What is the occurrence of two or more hereditary unit on the same chromosome called?

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Description : When all the body cells of an animal contain the same hereditary information they do not all look and function the same way the cause of this difference is that is that during differentiation?

Last Answer : I Mohave no ideA

Description : What is the term used for the occurrence  of more than one type of morphologically  different leaves on the same plant?

Last Answer : Heterophylly

Description : What is the fundamental unit of chromosome?

Last Answer : Ans. Chromatin

Description : Monoecious plant of Chara shows occurrence of (a) upper antheridium and lower oogonium on the same plant (b) upper oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant (c) antheridiophore and archegoniophore on the same plant (d) stamen and carpel on the same plant.

Last Answer : (b) upper oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant

Description : Monoecious plant of Chara shows occurrence of:a)Upper antheridium and lower oogonium on the same plant b)Upper oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant c)Antheridiophore and archegoniophore on the same plantd)Stamen and carpel on the same plan

Last Answer : b)Upper oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant

Description : Of the following terms, which describes a condition characterized by abnormal spongy bone formation around the stapes? a) Otosclerosis Otosclerosis is more common in females than males and is ... perforation. d) Otitis externa Otitis externa refers to inflammation of the external auditory canal.

Last Answer : a) Otosclerosis Otosclerosis is more common in females than males and is frequently hereditary.

Description : Do you have any personal experience (from the family, etc.) with the inheritance of this defect?

Last Answer : I have it and my father also has it here and there. So yes

Description : [Serious] Which horror movie is the most disturbing the fourth kind, hereditary or Veronica?

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Description : Is poison ivy immunity hereditary?

Last Answer : Yes it is, and apparently only one in every four people has this immunity.

Description : Are varicose veins hereditary?

Last Answer : Varicose veins tend to be inherited and become more prominent as the person ages.

Description : Is artistic talent hereditary?

Last Answer : answer:It can be hereditary, and it can be random. I think if one is exposed to the arts one has a fairer chance of drumming up some talent, rather than just hoping on the baby of two people ... Nature, or is it nurture? I personally think that skill can be learned, whereas finesse must be innate.

Description : Is cancer (in all it's forms) hereditary?

Last Answer : No.

Description : Are genes 100% responsible for hereditary health problems or are common habits and routines responsible as well?

Last Answer : I think it's a combination of both. For example, teeth, there is a hereditary component to your susceptibility to cavities it doesn't mean it will happen if your parents don't have good ... compared to their adoptive parents situation I wonder if there are any studies like that Good question!

Description : How come some very young people are already starting to grow white hair? Is it because of stress.. or could it possibly just be hereditary?

Last Answer : A change in hair color typically occurs naturally as people age, usually turning their hair to gray and then white. More than 40 percent of Americans have some gray hair by age 40, ... on genetics. Sometimes people are born with gray hair because they inherit the trait genetically. -Wikipedia

Description : Is there any way to reduce the child's hereditary excess anger ?

Last Answer : Anger is a topic that is common among people of all ages. But in some cases the level of anger is different. Hereditary traits that can cause anger in children also cause children to learn some of these ... , the anger will subside. - Try to keep the baby in a happy environment from an early age.

Description : Hereditary traits exist in which organ ?

Last Answer : Hereditary traits exist in the nucleus organelle.

Description : Who is the father of hereditary knowledge ?

Last Answer : Gregor Johann Mendel, father of hereditary studies.

Description : What is a hereditary object ?

Last Answer : The means by which the characteristics of the parents are passed on to their offspring are collectively called hereditary material . The main component of the genetic material is chromas. ... the containers of all the characteristics of an organism, which gradually develop into external features.

Description : What are the scientific ways to grow hair with 100% hair loss prevention due to hereditary reasons ?

Last Answer : Soon you will see a good dermatologist. Eat more vitamin D and calcium foods. If you are overweight, exercise regularly.

Description : Is it possible to grow hair on the head with money through treatment ? Does hereditary baldness cause hair to grow on the head ?

Last Answer : : It is possible to replace bald hair with hair surgery, but it is very expensive and if there is hereditary baldness, there will be no more hair growth.

Description : Is it hereditary to be thin or fat ? What is the lineage of thick or thin ? I mean, if my parents are fat or thin , will they fit in ? I am 20 years old. I am very slim , me and my parents are slim. I want to be fat. What does medicine say ??

Last Answer : Yes, heredity is also a form of health, which means you may have become like your father or mother. However, if you go to the gym and eat nutritious food, then your health will improve inshaAllah.

Last Answer : Discover the genealogy (Gregor Mendel)

Description : Take my question as humor. It's bullshit. :-)

Last Answer : If someone has no children, they can't even inherit anything.

Description : When parents have a hernia, are children likely to have it?

Last Answer : The hernia as such is not hereditary - it is (or is often referred to as) disintegration or rupture of the muscles in the abdomen - ie mechanical disruption of the muscle. But yes - a child ... . To some extent, you can prevent hernia with appropriate exercises, but even that does not eat 100%.

Description : Hello, I have a question, a year and a half ago our father died where a notarial procedure took place because he had debts, we refused his inheritance. a week as a heir to the father who died ... have to receive from the grandmother of the father's mother. Please advise us so far, thank you Poláček

Last Answer : My father has died, so he does not inherit from his mother. You as grandchildren are entitled to an inheritance. The executor is not entitled to your inheritance.

