states depending ... make more profit from this.National-Electricity-Market-Fact-Sheet.pdf (0,9 MB)

Description : The following formula is correct:  (A) Diversity factor =1 / Coincidence Factor  (B) Diversity factor =1 x Coincidence Factor  (C) Diversity factor =1 - Coincidence Factor  (D) All of the above

Last Answer : The following formula is correct:  (A) Diversity factor =1 / Coincidence Factor  (B) Diversity factor =1 x Coincidence Factor  (C) Diversity factor =1 - Coincidence Factor  (D) All of the above

Description : The knowledge of diversity factor helps in computing  (1) Plant capacity (2) Average load (3) Units (kWh) generated (4) Peak demand

Last Answer : The knowledge of diversity factor helps in computing Plant capacity

Last Answer : In a distribution system, in order to improve power factor, the synchronous capacitors are installed at the receiving end.

Last Answer : The primary reason for low power factor is supply system is due to installation of induction motors.

Description : A control system having unit damping factor will give  (1) Oscillatory response (2) Undamped response (3) Critically damped response (4) No response

Last Answer : 1

Description : The benefit of power factor correction in a power system is (A) lower power consumption (B) increased demand charge (C) reduced load carrying capabilities in existing lines (D) reduced voltage profile

Last Answer : The benefit of power factor correction in a power system is lower power consumption

Description : The damping factor of a particular system is unity, the system response will be

Last Answer : The damping factor of a particular system is unity, the system response will be critically damped

Description : Power factor of the system is kept high?

Last Answer : Power factor of the system is kept high to reduce line losses, to maximise the utilization of the capacities of generators, lines and transformers, to reduce voltage regulation of the line.

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Description : In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation the load factor  (1) and the diversity factor should be low (2) should be low but the diversity factor should be high (3) should be high but the diversity factor should be low (4) and the diversity factor both should be high

Last Answer : In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation the load factor and the diversity factor both should be high

Last Answer : An induction motor has relatively high power factor at near full load.

Last Answer : For a consumer the most economical power factor is generally 0.95 lagging .

Last Answer : A low utilization factor for a plant indicates that plant is used for stand by purpose.

Last Answer : Peak load plant can never have 100 percent load factor.

Last Answer : In two part tariff, variation in load factor will affect operating or running charges.

Last Answer : High load factor indicates total plant capacity is utilised for most of the time.

Last Answer : Demand factor is defined as maximum demand/connected load.

Last Answer : The load factor of domestic load is usually 10 to 15%.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is generally less than unity.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is defined as average load/maximum demand.

Description : Can a synchronous condenser improve power factor?

Last Answer : Yes, synchronous condenser can improve power factor.

Description : What is the maximum value of power factor?

Last Answer : 1 is the maximum value of power factor.

Description : List and state any four limitations of inter connected power station.

Last Answer : Limitations of inter connected power station:- 1) Initial cost of infrastructure of transmission line increases as length increases. 2) Interconnection required more automation which increases cost on ... capacity. But in absence of surplus power merits of interconnection cannot be obtain.

Description : Give the causes and impact and reasons of grid system fault. 

Last Answer : Following are the causes/reasons grid system fault: 1. Major imbalance between generation and consumption i.e. demand is more than generation. 2. Low frequency, due to some faults the frequency ... of supply and causes inconvenience to people. 6. Disturb the routine work of common all people.

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Description : What Does Quality Factor Mean?

Last Answer : Answer :The Quality factor is also defined, as Q. So it is a number, which reflects the lossness of a circuit. Higher the Q, the lower are the losses.

Description : What is meant by Power factor?

Last Answer : Ans. Power factor means ratio of true power to apparent power. It is cosine of phase angle between voltage and current. Its value is 1 for Unity P.F. Loads, 0 to 1 lagging for inductive loads and o to 1 leading for capacitive loads.

Description : State the effects of low power factor on efficiency and voltage regulation of short transmission lines. 

Last Answer : i) Effect of Low power factor on efficiency:- When power factor of load reduces current drawn by transmission line increases so copper losses in transmission line increases, hence transmission ... increases, so voltage drop in transmission line increases so regulation increases. (Become Poor) 

Description : Briefly explain how the power factor of an inductive circuit can be improved.

Last Answer : As we know that power factor should be corrected to ensure that the current supplied is cost friendly. Meaning the power factor should be around one but not greater than one(0.8-0.9) in a ... an inductive circuit due to the inductive reactance which oppose the change of current in the ac circuit. 

Description : Define leakage factor.

Last Answer : It is the ratio of total flux to leakage flux.

Description : Define PIV, TUF, ripple factor, efficiency of rectifier.

Last Answer : PIV: Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) is defined as the maximum negative voltage which appears across non-conducting reverse biased diode. TUF : Transformer Utilization Factor (TUF) is defined as the ratio of DC output ... Efficiency of rectifier: η = DC output power/ AC input power = PLdc / Pac

Description : working of distortion factor meter with block diagram

Last Answer : Working : Initially the switch S is kept at position 1.The attenuator gets excluded and the bridge T network is adjusted for full suppression of fundamental frequency and hence we get ... is obtained on the meter.Thus the total rms distortion is indicated by the reading of attenuator. 

Description : Why capacitors are used to improve power factor?

Last Answer :  Capacitors generate reactive power instead of that drawn from source which is required by inductive loads.so it reduce the reactive current which is drawn from source to be drawn from capacitor.This control in Electric bills cost.

Description : Define : i) Strain gauge ii) Gauge factor

Last Answer : i) Strain gauge is a resistance transducer whose resistance varies with applied force; It converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance which can then be measured ... is defined as the ratio of per unit change in resistance to per unit change in length 

Description : Define ripple factor and PIV of HWR

Last Answer : Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) or Peak Reverse Voltage (PRV) refer to the maximum voltage a diode can withstand in the reverse-biased direction before breakdown. Also may be called Reverse Breakdown Voltage.