What is the whale's baleen?

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Description : What type of whales are called Baleen  whales?

Last Answer : The whales without teeth are called baleen  whales

Description : Do whales jump out of the water because they are itchy?

Last Answer : They need air to breathe.

Description : Has anyone read a good book about whales?

Last Answer : Free Wille, Star Trek 4, Mobey Dick. You might get lucky searching for PBS or YouTube. Sorry that I couldn’t find a science documentary.

Description : If other fuels such as fossil fuels, etc. had not been discovered, would whales of today be raised in whale hatcheries for their whale oil, or would they be all but extinct do to the lust for their oil?

Last Answer : answer:A whale hatchery wouldn’t be too practical. They’d all be extinct now.

Description : Do whales ever breach under a boat?

Last Answer : When I went whale watching in Alaska the whales came so close to the not very big boat we were in you could have reached out and touched the whale if you leaned out the window enough. They would breach ... at once. Even the guides that day said they had not seen anything like that in a long time.

Description : Why did Herman Melville call his whale Moby Dick? Was it just a random choice or did whales in the 19th century usually get called Moby or Dick?

Last Answer : Ha I read that as “wife.”

Description : Are whales really worth saving?

Last Answer : answer:Whales are among the most intelligent creatures on earth. (Dolphins are a kind of whale.) They communicate with sounds that travel through miles and miles of ocean. We have yet to ... left. People who hunt whales are savages, whether they're from tribal cultures or greedy corporations.

Description : Should the "Killer Whales" be returned to their natural habitat?

Last Answer : Whales that have been in captivity do not have the skills needed to survive in the wild. It is possible (but unproven) that with a protracted period of retraining and support, they might be able to reintegrate in to the wild. It would be a long and expensive program.

Description : What do you think about Shamu, the killer whales, and the occurrence of injuries and deaths?

Last Answer : Serial killer whales. Current score: Whales, 3 Humans, 0.

Description : Would killer whales be gentler if they didn't have a name to live up to?

Last Answer : “If we started calling them fairy whales or soft cotton whales…” Or seapanda’s.

Description : What function does oil play in a whale's head?

Last Answer : maybe its just an extra area to store it. they’re pretty big so they must need the energy…also..maybe alot of oil helped regulate the temperature for the brain.

Description : Why doesn't anyone get upset about chickens, pigs or cows, why only whales?

Last Answer : We can be glad we needen't worry about our cattle being endangered yet. rooetyoo As far as cruelty meted out to animals is concerned people for animal rights take into consideration cruelty against ... various purposes like for its meat,fur etc. And there are laws governing these issues as well.

Description : Do sperm whales from Greece migrate between boston and bermuda?

Last Answer : Not quite sure what you’re asking, but here goes: Sperm Whales are active in all oceans, and the Mediterranean sea. So it is possible for you to have seen a sperm whale in Greece, Boston, Bermuda, as well as California and the Philippines. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sperm_whale )

Description : What can we do to get countries such as Japan to stop their immoral hunting of whales just to supply their diversified palate?

Last Answer : So wish I had a good answer :/

Description : What is the best time/place to see whales in Baja?

Last Answer : A lot of grey whales migrate to San Ignacio in baja around March/April. There was a great article about people in boats "petting" the whales there in the LA times about a year ago - I bet you could still find it online. Pretty cool....

Description : Do killer whales have exoskeleton?

Last Answer : No. They are mammals.

Description : what is the collective noun for whales?

Last Answer : There is no collective noun for sighted whales. There is acollective noun for whales it is:herdpodgam

Description : What can be done to protect whales from diseases, such as VHS?

Last Answer : Whales, dolphins and porpoises depend on a healthy environment and people that respect their needs as wild animals. Even small actions can make a real difference. Here are some suggestions what you can do: ... Rubbish is also a death trap for many other marine species, such as sea birds and turtles.

Description : Assertion :- The aquatic mammals like Dolphins whales etc. do not contain gill slits. Reason : Their adaptation to aquatic life secondary.

Last Answer : Assertion :- The aquatic mammals like Dolphins whales etc. do not contain gill slits. Reason : Their ... . D. If both Assertion & Reason are false.

Description : Assertion :- All mammals like whales, bats cheetah and human etc. share similarities in the pattern of bonse of forelimbs. Reason :- Eutherians show g

Last Answer : Assertion :- All mammals like whales, bats cheetah and human etc. share similarities in the pattern of ... . D. If both Assertion & Reason are false.

