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In case of thermal power plants fuel transportation is the major problem.

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Fuel other than natural gas i.e. solid and liquid fuels can be used in _______

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Last Answer : In fossil fuel transportation cost is least.

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Last Answer : While shopping for a fuel pump for your boat, you might be surprised that automobile fuel pumps as well as marine fuel pumps are being sold for boats. Actually, mechanical and electrical fuel ... and that you are following coast guard rules and regulations, always use marine parts for your boat.

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Last Answer : You may not think much of the shelf lined with fuel filters at your local auto parts and supply store, but it is one of the most important parts of your engine. Some people don't pay much ... worries. If you're interested reading this article, might as well read how to replace an oil filter.

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Last Answer : How to Install a New Fuel Tank Fuel tanks can wear out over time, developing leaks or even being punctured. What you need to do now is replace the fuel tank. Although a mechanic can do this easily for ... new one? Just follow these easy steps and you'll get this in no time. Remember, safety first!

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Last Answer : While shopping for a fuel pump for your boat, you might be surprised that automobile fuel pumps as well as marine fuel pumps are being sold for boats. Actually, mechanical and electrical fuel ... and that you are following coast guard rules and regulations, always use marine parts for your boat.

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Last Answer : A fuel transfer pump is used to move fuel from one container to another. These pumps are used to fuel cars, planes, agricultural equipment and other devices. They are typically used to transfer diesel and ... for quicker fueling. These models may cost more, but they will make your job a lot easier.

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Last Answer : Some car owners immediately suspect a fuel pump failure when their cars stall. However, there are many other engine problems that may resemble a fuel pump failure, such as restricted fuel filters, smashed ... advisable to bring your car to the repair shop so that the whole engine can be checked.

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Last Answer : Fuel pump problems are usually caused by running a car for extended periods of time on a tank that is almost empty. This causes the fuel pump to run dry, which eventually damages the pump. Another cause ... your car to stall, bring it to the repair shop so professionals can have a look at it.

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Last Answer : Most people know that their cars have fuel pumps, but they don't really know how they operate. Some even pay attention to their fuel pumps only when they have already malfunctioned. It is important ... check your fuel pump for any problems because a defective pump can be dangerous while on the road.

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Last Answer : Is your car having acceleration problems? Has there been an occasion when your car simply sputtered and died while on the road? If your answer is yes, then you may want to check your car for fuel pump ... a fuel pump is to take your car to a repair shop where professionals can do it for you.

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Last Answer : A diesel fuel pump, as the name suggests, is a pump for diesel engines. A diesel engine uses internal combustion to work. The pump is an essential component of the internal combustion process. The internal ... needs to be replaced because of damage, it is best to take the car to a repair shop.

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Last Answer : Ever wondered what a fuel pump is? A fuel pump is a basic component of a car and other devices with internal combustion engines that moves fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or fuel ... lubricate it to make it perform better. Maintaining the fuel pump will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Last Answer : What are fuel briquettes and what are their advantages? For quite a few years now, Eurowood (fuel briquettes) have been an irreplaceable and most economical type of fuel. Briquettes are made ... costs with sawdust briquettes are certainly much lower than when using coal or other types of firewood.

Description : Draw inline fuel injection pump. Name different components. 

Last Answer : inline fuel injection pump

Description : Graph indicating changes in pollutants level w.r.t air fuel ratio

Last Answer : Graph indicating changes in pollutants level w.r.t air fuel ratio

Description : Define the terms: i) Tariff ii) Fuel surcharge iii) Electricity Duty iv) Connected load

Last Answer : i) Tariff: The rate at which a consumer is charged for the consumption of electricity is called as tariff. OR The amount of money framed by the supplier for the supply of electrical energy ... is the total wattage of all appliances which are used by the consumer on his sanctioned connection. 

Description : State the functions of fuel system and exhaust system of a diesel power station.

Last Answer : Fuel system: It supplies fuel to engine for combustion purpose. It consists of Fuel Pump: - It supplies fuel to engine for combustion purpose. Strainer: - Are provided to remove suspended impurities and ... most of the noise. Chimney:- To exhaust gases in the atmosphere as high as possible. 

Description : Explain fuel system and air intake system in diesel electric power plant.

Last Answer : Fuel system and air intake system in diesel electric power plant :  Fuel system: It consists of storage tank, strainers, fuel transfer pump and all day fuel tank. The fuel oil is supplied ... Filters are provided to remove dust particles from air which may act as abrasive in the engine cylinder.

Description : State the term nuclear fuel. Also state its properties.

Last Answer : The term nuclear fuel:- Nuclear fuel is a substance that is used in nuclear power stations to produce heat to power turbines. Heat is created when nuclear fuel undergoes nuclear ... fuels contain heavy fissile elements 3. Nuclear fuels are complex, multi-component materials containing actinides

Description : For optimum generator scheduling for different power plants, the minimum fuel cost is obtained when

Last Answer : For optimum generator scheduling for different power plants, the minimum fuel cost is obtained when The incremental fuel cost of each plant multiplied by the penalty factor is the same

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Last Answer : In fuel cell the Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. 

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Last Answer : my husband advises: try hickman-williams & co, oak brook, IL, or superior graphite company, chicago, IL, or asbury graphite company, asbury, NJ. these companies produce and market specialty carbon products; or they may know someone who does

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Last Answer : NATO says: While the term logistics can encompass several different meanings, in essence it has to do with having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time. NATO ... and the industrial base, which produces the material and weapons deployed forces need to accomplish their mission.

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Last Answer : Speed. Good brakes. Spare, safety, cables. Bouncy rubber block down in the shaft, in case all cables, including the spare safety ones, break. Desmellarizer.

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Last Answer : Solar panel tiles.

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Last Answer : I would use the general term “highway” unless I knew the specific term for the road I was on. Obviously, “interstate” has a specific meaning, as does “freeway”, even if it is a bit anachronistic – so these terms are not interchangeable.

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Last Answer : That depends on how well you take care of it. I have neighbor that still rides his 60s era Vespa everywhere. I have also seen some that were trashed within a year because they were not maintained.

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Last Answer : I was mooned by a homeless man.

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Last Answer : answer:Edit: I so messed up my previous response. :-) I don't think there is anything directly to Belair. Amtrak will get you to from Philly, 30th Street Station to Baltimore for $44+ depending on the ... Belair. I looked at the Chinatown buses and it looks like the closest they can get you is D.C.

Description : Is a vehicle bartering network feasible?

Last Answer : You’d have to be REALLY clear about the terms of agreements. Maybe go so far as to have written contracts. But other than that, I don’t see why you couldn’t figure out a barter and mutual aid network sort of deal.

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Last Answer : answer:Good question, and I'm not sure I have much to add other than to anticipate that some people might try to elaborate on some of the terms you have used. Should : Some ... may be somewhat different than public transportation which might have to deal with laws surrounding disabled access, etc.

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Last Answer : Anything faster than my Pontiac, because there are too many to list.

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Last Answer : answer:I'm not quite sure exactly how to answer this question, but I'll try my best. I may need clarification on a few things, such as specifically what you are asking. I'm going to assume you are talking ... , they're custom built, and have all the toys that we know and love. Did that help at all?

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