Description : Do you think the appendix can be inherited? Dad had it, so did I, so I wonder if our synator will have it. thank you for answer

Last Answer : We all have appendix. According to Jean Effel's cartoon "Creation of the World", he was added by the devil when God created man. Someone doesn't know about it all their lives, someone gets angry and ... go out. However, this has nothing to do with heredity, in your case it was a coincidence (happy)

Description : Is keloid hereditary?

Last Answer : Keloid is a scar that develops when scar tissue from a healing wound develops beyond the affected area. There are certain risk factors for Keloid: African-American, Asian, or Hispanic have a higher ... is possible that your child could develop Keloids from your partner's genes after a deep scar.

Description : Hereditary is a scheme, which arranges castes in terms of higher and lower status.

Last Answer : Correct underlined words and complete the sentence : Hereditary is a scheme, which arranges castes in terms of higher and lower status.

Description : Hereditary reflect the specialty in preferences, tastes and values of a class.

Last Answer : Correct underlined words and complete the sentence : Hereditary reflect the specialty in preferences, tastes and values of a class.

Description : (i) ……………. is hereditary and membership is based on birth. (Class / Caste / Society)

Last Answer : Choose the correct alternative and complete the statements : (i) . is hereditary and membership ... . status. (achieved / ascribed / vertical)

Description : How does Hereditary Spherocytosis affect your immune sytem?

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Description : What A strand of hereditary material surrounded by protein coding?

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Description : Who proved that DNA not protein transmitted a full complement of hereditary information?

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Description : In genetic engineering the transfer of hereditary information from one species to another results in the formation of?

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Description : What is Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy?

Last Answer : This is a disease of young men characterized by an onset over afew weeks of painless, severe, central visual loss in one eye,followed weeks or months later by the same process in the othereye

Description : Hereditary ovalocytosis?

Last Answer : DefinitionHereditary ovalocytosis is rare condition passed down through families (inherited) in which blood cells are slightly oval-shaped instead of round. It is a form of hereditary elliptocytosis.Alternative ... (CBC) to check for anemia or red blood cell destructionBlood smear to determine c

Description : Hereditary amyloidosis?

Last Answer : DefinitionHereditary amyloidosis is a condition in which abnormal protein deposits (called amyloid) form in almost every tissue in the body. These protein deposits damage ... the specific type:Cardiac amyloidosisCerebral amyloidosisSecondary systemic amyloidosisReferencesGertz MA, Lacy MQ, Dispen

Description : If cardiovascular disease is hereditary, what can I do to lower my risk?

Last Answer : If a disease is hereditary, there aren't many ways to prevent it except for asking your doctor for health advice and tips on how to change your lifestyle choices for yourself and those who you're worried about.

Description : Is lumbar stenosis a painful hereditary condition?

Last Answer : The best way to find out about lumbar stenosis to see if it's a painful condition would be to go to the library and look the information up in a medical book or ask your doctor.

Description : Is mantle cell lymphoma hereditary or acquired?

Last Answer : Mantle cell lymphoma is generally an acquired disease caused by damage to DNA that causes a tumor to grow in the lymph nodes. Exposure to carcinogens, chemicals that cause cancer, radiation, and preservatives increase the risk of lymphoma but are not known to be direct causes.

Description : Is RH positive blood type hereditary?

Last Answer : Blood types are hereditary. Your specific blood type is determined by the type of blood that your parents have. Remember that your blood type is determined by both your mom and your dad, so just ... does not mean that your parents are the same or that your children will share your blood type.

Description : Is kidney cancer hereditary and what are the symptoms?

Last Answer : Most cancers are serious issues that are hereditary. Sadly though kidney cancer is one of the various forms of cancer that do not show symptoms. In fact kidney cancer has almost no symptoms prior to diagnosis.

Description : What are the causes of hereditary diseases?

Last Answer : Genetic mutations passed from parent to child cause hereditary disease.

Description : Is Alzheimer's disease hereditary?

Last Answer : Familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD) or early-onset Alzheimer's is an inherited, rare form of the disease, affecting less than 10 percent of Alzheimer's disease patients. FAD develops before age 65, in ... , clusters of cases are seen. Although a specific gene has not been identified as the cause o

Description : Haem synthetase is congenitally deficient in (A) Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (B) Protoporphyria (C) Hereditary coproporphyria (D) Variegate porphyria

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : Hereditary coproporphyria is caused due to deficiency of (A) Protoporphyrinogen oxidase (B) ALA synthase (C) ALA dehydratase (D) Coproporphyrinogen oxidase

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Hereditary fructose intolerance involves the absence of the enzyme: (A) Aldalose B (B) Fructokinase (C) Triokinase (D) Phosphotriose isomerase

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : Pentosuria is a rare hereditary disease is characterized by increased urinary excretion of (A) L-xylulose (B) Xylitol (C) Xylulose 5-phosphate (D) Ribose 5-phosphate

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : Consider the following human diseases: 1. Anaemia 2. Haemophilia 3. Leukemia 4. Phenylketonuria Which of the above diseases are hereditary in nature? (a) 1, 2 and 3 (b) 1 and 4 (c) 2 and 3 (d) 2 and 4

Last Answer : Ans:(d)

Description : Some viruses have RNA but no DNA. This would indicate that – (1) these viruses cannot replicate (2) these viruses have no heritable information (3) RNA transmits the hereditary information in these viruses (4) their nucleic acids can be crystallised

Last Answer : (2) these viruses have no heritable information Explanation: DNA is an informational molecule encoding the genetic instructions Along with RNA and proteins, it is one of the three major macromolecules that are ... guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine) recorded using the letters G, A, T, and C.