Description : How deep do humpback whales live?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How many ribs do grey whales have in their ribcage?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Do whales have bones like humans?

Last Answer : Whales are mammals, and like humans, whales have an internal skeleton and a spine - only on a much larger scale!

Description : What does blue whales like?

Last Answer : Blue Whales are very big and I believe that they can be blue orwhite.

Description : Is to herring as school is to whales?

Last Answer : Pod

Description : What were two locations where whales were caught?

Last Answer : i don't really even know

Description : Why dolphins and whales do not have gills?

Last Answer : They are not fish. They are mammals and must come up to the surface to breath air using internal lungs (as all mammals do).

Description : How do whales get caught in fishing nets?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : Are humpback whales prey are a preter?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Where their whales during the tertiary period?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What would happen if beluga whales went extinct?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Do whales give birth to twins?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How does this different show that whales and animals with four legs are probably descended from a common ancestor?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Do whales eat clownfish?

Last Answer : Humpback whales don't eat clownfish. Humpbacks, well, all thefilter-feeding baleen whales prefer schooling, free-swimmingfish.

Description : In which cultural regions were whales an important resource for native Americans?

Last Answer : Pacific Northwest. In fact even today they are allowed aparticular number of whales they can capture for culturalreasons.

Description : Are killer whales born in a egg?

Last Answer : no they are born like humans

Description : Do beaked whales eat jellyfish?

Last Answer : Yes, in fact beaked whales are the jellyfish's biggest predators and jellyfish being part of a beaked whale's main diet.

Description : Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales all live in the ocean. How do the respiratory systems of these three types of animals limit their behavior?

Last Answer : They must swim to the surface to breathe because their lungs require air and not water.

Description : What is it called when bats, whales, and dolphins emit sound waves and interpret the reflect sound waves as a means to locate objects?

Last Answer : Sonar is a system that locates objects by transmitting sound waves and detecting the waves when they are reflected off of objects. Bats and many other animals, such as whales and dolphins, use natural sonar to navigate and capture

Description : Can sperm whales cum?

Last Answer : When you play fortnitefhadsjkhfjsalhfhweauifhaskjldfhasjdkorhfawesuivbcjhksbvuiadshfguisadylhrfuiewqasghre89w7qgiusiughefsa9sdaghioup;hiupwaiouhsaeTRIUGSDAFGIUHGSDFGAOIHUIOUHSEADRFOIWESATLIO; ... got high ground

Description : Do whales have necks?

Last Answer : Yes

Description : What would happen if there were no whales?

Last Answer : There would be an over population of certain animals that consist in their diets, like squid, crabs and snails. They are primarily bottom feeders, so whatever is on the bottom of the ocean floor...they eat

Description : Do killer whales eat phytoplankton?

Last Answer : Plantlon are really really tiny, Orcas are quite big. So no.

Description : Why are whales mammals?

Last Answer : Like all mammals, whales breathe air into lungs are warmblooded , feed their young with milk from mammary glands and have some hair although very littleBecause that's the way they evolved. They are classed as mammals because they breathe air and give live birth.

Description : How do whales mate?

Last Answer : every time they get horny

Description : Do whales have hips?

Last Answer : Yes! They are vestigial (not serving a purpose biologically), and are remnant from a time when early early ancestors of whales were land based animals.

Description : Are whales more dangerous than sharks?

Last Answer : no cuz sharks kill more ppl each year

Description : How fast are whales?

Last Answer : Killer whales can swim as fast as 100 kph (30 mph), but they usually cruise at much slower speeds.A Killer Whale can usually go 35 miles per hour. Their usual cruising speed is about 5-10 MPH. Although many people don't see this behavior this usually occurs when they start to attack.

Description : What predators do whales have?

Last Answer : Adult blue whales have no natural predators. They are too big and too strong to be attacked and killed by any animal. However, Orca's (Killer Whales) are known to attack and kill youngsters. A ... easily hunt a baby blue whale if its mother is not around. Otherwise, they have no natural predators.

Description : Are blue whales, dinosaurs?

Last Answer : It's not likely, but it's possible they could be descendants of dinosaurs. For instance, most of today's lizards and birds are descendants of dinosaurs. There were also dinosaurs who ... , but are technically not dinosaurs themselves because seemingly all dinosaurs became extinct a long time ago.